Creator: Kathy Griffin

With her two babies, Emmy and Emily

Kathleen Mary "Kathy" Griffin (born November 4, 1960) is an american stand-up comedian, actreess and televison host, known for her crass, story telling like-humour which focuses on celebrities and her self-appointed status as a D-list celebrity.

At the beginning of her career, Kathy landed small roles in movies and regularly performed on the comedy circuit. However, her first "big break" was on the TV show Suddenly Susan, where she played the sassy restaurant critic Vicki. This however was not enough to make her a household name, and after the finale of the series she reverted back to semi-obscurity, landing small roles in TV and film.

In 2003, Kathy participated and won on the third season of the The Mole, Celebrity Edition, She claims this was the moment in which she officially became a D-list celebrity (meaning, she felt she was just barely one) and in 2004, she officially claimed the title naming her 3rd comedy special The D-List, this comedy special was popular enough to land her an Emmy award-winning reality show My Life on the D-List which followed her attempts to gain stardom in Hollywood, and lasted six years. She would go into host her own Talk show called Kathy (which lasted 2 seasons) and is currently the host of E!'s Fashion Police, after the passing of Joan Rivers.

Griffin's comedy is mainly based on celebrities, whether it's the ones she come in contact with in real life or the ones she sees on TV. While this has gained her some admirers, many celebrities actively avoid her (Such as her former Suddenly Susan co-star Brooke Shields). She's also an outspoken LGBT activist, has marched against and helped fight Prop 8, and in recent stand-ups has read hate mail she receives from people opposed to gay rights.

Kathy currently holds the world record for the biggest number of comedy specials by a man or woman in history, with (as of 2015) 20 comedy specials aired. She's also a Grammy winner, and is known for her shameless attempts to get nominations for awards shows, such as the previously mentioned Grammys (with her Album "For your Consideration") the Tonys (with her one week Broadway show Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony and even an attempt to get in Oprah's Official book club selection with her autobiography "Official Book Club Selection"

She also hosted The Roast of Joan Rivers on Comedy Central. Oh... and she has a blink and you'll miss it moment in Pulp Fiction; the scene where Bruce Willis tries to run down Ving Rhames (in the credits she's listed As Herself).

Some of her TV works include:

  • Seinfeld: She had a small role in one episode, and was called back to do another one after she trash talked Jerry Seinfeld on her comedy specials.
  • Suddenly Susan: As the snarky Vicki, a role often accused of being a Captain Ersatz of Newsradio's Beth (it certainly doesn't help that Beth was played by Vicki Lewis).
  • Dilbert: as Dilbert's co-worker Alice
  • The Mole: She was the winner of the third season of Celebrity Mole
  • My Life On The D List: Her reality show, which lasted 6 years
  • Fashion Police: She became the current main host after Joan River's death.

This comedian provides examples of:

  • The Artifact: Her Status as D-list celebrity. Nowadays she hosts Fashion police and the New Years Eve show on CNN, she has won several awards, she's a household comedy name and is also friends with very, very famous people. This is one of the reasons why she didn't continue with her reality show, as in her own words "[She's] too famous now"
  • Black Comedy: In heaping amounts. She once made a joke of Demi Lovato being a "cutter" and got enough death threats on twitter that police officers contacted her for protection.
  • Celebrity Is Overrated: Firmly opposes this, and claims that fame and awards make her feel better than any other type of accomplishment.
  • Child Hater: Only as part of her comedy. She thinks babies are selfish and hopes she doesn't have any eggs left
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Known for having a sailor's mouth. She can go off in any type of show, and she's often bleeped at least once in her talk show appearances.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: She has mentioned in her specials that she moves the line and then crosses it.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In her most serious interviews, she has talked about how as a child she was called a dog and barked at for four years straight during her years at a catholic school, the severe beatings she got from the other girls, and how her brother was a paedophile of whom she was scared until the day he died.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Ellen DeGeneres. As Kathy herself has said, Ellen is a comedian who's in the "business" of being nice to celebrities, while Kathy is in the...Opposite business.
  • Fag Hag: Self described.
  • Hatedom: Kathy revels in this, reading hate mail in her standup act.
  • Mrs. Robinson: She is 54 and her current boyfriend is 33.
  • Odd Friendship: Would you believe wacky, brash Kathy Griffin is good friends with straight-laced, stoic newsman Anderson Cooper? It does veer into Vitriolic Best Buds, however, since it seems a good chunk of their dynamic seems to be Kathy pushing Anderson's buttons. Fortunately, he seems to react with bemused affection and mild annoyance as opposed to genuinely being angry about it.
  • The Teetotaler: Kathy proudly claims to be one of these, as her response to growing up in a house with many alcoholics when she was a chid.
  • What Would X Do?: There was this one time she had to sing right after Kristin Chenoweth on her reality show, so she said in the recap "WWASD: What would Ashlee Simpson Do?"