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"This is a description extracted from Hiroshi Kamiya. If you add roles, it turns purple." note 

Hiroshi Kamiya is a man known for his dignified voice which makes him quite the go-to guy for those types of well spoken characters. About personalities, however, it's a different story. His character can be noble, cold, super smug, or even just plain hilarious. Truly a Man of a Thousand Voices.

Has a tendency to appear in works by Studio Shaft. He's played four lead roles in series they've produced, as well as a Relationship Voice Actor in some series with Chiwa Saito. He also seems to have a relationship with Kana Hanazawa. Also with Daisuke Ono through their radio show Dear Girl ~stories~ (as HiroC). In addition, he shares many roles with Yuuki Kaji, normally playing the mentor character to Kaji's Na´ve Newcomer (Attack on Titan, Noragami).

His American counterpart is Johnny Yong Bosch.

Roles of note: