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Extreme Omnivore: Web Comics
  • In Sluggy Freelance, one of the incarnations that the ever-evolving alien Aylee has gone through is a flying, fire-breathing, dragon-like Extreme Omnivore. The only thing she wouldn't eat was tofu.
  • The Order of the Stick's Monster in the Darkness eats pretty much everything, except babies.
  • Sergeant Schlock from Schlock Mercenary. He can eat anything that fails to eat him first. Anything. About the only thing he can't eat is military-level nanomachines — but even nanobot swarms with AI don't survive long enough to become weaponized if already weren't.
    • his team needed to explain to him omnivorous didn't mean "omnivorous like a forest fire"
      • an other later defined him as a "Mundivore" (latin for world eater)
    • To clarify, when Schlock accidentally ate something infected with military immortality nanobots he spat it out before a conclusion was reached, but his digestion seemed to be winning. On another occasion, he ate tissues that tried to plate his insides with aluminum, and just considered the process tingly.
    • Elizabeth, another very large non-human soldier in Schlock's outfit, is described as having "a G-I tract like a municipal water treatment plant" after unintentionally swallowing several volleyballs during a game.
  • Not from the comic itself, but Brian Clevinger (author of 8-Bit Theater) regularly makes his newsposts the latest episode of What Did Charlie Eat, starring his Extreme Omnivore cat. At the time of writing, the latest update was "iPhone earplugs".
  • Girl Genius Jägers seem to fall under this, as illustrated here.
    • Moloch von Zinzer probably also qualifies, at least when it comes to beverages. His taste in drinks and associated iron stomach is actually something of a running joke among the fanbase, leading to, among other things, him being pegged as 'most likely to accidently Jaegerize himself'.
  • The Wayward Vagabond will eat anything, as long as it's green (or has been green at some point in time). This includes a pumpkin, a potted plant, several pieces of chalk, and a chunk of uranium.
    • He also learns proper human etiquette by eating a book on it (though to be fair, he reads each page before eating it).
    • Terezi is a synesthete who smells and tastes colors. Her favorite flavor is bright red. This apparently extends to chalk.
  • Weesh, of the eponymous comic Weesh, who isn't human.
    Weesh: Mm. This blue mayonnaise you've got is delicious.
    Boy: Blue mayo? ...That's dishwasher soap.
    Weesh: Ah. I wondered why it was under the sink.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
    • Warp-Aci will "eat" anything smaller than them... which becomes a real problem if they grow. It helps that they have no actual digestive system — anything they 'eat' is simply teleported somewhere random.
    • Also, Abel once ate a pillow. In his defense, he was having a dream about giant marshmallows.
  • Tanked from Bear Nuts. Constantly in such an altered state, he'll (at least try) to eat anything he can fit in his mouth.
  • In Freefall Sam Starfall is apparently pretty tough in this department. Probably makes up for his general weakness in nearly every other one.
  • Casey and Andy's Planet Devourer can eat just about anything...given enough time.
  • According to Bug, the typical office worker would eat almost everything.
  • In Rusty and Co.:
    • As long as it's metal, Rusty will want to eat it. At least he (usually) asks first...
    • Gelatinous Cube will eat anything organic. The bones just take a little longer.
  • Llewellyn in Ozy and Millie, being a dragon, has been known to drink gasoline and lighter fluid, and once claimed to have eaten Joe McCarthy's car. While Aunt Tulip ate an entire bus at the family reunion.
  • The Lattroxx from Vexxarr have this as their hat. They eat every race they conquer, robots and each other: In their language, a hospital is the same thing as a food-production facility.

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