Characters / Frostbite

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The protagonist. She moved to Sweden's Grim Up North to work with the famous genetician Beckert.

Played by: Petra Nielsen


The second protagonist. She is not happy with her mother's decision to move to a place where the sun does not shine for a month.

Played by: Grete Havnesköld

    Gerard Beckert 

A brilliant scientist and medical doctor. He is also vampire and a Nazi with serious masterrace-problems.

Played by: Carl-Åke Eriksson and Per Löfberg and Kristian Pehrsson


An enigmatic and weird goth girl who takes an interest in Saga.

Played by: Emma T. Åberg


A good-for-nothing intern at the local hospital. He is also a pusher. He is the first person to be turned and unwittingly starts a chain of events that turns into a bloodbath.

Played by: Jonas Karlström


A police officer investigating the death of a local biker. He soon realises he is up against something far worse than expected.

Played by: Mikael Göransson


A music-loving friend of Vega. He host a big party in his house while his parents are away. He is also a vampire.

Played by: Niklas Grönberg


Jacob's partner in the police force.

Played by: Anna Lindholm Rosendahl


The progenitor of all the vampires in the film.

Played by: Aurora Roald