Fridge: Cookie Clicker

Fridge Brilliance

  • After playing a tycoon/Idle Game hybrid called Clicking Bad for a while, I realized what actually happens when you "sell" a "building" that's a person. In Clicking Bad, you run an illicit business producing the controlled stimulant medication desoxyephedrine, much as in the TV series Breaking Bad. You "buy" and "sell" drug dealers and attorney-dealers in the same list as actual buildings such as a nightclub with a pharmacy, and after a while, you realize that what you're doing by "selling" your dealers or bakers is giving them a pink slip.
    "You're fired."
    "I thought you loved me."
    "I still do. I just have to let you go. Feel free to use me as a reference."
  • "Your cookies are rewriting the fundamental laws of the Universe". The buildings before the cookies start rewriting are fairly mundane if excessive: farms, factories, mines, and grandmothers. After this happens, you get a Fantasy Kitchen Sink to bake cookies with, and can make cookies using interstellar travel, alchemy, interdimensional travel, time travel, antimatter-to-matter conversion, light-to-matter conversion, you name it. The cookies rewrote the laws of the Universe to make all this possible. This also explains why every scientific advancement is used just for making cookies-the cookies are the ones making them.
    • Then again, MINING cookies and GROWING cookies are ridiculous already.