Film: Loch Ness

You've got to believe it, before you see it.

Loch Ness is a 1996 drama film focusing on the Loch Ness Monster myth. In Scotland, a scientist named Dr. Abernathy is mysteriously killed, leaving a post open at Loch Ness to search for the elusive, legendary creature.

Enter Ted Danson as Dr. Jonathan Dempsey, a disgraced zoologist whose career was ruined after trying to look for a Sasquatch. His ex-wife took everything in the divorce, and Dempsey is on his last leg. His colleague sends him to Loch Ness with the latest state of the art scanning equipment to find Nessie and prove whether or not it exists.

Dempsey takes up residence in a local inn by the loch, befriending the innkeeper Laura and her daughter Isabel, who has Psychic Powers and claims that Nessie is real. Determined to get his reputation back, the sceptical Dempsey joins forces with local Nessie enthusiast Adrian Foote to search for Nessie or not, but is warned by the mysterious Water Bailiff (Ian Holm) to not go looking for Nessie and expose its existence to the world.

This film provides examples of: