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    Anakin and Dooku 

  • Dooku is implied to be Anakin's father, but then the dialog here makes no sense.....
    • Well he hasn't technically contradicted himself. Maybe the G.M didn't want to reveal this plot twist just yet and put it in as foreshadowing.
    • This strip seems to imply that Governor Tàrkin is Dooku's son.
    • The only indication we have that Dooku is Anakin's father is a short line of Dooku, when he's desperate enough to tell Anakin anything if it means saving his skin. Probably a lie.


  • So, what, Padme is ALIVE? Or is Vader screwing around?
    • The latter is most likely the case. Padme was Jim's character, not Annie's, and while it's been a while since the Episode III strips, IIRC they still used the scene of Anakin being put in the armor. So most likely it's Vader messing with Luke.
    • Nope, it's confirmed: she's the one in the cyborg suit. This makes soooooo little sense and here's why: http://darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0650.html
    • Instant Mystery, Just Delete Scene from our perspective.note  My take is that Anakin was on that operating table so that Palpy could extract the midichlorians from him to put into Padme. The seeming-non-gap from Anakin's last words to the sealing of Vader's armor was a Jump Cut and Palpy's comment about octaves was meant to imply that Padme's voice would now be similar to Anakin's old voice.

    Vader and the Force 

  • If Vader is Padme, how can she use the Force?!
    • They explained that with The Reveal: the Emperor transfused Anakin's midichlorians into Padme, a process we already know is possible because that's how Jim!Qui-Gon gave Anakin Force powers in the first place.

    Lost Orb 

  • Okay, I'm stumped. When was the Lost Orb taken from the Peace Moon? And when and where did R2 come across it?
    • The Lost Orb, being such a powerful entity, was not destroyed when the moon detonated - instead it got chucked into space and R2 calculated the trajectory and snagged the Orb on the way to the rendezvous point. This was lampshaded in the comic, which led to the explanation.

    Shapeshifters and Spies 

  • So if Mace was the spy, and he specifically says he remembers the clone army as one of the things being forced to help with, where does Boba Fett's mother come in if she supposedly impersonated Mace to gain access to the Jedi Treasury? Since Jango is working with Nute Gunray, why not have Nute make Mace pull the strings himself? Why use an imposter when you can use the real thing?