Headscratchers: Darths & Droids

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    Anakin and Dooku 

  • Dooku is implied to be Anakin's father, but then the dialog here makes no sense.....
    • Well he hasn't technically contradicted himself. Maybe the G.M didn't want to reveal this plot twist just yet and put it in as foreshadowing.
    • This strip seems to imply that Governor TÓrkin is Dooku's son.
    • The only indication we have that Dooku is Anakin's father is a short line of Dooku, when he's desperate enough to tell Anakin anything if it means to save his skin. Probably a lie.

  • So, what, Padme is ALIVE? Or is Vader screwing around?
    • The latter i most likely the case. Padme was Jim's character, not Annie's, and while it's been a while since the Episode III strips, IIRC they still used the scene of Anakin being put in the armor. So most likely it's Vader messing with Luke.
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