Characters / Frostbite

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The protagonist. She moved to Sweden's Grim Up North to work with the famous genetician Beckert.

Played by: Petra Nielsen


The second protagonist. She is not happy with her mother's decision to move to a place where the sun does not shine for a month.

Played by: Grete Havnesköld

  • Action Girl: Saga fights back againts the vampires with every weapon she can get her hands on. Including a toaster and a lawn gnome.

    Gerard Beckert

A brilliant scientist and medical doctor. He is also vampire and a Nazi with serious masterrace-problems.

Played by: Carl-Åke Eriksson and Per Löfberg and Kristian Pehrsson


An enigmatic and weird goth girl who takes an interest in Saga.

Played by: Emma T. Åberg


A good-for-nothing intern at the local hospital. He is also a pusher. He is the first person to be turned and unwittingly starts a chain of events that turns into a bloodbath.

Played by: Jonas Karlström

  • Horror Hunger: While visiting his parents in law, he jumps up during dinner and starts to drink the blood of his parents in law's bunny in the restroom.


A police officer investigating the death of a local biker. He soon realises he is up against something far worse than expected.

Played by: Mikael Göransson


A music-loving friend of Vega. He host a big party in his house while his parents are away. He is also a vampire.

Played by: Niklas Grönberg

  • The Brute: John is worse than the Big Bad Beckert in that he does not try to fight his urges after turning and shows no regret for what he has done.
  • Establishing Character Moment: When he tells Vega she should not have any regret about taking the pills from Sebastian we get a forshadowing, since when he starts killing and maiming his friends, he shows no regret unlike Sebastian and Beckert.
    • Then he puts the pills in the punch causing everyone including Vega who did not want to take the pill to be infected. He did not know what the pills would do to people and put them there anyway.


Jacob's partner in the police force.

Played by: Anna Lindholm Rosendahl


The progenitor of all the vampires in the film.

Played by: Aurora Roald