Creator: Gen Duruk

Gen Duruk is an author of Death Note Parody Fics on

His fanfictions include:
  • "The Human Whose Name Is Written In This Fanfiction" : Every chapter another Death Note - Fanfic cliche gets mocked. An overachieving story arc develops, too.
  • "How To Write Amazingly Popular Fanfiction" : A "How NOT to" guide to Death Note Fanfiction
  • "Light Yagami`s Adventures in Fandom Land" : A fairytail-esque story about Light`s "quest to explore the strange world of fandom complete with painful puns." Light find himself in a strange land, in which there are several "areas" note  all representing a genre of Fan Fic. With these come handy tips about Fics.

He seems to know TV Tropes quite well (He is using trope names on a few occasions) and is also aware of "The Human Whose Name Is Written In This Fanfiction" being on the Fan Fic recommodation page for Death Note.

Unfortunately, he doesn`t seem to be active anymore.

His page can be found here

His Fics include examples of: