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Epic Fail: Web Comics
  • Mages in Chirault accidentally created a Reality Changing Miniature of their planet while trying to find a solution to an environmental problem. Then someone accidentally touched it. Good-bye, random city.
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    Thief: Not that I'm complaining about it, but... HOW DO YOU MISS A VOLCANO?!
    • Earlier, when they were captured, BM tried to kill his allies. It was in a small corridor, easy to hit them in, with reflecting walls. What happened? He hit something: himself. It was the same attack as the volcano.
      "How did you not only manage to miss us, but also hit yourself?"
    • Due to Red Mage's unfailing belief the world works like a Tabletop RPG, this occasionally comes up for him, too.
      Black Mage: You pushed Red Mage [...] Onto Fighter's sword.
      Fighter: Which is weird because it started out sheathed.
      Red Mage: I botched my Athletic Roll...Big time...
    • Most of the things Fighter does qualify as well.
      Fighter: When you gotta do somethin' wrong, you gotta do it right!
    • King Steve loses his kingdom in a card game against Rodney, a coffee stain and his imaginary right-hand man. That's not the Epic Fail, because King Steve is bug-nuts crazy. The true Epic Fail comes when Gary, his perfectly sane "left-hand man," offers to play cards with him after hearing the story, and all "three" players lose the kingdom to a piece of string.
    Sarah: And it was eligible in the first place because...?
    Gary: Well, we needed a fourth.
    • One time Fighter lost a game of Drownball. He spent several minutes underwater wearing heavy armor, yet...
    Fighter: I did a thing where I didn't drown.
    • Then there are both of Black Belt's memorable attempts to find the bathroom.
    • With all these examples, it's pretty safe to say that 8-Bit Theater could alternatively be titled Epic Failure: The Webcomic.
  • Aaron Williams' Full Frontal Nerdity has, among other delightful slices of Gamer Life and other nerd instances, the occasional example of truly epic fail, almost always by Lewis. Though he is usually a victim of his own impulses and poor planning, he is also cursed with truly awful dice luck. This is a decent example of how bad Lewis can roll. He has also jinxed a die so badly it infected other d20 with the "1" virus, rolled a "1" when it was buried, and started making "1" show up everywhere. Further, Williams even has a collection of Nerdity out titled the Big Book of Epic Fail.
    • In the newer strip Lewis try to achieve godhood through demonstration of his miraculous bad luck.
  • From Johnny Wander: What do trying to roast garlic and drying peppers in the oven have in common besides the obvious? This. They even refer to the second incident as making homemade mace.
  • Matt from Murphy's Law did this on his Test of Hidden Traps.
  • In the first book of Goblins, Fumbles fumbles a to-hit roll spectacularly. He trips, sends his spears flying into a lantern, which sets a hut on fire, which sets a bird on fire, and said bird retaliates by gouging the hell out of Fumbles' head.
    Forgath: I just wanna know what kind of fumble chart he's using, so I could avoid it.
  • In a non-canon Problem Sleuth donation page, Team Sleuth strikes back at the Midnight Crew with the insanely powerful Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader, a weapon that calculates damage by rolling a die for result X, and filling the remaining popomatic bubbles with additional X-sided dice. This is repeated until all dice are rolled, with the final die determining damage. The final result? One. Out of 50 trillion.
  • In Freefall, Florence attempts Obfuscating Stupidity.
    • Helix managed to blow out a bulkhead on the spacecraft he and Sam use. While making microwave popcorn, no less.
  • Stef Murky of User Friendly is absolutely awful at video games. He once fell in the lava in Neverwinter Nights (something not possible without modding the game) and also once fell in the lava at the startup screen of Quake II.
  • In Wapsi Square, Tina describes a previous time she had to run the coffee shop with an arm in a cast. Somehow she managed to back over her wrist while trying to parallel park.
  • Cleo from Bobwhite discusses this. While her dad tries to teach her how to fold clothes, Cleo talks about how funny it would be if her terrible clothes-folding skills accidentally set her clothes on fire.
  • The Order of the Stick:
  • Batman Captain Ersatz Beeman is introduced via flashback in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja trying to foil a bank robbery. He flips into the air as the bandits open fire on him and... soon falls dead.
  • The Ho'aku tribe in Survivor: Fan Characters was truly an epic fail, filled with a) weak and easily influenced members, b) jealous and power-hungry contestants who wanted to lead and voted out the first two leaders, and c) Russell Hantz, who sabotaged their tribe. What happened was one of the worst losing streaks in the comic's history, with the Ho'aku tribe losing ten out of thirteen challenges, going to every single Tribal Council but one, and ultimately being whittled down to two members. However, the tribe's plight is spectacularly subverted when a member of the Ho'aku tribe manages to go on an immunity run and win the game!
    • Cherman from Season 9 was an epic fail in all challenges, in spite of being a robot specifically programmed to be the ultimate Survivor bot. Then it's similarly subverted at the very end when he wins the entire game.
  • Art, how can you screw up pancake flipping SO BAD?
  • In L's Empire, Void shows that it's possible to miss a shot a point blank range.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal features this lovely spoon-accident.
  • xkcd:
  • In Homestuck, a certain unwise action in the Kids' session lead to consequences so staggering they rendered someone else's session of the game unwinnable.
    • And then it turns out that it was someone in the other session who rendered both sessions unwinnable... by giving a universe cancer. Fails don't get much more epic than that.note 
    • Eridan's entire session in the Land of Wrath and Angels was wasted due to his determination to kill the friendly yet formidable angels until he finally turns them all against him. Everyone he complains to about it figures out that they aren't the enemies, but he continues to whine about its unfairness long after the game is over.
  • There's a ton of examples from VG Cats. In one comic, Leo (who is Altair from Assassin's Creed) tries to pick his nose, only to stab himself in the face with the hidden blade.
  • Something Positive:
    • Kharisma tries to take a geek trivia test. Davan grades it: "Just so you know, The Last Unicorn was not, in fact, Luke's father."
    • Earlier, Aubrey makes a TV show. When it's broadcast, the State of Massachusetts imposes a restraining order on her to keep her away from any TV or film-making equipment in the future.
  • In Commander Kitty, when CK and crew are trying to test their transporter on Mittens, they somehow manage to teleport the entire transporter out of the ship instead.
  • Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening: Without materia, Cloud can't even enter a house properly. Instead he somehow winds up getting knocked over and pinned down by several cats. Even he doesn't know how it happened.

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