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Fan Disservice / Comic Books

Deadpool in Marvel Girl's outfit. Yes, that Deadpool.
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  • Green Lantern: For a while, at least. Arisia is an orange-skinned, pointy-eared elf babe from another planet who gets romantically involved with the thirty-ish Hal Jordan. All fine and dandy until it is realized that Arisia is thirteen years old. Retconned out later in that on her alien planet, one year = about thirty Earth years. So she's hundreds of years old. Um...yeah. Originally, Arisia's planet went around its sun faster than earth, not slower; so she was fourteen earth years old but claimed that really she was twenty-eight. She generally acted like a Smitten Teenage Girl, though.
  • Preacher has at least two decrepit old women in low-cut outfits, and a dwarf having sex with a large, human-shaped pile of meat.
  • The Sandman,:
    • Despair (an Anthropomorphic Personification) is always naked. She is also rather obese, her body is sagging, she is haggard, and she has a habit of self-cutting with a hook.
    • Later scenes in the comic with the Corinthian. It's as if they realised the potential Mr. Fanservice in a gay supernatural-based and suave Pretty Boy now firmly on the side of good— and then had him still cut the eyes out of things at every given opportunity. To eat them.
    • Lucifer's Dragon, Mazikeen has half her face burned off, Two-Face style. He makes out with her a lot. In the spin-off series, Lucifer, they have a long lasting sexual relationship. Said spin-off also had many wonderful moments like a living tarot deck turning itself into what looked like Legion having an orgy and then forcibly impregnating a woman.
    • In the spin-off Thessaly: Witch for Hire, the titular witch has a nude scene... except that it's during a flashback to her cavewoman days, and she's sacrificing some poor sod in order to gain powers.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Someone, somewhere must have said to Alan Moore "Please get Mina's kit off in Vol 2." What they probably didn't bargain for was who she'd get it off for... and quite how grotesque the resulting congress would look. Indeed sex only ever seems to be squicky in League land.
  • Thor: Reign of Blood. You have the Enchantress, wearing nothing but high boots and a loin cloth...getting ready to have sex with three gnarled, ugly dwarfs for a shiny necklace. Ew.
  • Erotic comic Druuna is mostly about the adventures of the self-confident and driven Druuna...ending up in sci-fi-ish sexual situations. Unfortunately, most of the time she's being raped by all sorts of disgusting mutants and monsters.
  • Assorted Argentinian comics:
    • La Mulatona in Clemente is a fanservice-providing... duck/bird/elf hybrid.
    • La Nelly has a tendency to either strip naked or wear fetish clothes. Did I mention that Nelly is a 65 year old obese housewife?
    • Most sex scenes in Boogie el Aceitoso are NOT sexy because the protagonist is a misogynist, machist, racist, idiotic and sadistic hitman/mercenary/bodyguard with poor hygiene (hence his name, "aceitoso" = "oily").
  • Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose contains copious amounts of Fanservice played straight, but there's also plenty of Squicky moments in there as well; such as the permanently naked and well-endowed Gingerbread Woman-Slash-Sex Doll who ends up eating her owner (and no, not like that, either).
  • In the most recent incarnation of Marvel's X-Factor series, the character Siryn is kidnapped and held for ransom by a deranged former mutant who thinks Siryn's friends have the key to returning his powers. In a sick twist of the classic "Damsel in Distress" fetish, Siryn is shown tied to a chair and ball-gagged, but has also been severely beaten. She is bleeding from various parts of her body, has bruises all over her face, and sobs almost the entire time until she frees herself and defeats her captor.
  • Deadpool :
    • Seen above: Deadpool's Panty Shot. No, not as in a Panty Shot found in the Deadpool series, but as in the heavily mutilated Deadpool himself giving the readers a Panty Shot. You see, he borrowed the original Marvel Girl costume. Which has a very short skirt. And yes, everyone present was as disturbed by the above image as the reader.
    • Mention should also be made of when he was shown naked in the shower. Poor Wolverine, having to see that when he visited to ask Deadpool for help.
    • in the same story, Wolverine had the "pleasure" of seeing Deadpool dressed as Phoenix.
    • Another story had him dressing as Marilyn Monroe in order to lure zombie JFK. The undead ex-president is suitably squicked out when he gets a closer look, especially when Deadpool jumps up to reveal that he isn't wearing any pants.
  • The comic Night of the Living Dead: New York features possibly one of the most blatant and graphic examples of Fanservice at the beginning, but to its credit balances it quite nicely towards the end with an equally graphic example of this trope, in a scene wherein a character hides from the Zombie Apocalypse in what appears to have been a porn shop. In one of the booths, a stripper still appears to be dancing... except she's been partially cannibalized and zombified, which kind of takes the appeal away.
  • The [PROTOTYPE] comic has naked pregnant cannibal women in a flashback to now-General Randall's time in Hope, Idaho.
  • The Killing Joke. Jim Gordon stripped by a bunch of evil midgets and then locked in a cage. And then there are the pictures of Barbara Gordon that the Joker takes of her, naked and bleeding from being shot in the spine. Is is any wonder that despite Word of God saying it's not the case, nearly every person who reads the story assumes that The Joker raped Barbara?
  • Artist Richard Corben does this all the time - sometimes intentionally with Body Horror and grotesquery, but quite often unintentionally with the stylistic idiosyncrasies of his figure drawing.
  • Black Canary was the first DC heroine to have her nipples exposed on panel, but the circumstances (being tortured) made it fall into this instead.
  • Similarly, the first Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, shows rear nudity in an issue of New Thunderbolts... during a scene where she's the mind controlled slave of the Purple Man.
  • Rudi and Freddy take drawing lessons because they hope, they'll have to draw a sexy nude model. Unfortunately the teacher chooses an old guy instead as a model.
  • The 2011 Huntress mini-series has a human trafficking ring at the center of its story, so Deconstructions of fanservice abound. In issue #1 a mob boss is seen talking to some lackies while several women in low cut tops pour him wine, but the fanservice of this is mitigated by the fact that it's damn clear from and the women's expressions that they do not want to be there. This gets taken up a notch in the same scene when the mob boss shoots a guy in the head and the women are left to clean it up, and once again, despite the cleavage on display it's more to show just how these women are being exploited.
  • Megalex. When she spots Ram in the back of her ship, the evil and beautiful Sapient Ship holographic personality Shalise transforms into an absolutely terrifying monstrous version of herself. Her mouth fills with fangs, her ears become bat-like, she grows in size, and worst of all, her breasts become pendulous and rotten, tipped with corroded metal blades.
  • In the Justice League of America tie-in of Blackest Night, the Japanese Dr. Light ends up naked at the end of the story. The problem is her clothes were vaporized by the undead predecessor Dr. Light who tried to molest and kill her, along with her children.
  • Carol Danvers, AKA: Ms. Marvel, being completely naked while the Brood experimented on her (which in the process gave her the Binary powers).
    • in issue 32 of Ms. Marvel Vol 2, before she gained her superpowers, Carol Danvers was stripped to her underwear when she was held captive and tortured by Ghazi Rashid in Afghanistan.
  • At the hands of French artist Edika note  even a certain well-established yet woefully redlinked trope involving amorous sea life makes you cringe. For the scientifically interested, it's the cover of U-Comix 118. (NSFW.)
  • Robert Crumb: Though Crumb can draw attractive women at times, he also has a tendency to make them anthropomorphic (devils, animal heads,...). Even his normal women can look too strong for some people's tastes, with large breasts, butts, thighs and thick legs.
  • The Fourth Doctor ends up naked in one of the Doctor Who Magazine comics. With a hideous tentacled surgeon cutting his stomach open. Yeah, we all wanted to see that badly.
  • In the Belgian comic Papyrus's "Tears of the Giant" issue, Papyrus is carrying a pretty girl in his arms and she has her midriff and legs exposed... but she has just died after having been subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture, and right before kicking it she gave Papyrus a Dying Declaration of Love so the poor guy is completely wrecked with guilt since he couldn't reach for her in time. And since this happens towards the end, it's also one HELL of a Downer Ending.
  • Superman, roughed up and with lots of Clothing Damage? Yay. Superman, roughed up and with lots of Clothing Damage as he and Doomsday beat each other to death? N A Y.
  • In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Madame Satan first appears Naked on Arrival and has Godiva Hair. It's considerably less attractive sounding as she has no face and has to murder a random girl to get one.
  • In one issue of Batwoman, she arrives back at her apartment after a patrol, immediately begins stripping off her uniform as she heads for a shower... and she's covered in bruises (in addition to sporting a bloody nose and black eye) as a result of getting beaten up in the previous installment.