Film / D.O.A.

Frank Bigelow: I'd like to report a murder.
Captain: Sit down. Where was this murder committed?
Frank Bigelow: San Francisco, last night.
Captain: Who was murdered?
Frank Bigelow: I was.

D.O.A., or Dead on Arrival, is a 1950 Film Noir drama about a man named Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien), who must frantically try to find out who wants him dead through poisoning — and why. The plot speeds as Frank recounts his past events to the police to get help.

Due to a filing error the copyright to the film was not renewed on time, causing it to fall into the Public Domain, and as such it can be downloaded here, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

A remake starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan was released in 1988. The 2006 film Crank has a similar plot.

If you're looking for the fighting game, see Dead or Alive.

This film provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Dead On Arrival