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Fan Fic: Guide Me Home
Hey, you people wanted steam babies...

Guide Me Home is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic written by Qwi-Xux that has gained popularity in the fandom for... actually being good.

Essentially, it's an What Happened To All Those Mice, Hurt/Comfort Fic that follows Princess Ursa during all three books and is completely Canon compliant (well, until The Legend of Korra and the comic-book continuations came out, but that was two years later and so can be forgiven). Ursa has been living in the Earth Kingdom and secretly helping La Résistance. When she discovers a Fire Nation spy amongst the Earth Kingdom underground, she is forced to flee and is rescued by Chief Hakoda and his crew.

Ursa and the crew (especially Hakoda) eventually grow closer. Of course, they don't know she's Fire Nation...

It can be found here.

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Gilded GreenFanWorks/Avatar: The Last Airbender Kyoshi Revolts

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