Heartwarming / Darths & Droids

  • Suuure it's in character.
    Padmé/Jim: I...er... That is to say...
    Anakin/Annie: Yes, Padmé?
    Padmé/Jim: I... love you. Anakin.
    Padmé/Jim: In character, that is.
  • The wedding scene from Episode II.
    "Say Annie...er..."
    "Yes, Jim?"
    "Do you...want to go see a movie tomorrow night?"
    "Sure. I'd like that."
  • Then after their (apparent) breakup, Jim's explanation. Then they kiss in front of everyone else, to the disgust of Sally. Pete is eating popcorn, in the meantime.
  • A GM who cares about his players. "Look at Jim's face. Do you want to take that away from him?"
  • This exchange between Pete and Sally. With Pete being so obviously against girls playing Role Playing Games, seeing him instantly accept Sally as a fellow gamer is incredibly sweet.
    • Which brings to mind this page, where Pete ranks Sally in his top 40% of people to come up with a battle plan. Although he's still counting her as second best to himself, it's still a huge compliment coming from Pete.
  • Though thwarted by Sally's perpetually changing Fleeting Passionate Hobbies, it's rather sweet when Pete gives her a copy of Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince for no other reason than to be nice. It's one of the rare moments where you see Pete is a little deeper than expected.
  • Jim becoming such a good roleplayer that Annie actually has to ask him to stop roleplaying for a moment (since at that moment, her character is killing his character) so she can tell him how much she loves him for it.
    Annie/Anakin: Jim, can I just say something?
    Jim/Padmé: It's too late... <gasp> Save our baby... You— <cough> Love must conquer death this day...
    Annie/Anakin: Jim?
    Jim/Padmé: Oh wait, right. What?
    Annie/Anakin: Jim, that was... the most beautiful thing you've ever done for me. I totally love you.
  • At the end of Episode III, after delivering young Luke to Lar and Beru...
    Ben/Obi-Wan: I have a good feeling about this
    • Subverted, though, with all the Dramatic Irony mixed in with the new hope.
  • Don't You Talk About My Brother Like That!!!
  • Return of a Jedi... That is all.
  • Someone dear to me made me question my life. Considering they spent most of the third movie bickering it's especially sweet.
  • Pete drops a What the Hell, Hero? on Ben due primarily to the fact that Ben's been making Sally keep his recent return a secret, lying to their parents for the past three weeks and overall being a bad role model to her.
  • Corey's reaction, both in and out of character, to Obi-Wan's death. It's downright amazing how well Ben and Corey managed to play the mentor relationship between Obi-Wan and Luke while Ben simultaneously taught Corey about both the backstory and tabletop gaming.
  • Ben decides to stop drifting and take control of his life.
    Ben: I won't be pursuing a career in medicine. I'm looking at other options.
    Pete: Really? What?
    Ben: Arts, sciences. History maybe.
    Pete: Well. I'm impressed.
    Ben: I didn't think they would be the sorts of things to impress you.
  • Of course I'll go with you.
  • The strip right after the one immediately above has Sally and Annie having a touching moment after the former learns that the latter's dad had passed away.
  • On a meta-level, the authors' commentary to strip 1153 (warning: HUGE spoiler). They really understand what it means to be touched by a work of fiction, and want to create that in their readers.
  • Not only was the reveal of Pete's subtle subplot in 1182 a Moment of Awesome, the GM seems genuinely proud of the fact that he was actually roleplaying.
  • In 1220, the GM tells Jim to make an absurdly high stake roll that will either defrost Han or kill him. Pete offers one of his special die to Jim to improve his chances, but that's impossible because Jim is playing from another country (he Skyped in to play). Jim then gave Pete the permission to make the roll for him, which according to the blurb is something that very few actual players would allow.
  • Page 1507 has Han and Princess getting engaged. And reveals Jim and Annie already are.
  • Page 1519 has The Rant not only expressing their gratitude for their followers, but also the impact on the millions who read this webcomic, and a personal thanks to George Lucas for creating Star Wars in the first place.