Darth Wiki: The Emo Game

The Emo Game is a three part story under some sort of progress by Padur Karil and his best friend. It is a total self insert on both parts, but great efforts have been made to keep all characters non-Mary Sue The plot revolves around a group of twelve Emo Teens who get murdered by a group of punkish kids. The Emo Kids are rescued by a "Goddess" who goes by the name The Empress. The Empress recruits the kids to participate in an interstellar quest to rid the galaxy of the evil "Shifters". She bestowes upon this group elemental powers, and gives them missions.

Characters of Part One: The Emo Game

Tropes present in Part one.

Tropes present in Part Two

  • Awesome McCoolname: Sir Espion Castor is given a huge book of names and titles on his way to earth, and told to pick from them to choose his human name.
  • Final Girl: Cheney, for the original team.
  • Patricide Josef kills Ben immediately upon meeting him, believing that his father had run from his duty to save his people and abandoned him and his mother.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Ben
  • Team Mom: Cheney
  • The Obi-Wan: Ben
  • Waif Prophet: The Seeress who accompanies Josef subverted in that she actually isn't any kind of seer, just manipulating him for her own protection and gain.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Josef will do literally anything to become the savior of his people from dwarven tyranny.