Fridge / Cookie Clicker

Fridge Brilliance

  • "Your cookies are rewriting the fundamental laws of the Universe". The buildings before the cookies start rewriting are fairly mundane if excessive: farms, factories, mines, and grandmothers. After this happens, you get a Fantasy Kitchen Sink to bake cookies with, and can make cookies using interstellar travel, alchemy, interdimensional travel, time travel, antimatter-to-matter conversion, light-to-matter conversion, you name it. The cookies rewrote the laws of the Universe to make all this possible. This also explains why every scientific advancement is used just for making cookies-the cookies are the ones making them.
    • Then again, MINING cookies and GROWING cookies are ridiculous already.
    • The latest update features Chancemakers, which materialise cookies from nothing out of sheer probability.
  • When buying the "Season Switcher" upgrade, five cookies appear as upgrades; one for Halloween, one for Christmas, one for Valentine's Day, one for Easter, and one for Business Day. The latter is called "Fool's biscuit", for two reasons: First, it's the April Fools cookie. Second, unlike the other season cookies, which allow the player to get many new upgrades, the Business Day cookie will not allow you to unlock anything; therefore, it's pointless, and if you buy it, you are a fool. The game itself says such.
    • Beta version 1.9 adds a prestige upgrade that makes golden cookies more frequent during Business Day, making the fool's biscuit a much less foolish purchase.
  • Remember how Grannies mutate into these nightmarish monsters during the "Grandmapocalypse"? Well, that's because they're turning into Elderitch Abominations!
  • You know how your buildings and upgrades get ludicrously more expensive as you progress into the game? Yeah, it's simply because having trillions and trillions of cookies produced EVERY SECOND simply causes a massive inflation. It's about as profitable as trying to sell dirt nowadays. Especially since they've been turned into a currency people get PAID in

Fridge Horror

  • Even without the Grandmapocalypse, you have things such as a time machine that steals cookies from the past, cookies becoming such Serious Business that they become the lifeblood of the world economy and showing allergic reactions to them brands you as a social outcast, devices that convert antimatter into cookies, and producing so many cookies that every last molecule in the universe turns into cookies!
  • All of these horrible and creepy things happen just so you can build a massive cookie empire. When you snap out of it, you will most likely never eat cookies or approach elderly women (especially your own grandmothers, if any) again for a long time.
  • The fact that ancient baking artifacts are discovered on distant planets. The terrifying implications are that something made the Grandmatriarches in all their creepiness leave before you called them back.