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Creator: Kathy Griffin

Although Kathy Griffin had been in movies and on the comedy circuit since the early 1990s, her big break was her 2005 comedy special The D List, so named because she felt she was just barely a celebrity. The special was a hit, inspiring the Emmy award-winning reality show My Life on the D-List which followed her attempts to gain stardom in Hollywood. She's also directly appealed to get a Grammy with her comedy album For Your Consideration and the Tonies with with her Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony stage show.

Griffin's comedy is mainly based on celebrities, whether it's the ones she come in contact with in real life or the ones she sees on TV. While this has gained her some admirers, many celebrities actively avoid her. She's also an outspoken LGBT activist, and in recent stand-ups has read hate mail she receives from people opposed to gay rights.

You might know her from a few shows and movies. Including Suddenly Susan where she plays... pretty much herself. She hosted The Roast of Joan Rivers on Comedy Central. Oh... and she has a blink and you'll miss it moment in Pulp Fiction; the scene where Bruce Willis tries to run down Ving Rhames (in the credits she's listed As Herself). Kathy also has a more substantial role as hotel night manager Betty in the lead in to Quentin Tarantino's seqment of Four Rooms.

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