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Darth Wiki: Haven Twelve
Haven Twelve is a Super Robot or Real Robot (it's a bit hard to place) series by Fishsicles, presently in the planning stages.

The titular Haven Twelve is a floating city called a Haven (the twelfth, to be specific), one of thirteen such ships to be produced. Haven Twelve itself is somewhat unique for reasons unknown at the beginning of the story.

When Haven Twelve is attacked by a Mechanical Lifeform called an "Entity", Ridiculously Average Guy Harrison Phelps is accidentally recruited by the city's resident loon Faye T. Terre to pilot a Humongous Mecha known as the RX-1. After being pulled through a window, flung out of a skylight, and falling about five hundred feet he finally arrives (rather violently) in the cockpit of the prototype RX and makes short work of the Fifteenth Entity. He is shortly introduced to the remainder of the Haven Twelve chapter of Neo Eden, the defense force of the Havens, along with the only-partially-completed RX-1.

For more information on the characters, see the character sheet.

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