Nightmare Fuel / Cookie Clicker

Everything begins with a single click. Within a few hours, your cookie production frenzy reaches levels that will make you feel regret.
  • As you earn achievements, the pool of milk turns brown (chocolate), and then... red. It's supposed to be "raspberry milk," an Author Appeal substance that most players have never heard of. Instead, you're likely to think it's a huge pool of blood. The fact that it turns red around the time you hit the Grandmapocalypse doesn't help.
    • Note that the milk wasn't labeled at first, so you just had the colour to go by, pretty much everybody thought it was meant to be blood until the label was added to the stats screen.
  • The Grandmapocalypse itself, featuring things such as giant Eldritch Abomination Grandmas that threaten entire cities and secrete cookies and sugar, other otherworldly abominations wanting to try your cookies, and "highways of flesh".
  • 1.039 adds Wrinklers. They're large, fleshy parasites that start appearing when you trigger the Grandmapocalypse, and they suck your CPS if they get to your big cookie. Luckily, despite their appearance, they're nothing more than a nuisance. That, and they can actually HELP bake cookies through idling with them and THEN killing them.
    • There's also the grandma's purchase icon shifting as the Grandmapocalypse advances. There's absolutely no previous warning of this, so it'll certainly catch you by surprise.
    • When an Elder Pledge wears off, the sudden transition from their normal form to their final form qualifies as a bit of a Jump Scare.
  • The Christmas update has Santa. Suprisingly enough, the last form of Santa isn't really all that scary, should you be used to the typical Grandmapocalypse things. But True Santa, on the other hard... Yeah.
  • The Dungeon Update: Revealing what kind of madness goes on inside of the factories. And that they send children there to get rid of "pests".
    • It also brings along lovely messages such as "Your cookies have developed sentience"

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