Fridge / Crysis

Fridge Logic
  • The ending to the expansion Warhead is very satisfying: you've killed the big boss alien, thwarted your human opponent, and secured the artifact for your side to study. Then you remember the ending to the main game: the alien specimen you recover will be destroyed when the Constitution is sunk, so this was all for nothing. (You did keep it away from the Koreans, though it seems unlikely they would have gotten it away from the aliens anyway, and simply destroying the artifact could have been achieved with much less effort.)
    • At the end of Crysis 1, Rosenthal figures out how to disable the Ceph's energy absorption shields by overloading them. It's likely she learned how to do it from studying the specimen Psycho captured, meaning it ultimately saved the day.
  • How do the guns get cloaked as well? That does count as an acceptable break from reality though. Also, at the end of Warhead, Psycho uncloaks with his helmet up. It looks nice, since you can see his face for his last lines, but how the heck did he cloak his face?
    • A very, very powerful lensing field, thanks to the Nanosuit's alien technology.
  • Why was Crysis 2 the most heavily, direct combat focused of the 4 games? Because Alcatraz was a Force Recon Marine and more trained for direct confrontation in comparison to Nomad's, Psycho's, and Prophet's Army Special Forces greater emphasis on stealth and guerrilla warfare. While both have a combination of training in direct action and stealth warfare, Force Recon is more focused on direct action, with Special Forces are more focused on stealth.
  • Why was Alcatraz's personality scan corrupted beyond usability after the events of Crysis 2, being supplanted by Prophet's at the end? Because Prophet wore the Nanosuit 2.0 for months or even years, allowing ample time for the suit to do a full brain scan. Alcatraz wore the suit for a day or two at most before finally succumbing to his wounds, halting the brain scan before it was finished and only leaving enough data for Prophet to impersonate him instead of just being him.
  • In Crysis 3, CELL has their own Nanosuit operator, Silverback, according to intel items. However, with Prophet, the only non-skinned Nanosuit user, in an upgraded Nanosuit 2 and on the loose, wrecking their everything, why didn't they think to call him/her in? The Nanosuit being the most advanced human weapon in existence, Silverback could have been the only person on CELL's payroll able to possibly beat Prophet.
    • Maybe because Silverback was too far away to get there in time? The game takes place over a day or two.
      • Confirmed - intel items say he's been deployed (doesn't say where) and couldn't be recalled.
  • Why does the sound of heavy breathing play when sprinting in Crysis 3 if Prophet doesn't have lungs anymore due to Alcatraz's injuries?
    • Prophet/Alcatraz still have lungs, they were damaged when Alcatraz escaped the sub and was shot by the Ceph gunship, One of the described Nanosuit functions is that depending on how damaged were some parts of the body, the Nanosuit automatically repurposes any not needed/damaged body material to be used when critical functions become impaired, so, apart from that the suit grows into the wounds, the suit also repaired and or even replaced the lungs since they are essential for the wearer to live.
    • Could be a case of Forgot He Was a Robot. The Nanosuit is similar to a Marvel symbiote. It slowly replaces the wearer cell by cell. After 20 years, its probable that Prophet really didn't have lungs anymore (its confirmed in Crysis 2 that Alcatraz/Prophet did most of his thought processes via the suit's processors and not an organic brain), but he is so unaware of his status that psychologically he still behaves as if he needs oxygen.

Fridge Brilliance
  • The series, of course, is called "Crysis". Why the Xtreme Kool Letterz? It's not just a reference to the developer - the "crisis" in question is brought about by aliens with an affinity for cryogenics.
  • The Ceph use a combination of energy and icicle-throwing weapons like the MOAC in the early games. Considering the later reveal that the Ceph on Earth are the equivalent of interstellar gardeners trying to preserve the planet's biosphere, their choice of ice for ammo makes allot of sense; it's the ultimate biodegradable ammunition, and by using the moisture in the air they essentially have unlimited ammo for their guns.
  • Some people wonder why the military in Crysis 2 is still trying to nuke the Ceph after what happened in Crysis. Seeing how the Aliens needed the sphere to absorb the energy and the fact that they were vulnerable to nuclear explosions without it, it actually makes sense.
    • Plus, the only ones who made it off Lingshan alive and would have any idea of what happened with the nuke were Prophet and Psycho, and it's unlikely whether they'd be believed.
  • Prophet tried to warn everyone about the oncoming Ceph invasion, just like his name indicates.
    • In C3, he's actually having visions. Rasch even notes how "apropos" his codename is.
  • The Ceph powered armors/exoskeletons from Crysis 2 are bipedal and have "arms", which some people hated because it made the Ceph look less "alien". Now while the legs still look like legs because that is the best "structure" to walk/run/jump on land, the arms are actually just clawed cybernetic tentacles, just like Scouts and Hunters have tentacles in Crysis, probably because the Ceph would rather model their powered armor's limbs to match something they actually know how to use (e.g. tentacles), as opposed to human-like arms.
  • In Crysis, the navy scientists are astounded that Prophet was not only able to make alien tech (the MOAC) work, but also plug it into his nanosuit to use its power supply. Of course it all makes sense now that we know the Nanosuit tech is retro-engineered Ceph technology. This is even stated directly in the comics.
  • Alcatraz freaks the hell out of just about everyone he meets, especially Lockhart, who dubs him as "an abomination", and directs CELL to ignore Ceph troops in favor of killing him. He eventually explains his hatred of the Nanosuits, Insane Troll Logic as it may be; first, he's a luddite who hates the already-immense degree to which super-technology has become essential to modern warfare. Second, his nephew was part of the Nanosuit 1.0 program... which resulted in the death of EVERY subject. But even bystanders he's just saved from the Ceph are terrified of him. But in context, the reaction of bystanders is understandable; The Nanosuits are retrofitted Ceph technology, which uses the exact same active nanotech as the Ceph themselves... and the flesh-melting Ceph bioweapon. Alcatraz actually assimilates the Nano Catalyst that hangs in the air after Ceph units are defeated to upgrade the Nanosuit. He smells exactly like the monsters and the plague they are spreading.
  • A prophet receives no honor in his own country. Prophet gets back to the US, and CELL tries to hunt him down.
  • In the original game and its expansion, Nomad and Psycho's Nanosuits have an option of a deep male voice or higher-pitched female voice for the announcements and warnings. That option isn't available in the sequel; the Nanosuit speaks to Alcatraz in a bass rumble which can't be switched. Why? Aside from simplifying the interface selections, 1) unlike Nomad and Psycho (who were presumably issued their Nanosuits and given the option to customize small settings to their liking), Alcatraz is using Prophet's suit, set to Prophet's chosen defaults (including the deep voice), and thrown into combat with no time for minor tweaking; and 2) the deep voice isn't simply Prophet's suit; it's Prophet's voice.
  • In Crysis 3, Prophet tries to scan Karl Rasch when he first meets him but cannot get any data out of him. Rasch claims it's because he created the nanosuit. This works on two levels: Rasch did indeed invent the nanosuit with Jacob Hargreave. But Rasch has also already been taken over by the Alpha Ceph for God knows how long, so the Alpha Ceph is claiming that he (or rather, his species) created the suit, which is also correct.
    • Also provides a possible explanation for the Koreans having nanosuits. Rasch gave them to them.
  • Crysis 3 reveals that the Nanosuits have the ability to absorb Ceph energy, becoming "overcharged" and significantly tougher than normal. This retroactively explains the Made of Iron status of General Kyong from Crysis 1, who was able to withstand significantly more damage than a normal nanosuit user after being exposed to a large burst of Ceph energy.
  • The Ceph were tracking down Hargreave in Crysis 2 thanks to the same Ceph technology he was using to prolong his life that Rasch was using, and through which the Ceph took over him. Furthermore, Hargreave's death was what ultimately spared him from being used as a puppet by the Ceph, just like Rasch was.
  • In Crysis 3, only Psycho, Dane and Bandit are alive after they were separated from their Nanosuits. While everybody else was killed after operation or died on the process because the suit wasn't supposed to be separated from his owner after they symbiotically bonded with it, and CELL purposedly did not gave them anesthesia because they thinked that it would interfere in the data recovering and study of the Nanosuit internal biological systems. Maybe there was a purpose for them being killed/euthanized after the Nanosuit was separated from their body, like Prophet did because of the "symbiosis" process.
    • Crytek told that there weren't going to exist more games with the Crysis tittle in them, but they mentioned that the Crysis universe and timeline was not going to end that soon, a founding fact for future games that was show after the long credits from Crysis 3 which shows purposedly a sequence after they end; Crytek developers known that not everyone was going to stay until the 20-minutes credits end [1]; where Psycho pursues the members of Crynet Board of Directors while CELL operators scorts them to a Safe house [2], in which Psycho performs acts that only could have been done with a Nanosuit[3], in which he run much faster that the guards, they barely see him and Psycho shows he knows that they are there even if the room was dark enough to not see a thing ;showing on first person view that he is infact seeing in a very similar way to the Nanosuit 1 Nightvision; even the Crynet Board of Directors members don't notice Psycho is sitting in a chair until he says "Good evening members of the board".
      • You never actually scan Psycho with the Prophet's Nanosuit, as he doesn't find a reason to do that, Prophet just loads the "Personallity Profile" from the past to get a correct briefing on what Psycho was actually on ground; while Prophet scanned Rasch to know was what going on , physically, psychologically, biologically and to store that data for further purposes; Psycho was changed from the soldier who works alone, which do not has respect from command, who don't bond with people in the ground easily, to the soldier who has "people", that doesn't work alone and has respect from command; althrough if it was Claire; and he indeed bonded emotionally not only with Claire but also remembered fairly easily what happened on Lingshan on "Only Human" mission, and is surprising to Prophet himself because "that's not the Psycho I used to know". There are moments in which Psycho unexpectedly survives far from what even the Nanosuit soldier was capable of, specifically showing off while Prophet was fighting the Alpha-Ceph, when the Mastermind Ceph took Psycho and his VTOL down in one shot in "Only Human".
    • Psycho showed that he was well capable on modifying his Nanosuit to some degree, as in Crysis Warhead his Nanosuit HUD was displaying "Sykes Mod" all the time; Psycho could have modded the suit to get some of their powers on himself at some point. Or even modified it while he was actually predicting that some one, in this case: CELL, were going to remove the Nanosuit from his body. Also, Psycho's body doesn't show considerable damage that was predicted from just wearing the Nanosuit, when it was disclosed that as the Nanosuit being symbiotic turned them into "Dead-men walking". Psycho is well beyond is 50's and he still shows considerable permormance confronting both CELL and later the Ceph; while many other "elite" CELL soldiers were very-easily killable from any Ceph unit and Rebels themselves.
  • At one point in the first game, when Nomad has been captured by the Koreans and brought to General Kyong, Kyong asks Dr. Rosenthal "Would the CIA be interested in a temple? Would the US Military be interested in a temple?" And then he points to Nomad and asks "Would HE be interested in a temple?" At first, it seems weird that Kyong would separate Nomad from the rest of the US military, but when you take the events of the sequels and the origins of the Nanosuit (which the Koreans have) into account, it makes sense. The Koreans somehow got nanotech from Hargreave (perhaps Hargreave himself gave them nanosuit technology as a contingency plan in case the US nanosuit teams could not gain access to the aforementioned "temple" (the Ceph ship). Kyong knows that Hargreave has his own plans concerning the Ceph ship, and Kyong is attempting to hijack those plans so that whatever Hargreave wants, Korea gets instead. Of course, Nomad puts an end to those plans quite quickly, and even if he didn't, Kyong probably wasn't prepared for living Ceph, which is probably a hint that either the nanosuit technology was stolen or that Hargreave didn't trust Kyong enough to tell him as much as Prophet was told.

Fridge Horror
  • Depending on how you view transhumanism, the nanosuits themselves are this. Unless they are removed from the wearer (a process which will likely kill them), the suit will eventually completely assimilate and replace the wearer.
  • When Prophet pulled a Grand Theft Me on Alcatraz. Crysis: Legion shows that Alcatraz was still very much conscious (atleast his personality copy was, even if incomplete) and lost his battle for control against Prophet. Meaning that while Prophet was in control of his body, there was nothing Alcatraz could do about it!
  • As pointed out across the series, the Ceph you face in the games are basically caretaker/drone units and billions of years less advanced than the homeworld Ceph. In essence, Humanity was nearly wiped out by the Ceph version of Roombas! Imagine was the main world Ceph would have been like to fight, if it could have been considered a fight.