Heartwarming: Darths & Droids

  • Suuure it's in character.
    Padmé/Jim: I...er... That is to say...
    Anakin/Annie: Yes, Padmé?
    Padmé/Jim: I... love you. Anakin.
    Padmé/Jim: In character, that is.
  • The wedding scene from Episode II.
    "Say Annie...er..."
    "Yes, Jim?"
    "Do you...want to go see a movie tomorrow night?"
    "Sure. I'd like that."
  • Then after their (apparent) breakup, Jim's explanation. Then they kiss in front of everyone else, to the disgust of Sally. Pete is eating popcorn, in the meantime.
  • A GM who cares about his players. "Look at Jim's face. Do you want to take that away from him?"
  • This exchange between Pete and Sally. With Pete being so obviously against girls playing Role Playing Games, seeing him instantly accept Sally as a fellow gamer is incredibly sweet.
    • Which brings to mind this page, where Pete ranks Sally in his top 40% of people to come up with a battle plan. Although he's still counting her as second best to himself, it's still a huge compliment coming from Pete.
  • Though thwarted by Sally's perpetually changing Fleeting Passionate Hobbies, it's rather sweet when Pete gives her a copy of Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince for no other reason than to be nice. It's one of the rare moments where you see Pete is a little deeper than expected.
  • Jim becoming such a good roleplayer that Annie actually has to ask him to stop roleplaying for a moment (since at that moment, her character is killing his character) so she can tell him how much she loves him for it.
    Annie/Anakin: Jim, can I just say something?
    Jim/Padmé: It's too late... <gasp> Save our baby... You— <cough> Love must conquer death this day...
    Annie/Anakin: Jim?
    Jim/Padmé: Oh wait, right. What?
    Annie/Anakin: Jim, that was... the most beautiful thing you've ever done for me. I totally love you.
  • At the end of Episode III, after delivering young Luke to Lar and Beru...
    Ben/Obi-Wan: I have a good feeling about this
    • Subverted, though, with all the Dramatic Irony mixed in with the new hope.
  • Don't You Talk About My Brother Like That!!!
  • Return of a Jedi... That is all.
  • Someone dear to me made me question my life. Considering they spent most of the third movie bickering it's especially sweet.
  • Pete drops a What the Hell, Hero? on Ben due primarily to the fact that Ben's been making Sally keep his recent return a secret, lying to their parents for the past three weeks and overall being a bad role model to her.
  • Corey's reaction, both in and out of character, to Obi-Wan's death. It's downright amazing how well Ben and Corey managed to play the mentor relationship between Obi-Wan and Luke while Ben simultaneously taught Corey about both the backstory and tabletop gaming.
  • Ben decides to stop drifting and take control of his life.
    Ben: I won't be pursuing a career in medicine. I'm looking at other options.
    Pete: Really? What?
    Ben: Arts, sciences. History maybe.
    Pete: Well. I'm impressed.
    Ben: I didn't think they would be the sorts of things to impress you.
  • Of course I'll go with you.
  • The strip right after the one immediately above has Sally and Annie having a touching moment after the former learns that the latter's dad had passed away.
  • On a meta-level, the authors' commentary to strip 1153 (warning: HUGE spoiler). They really understand what it means to be touched by a work of fiction, and want to create that in their readers.
  • Not only was the reveal of Pete's subtle subplot in 1182 a Moment of Awesome, the GM seems genuinely proud of the fact that he was actually roleplaying.