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Legends seldom die.

A Code Geass Mega Crossover in progress.

In the year 2000, the world was ravaged by Second Impact. But unlike certain other worlds where Second Impact occured, the this disaster not only destroyed most of the known world, but also unleashed an ancient energy known as "Magic" from a long dormant state.

While it contaminated much of the globe, twisting man and beast alike into unrecognizable forms, this "Magic" proved to be an abundant energy source. As a result technology improved in leaps and bounds within the following decade, and for a moment, it seemed like all of the conflict of Second Impact had been resolved.

Then, in the year 2012note  Lelouch happened.

This is the story of Lelouch Lamepero- Sorry, Lelouch Vi Brittania, how he was pulled from his own dimension to be recruited for a poorly-conceived bid for power, and ultimately how his presence changed the world... for both good and ill.

This work contains will contain examples of:

Marie Sue: I wanted to pick a name that represented the gap between myself and that of your pathetic species. Honestly, you humans have poor imaginations.

As of this writing, characters who will be playing major roles include: