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Film: Flesh And Blood
According to The Other Wiki, Flesh and Blood (stylized as Flesh + Blood) is a dramatic adventure film by Paul Verhoeven, set in The Renaissance (in Italy, it seems) though the themes are more typical of The Middle Ages and often is called a medieval drama. It is the first American movie by this Dutch director.

The movie centers around a gang of thieves leaded by Martin which foundend themselves in an Army of Thieves and Whores, which their noble employer refuses to pay after have used them to regain a city.The ungrateful nobleman is Arnolfini whose son Steven is an Adorkable but attractive youngman who is interested more in learning than fighting and whoring unlike most of the people he hangs out with.His father has settled his marriage with a beautiful, highborn and virgin young girl and he's not interested at all until, you 'now, he sees her. Agnes (so this is how the lady is called) is beautiful and very interested in learning how seduce men and enjoy love. While they are enjoying their blossoming romance, they are caught by Martin's gang who starts a fight with Arnolfini's men and robs them. Agnes founds herself unfortunately hidden in the gang's chariot, and when they discover her, she's raped by Martin who's manipulated by Agnes in falling and caring for her (though the attraction is somewhat mutual) and so he wants to keep her to himself.Steven does not give up and tries to regain his girlfriend storming the castle where she hides in, while we don't know how much exactly Agnes is manipulating Martin to stay alive until the very end.

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