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Characters: Nobunagun
This is the character page for Nobunagun. To see a more general trope list, visit the main page, or the YMMV Page.

Ogura Sio/Shio / Oda Nobunaga ("Nobunagun")

Adam Muirhead / Jack the Ripper

Mahesh Mirza / Mahatma Gandhi:

Jess Beckham / Isaac Newton:


John Hunter:


Lemond/Geronimo "Princess":

Ibukigin "Esui" Erdenbileg/Cyx:

Antoni Gaudi:

Anush / Robert Capa:

  • Cynical Mentor: He's a bit of a Jerkass when Sio meets him, and to the end, he expresses doubt over whether or not Sio is worth the fuss. However, he recognizes her great potential and seems motivated to train her so she doesn't get butchered in real combat.
  • Dirty Old Man: Actually, this is invoked. He really has no (specified) interest in Sio, but he uses lecherous and perverted tactics to motivate her into completing her training when she starts slacking off.
  • Master of Illusion: He has the ability to produce illusory copies of anything he captures within his camera.
  • The Mentor: He's put in charge of training Sio immediately after she joins DOGOO.

Iyo / DOGOO Commander:

  • The Atoner: After seeing her hometown destroyed twice in the space of 1500 years, she becomes determined not to let it happen again, and to protect Earth from the Invasion Objects.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Flashbacks to her youth reveal she was very beautiful.
  • Really 1700 Years Old: Thanks to several periods of stasis.


Evolutionary Invasion Objects (E.I.O):

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