Quotes / Crysis

J: A quantum computer compared to an ordinary computer is like the sun compared to a charcoal drawing of the sun
S: Supposedly the answer will come before you even put the question in.
S: No
J: No
Random chat log, on Crysis' foremost distinguishing feature

"Cleaning up - it's ingenious, isn't it. Think of the Argentine Cattle Crisis two years ago. Or the British BSE outbreak in the last century. The issue was not slaughtering the animals, that was easily done. The problem was disposal. What do you do with the millions of rotting corpses? Well, there you see the answer the Ceph have evolved. They wipe us out, they break us down, they reduce the environmental impact almost to zero. Exemplary."
Jacob Hargreave, Crysis 2

"Perhaps I was economical with the truth, yes - but what choice did I have? What choice do you have now? The Ceph are coming Prophet. Soon. You think we'll defeat them with ordinary human soldiers? This isn't a war ordinary humans can win! This is the future - death's an inconvenience now, nothing more. We are all dead men walking!"
Jacob Hargreave, Crysis 2

"So - here you are. Theseus, at last. Welcome. Scant reward for so much effort, eh. Crack the labyrinth, and you would at least expect to see the Minotaur before it kills you. Ah well, it seems only fair. Come, then. Masks off. I am here. Shocked? I would be. I'd revel in it, if I were you: that sudden jump of the pulse, the cram of flight or fight chemicals into the belly. So sweet while it lasts. But it's been so very long since I felt any of it. A century or more since my pleasures were anything but cerebral. I took the path Karl Rasch refused, the cold road to immortality. I'd hope to wear Prophet's suit myself. Take on the weapons he brought us, wear his armor. Enter the labyrinth and confront the minotaur. But now... You. You will have to finish what Prophet began."
Jacob Hargreave, Crysis 2

"That's right, Nathan! The owners are back! Waking the systems, firing up the boiler. Back to spring-clean the old family residence, and not much liking what they've found festering behind the fridge. Can you blame them, really?"
Jacob Hargreave, Crysis 2

"Will there been an afterlife, I wonder? Choirs of angels? Or a fiery pit? One unlearns these falsehoods over time, but the child who learnt to fear hell is never really gone. To tell the truth, I think I had enough of afterlives as it is - this one has been pretty purgatorial. Almost fifty years floating in supercooled jelly like some medical specimen, thoughts creeping like rats through cramped silicon corridors of machines trapped behind video screens and camera systems. Never sleeping, never resting, never ceasing to think about the world I no longer belong to. No, if this is a taste of the afterlife, I think simple oblivion will do nicely."
Jacob Hargreave, Crysis 2