Characters / True Grit

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Mattalyn (Mattie) Ross

Kim Darby (1969), Hallie Steinfeld and Elizabeth Marvel (2010)

Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn

John Wayne (1969), Jeff Bridges (2010)


Glen Campbell (1969), Matt Damon (2010)


Tom Chaney

Jeff Corey (1969), Josh Brolin (2010)

  • Smarter Than You Look: Subverted. LaBoeuf claims Chaney much more cunning than he lets on but in reality Chaney not overly smart and only escapes because of LaBoeuf's incompetence.

"Lucky" Ned Pepper

Robert Duvall (1969), Barry Pepper (2010)

Bear Man (Dr. Forrester)

Absent in 1969 version, Ed Lee Corbin (2010)


Dennis Hopper (1969), Domhnall Gleeson (2010)

Emmett Quincy

Jeremy Slate (1969), Paul Rae (2010)