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Characters appearing in Date A Live. There will be unmarked spoilers for those who haven't read the light novel.note 

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The Protagonist

    Shido Itsuka/Takamiya 
"If people refuse to accept you, I'll just accept you even more."
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese), Saeko Zougou (Japanese, as "Shiori"), Josh Grelle (English)

The protagonist. An Ordinary Highschool Student who sees the true face of the supernatural disasters called spacequakes when he ignores an evacuation alarm to look for his little sister. He finds said little sister... leading an organization saving the world by seducing the Spirits destroying it. Shido is the key to their plan, thanks to his ability to seal the power of these Spirits with a kiss. Shido agrees to represent humanity and date the girls without knowing just how tightly his personal history is tied to the Spirits.

  • Accidental Misnaming: Reine claims she can't remember his name, calling him Shin instead. note 
  • Accidental Pervert: He gets into quite a few situations with Tohka in Volume 2, courtesy of Kotori's training.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Later volumes have him using various Angels, and using multiple powers at the same time.
  • Always Save the Girl: Given the genre and premise? A given.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: As "Shiori" in Volume 6. Taken Up to Eleven in certain sidestories and later in Volume 12.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: How Shido wins over the spirits.
  • Big Brother Instinct:
    • Kotori, is his little sister, to the point where Shido ignores an imminent disaster warning to look for her. While her bossy commander mode put him off, he still cares for her deeply.
    • Yoshino has trouble communicating with others without Yoshinon until Shido agrees to become her new "hero".
  • Bishōnen: Comes in handy when he has to crossdress!
  • Butt Monkey: The Fraxinus crew punishes him whenever he messes up his training. Punishments involve broadcasting embarrassing moments from his past, penalty games, and the like.
  • The Casanova: The series is entirely about making a Fake Ultimate Hero version of this. Volume 12 plays it straighter, what with him hitting on every single female character in reach.
  • Cast from Hit Points / Heroic RROD: Using Sandalphon strains his body. His Healing Factor can heal the damage, but it still hurts bad.
  • Chick Magnet: Ratatoskr's trying to make him one.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Origami points out that Shido calls her by her last name, but Tokha by her first name. She wants that to change.
    Shido: So this means…? Should I call Tohka "Yatogami" from now on? Somehow I can't get used to that…
  • Death Is Cheap: He's actually died and come back several times. Courtesy of Efreet's powers.
  • Determinator: He takes saving the Spirits very seriously. To reach Yoshino when her Angel goes out of control he pushes his way through a passive barrier that is guaranteed to kill a person without Spirit power, and he can't let his Healing Factor heal the damage because the barrier's active component would freeze him solid. His body is charitably described as "raw meat" in the novel.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Very much an adherent, even though the girls he's looking to save are superpowered Spirits who cause destruction just by appearing. To wit:
    • In the anime, when he tells Yoshino he'll be her hero:
    Shido (thinking): That's right. It doesn't matter if she's a Spirit. There's no way I'm leaving this sweet little girl to fend for herself!
    • Wanting to save Kurumi, whose killed over 10,000 people, and whose next target is Shido himself? Check.
    • Trying to peacefully resolve the conflict between Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai, who both agree There Can Only Be One? You bet.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Develops the telltale whitened pupils of a Spirit around volume 5.
  • First Kiss: With Tohka at the end of the first volume. Not. It's actually with Kotori, five years earlier.
  • Got Volunteered: Initially against Kotori's plan to date the spirits to seal them. Turns out to not have a choice, for a variety of reasons.
  • Harem Seeker: A rare case of the Harem Seeker not wanting his harem. He's only dating the Spirits to save the world, as Kotori puts it. When he tries to come up with an alternative, Kotori shoots down his arguments.
  • I Gave My Word:
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: During Tohka's Rescue Arc, Shido reaches the captive Tohka. Then Ellen stabs him from behind.
  • Indirect Kiss: With Kurumi in the Drama CD.
  • Insistent Terminology: He's a human who can use Spirit powers, not a Spirit.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: He more holes in his memory than anyone else. Tohka doesn't count; her memory is literally one big hole.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: His plan to rescue Tohka? Rush into the building where Tohka was being held captive and search it from bottom to top. Without Miku's assistance and his regenerative powers, he would've been screwed.
  • Living Emotional Crutch:
    • Tohka is at her happiest when together with Shido. When they're separated, she gets upset easily. Westcott's plan hinges on Shido becoming a crutch to all the Spirits, killing him so they all Inverse simultaneously, and then having Artemisia use her territory ability to plunder the Qlipha Crystal from each of the inversed spirits so he can put them into himself, as demonstrated in Volume 13 when she plunders Nia's Qlipha Crystal while the latter has inversed.
    • Origami too. Early interactions make it very clear the two met after shortly after her parents' death, and that she imprinted on him for some reason. He doesn't remember at all. Turns out she met his time traveling future self, who was trying to stop her from Inversing. Unfortunately, his first attempt wound up creating the circumstances that led to her doing so.
  • Meaningful Name:: The character for five is right there. The number 11 can be derived from the first character in his given name..
  • Mistaken for Gay: Twice, thanks to Natsumi taking his appearance and screwing around with his classmates.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!: To Hiroto.
  • Nice Guy: One trait that draws several of the Spirits towards him.
  • Not Blood Siblings: With Kotori, seeing his real last name is Takamiya, and Mana is his real younger sister. The Itsukas adopted him when he was young.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Considering that sealing a Spirit's powers causes their Astral Dresses to disappear, and their dresses are manifestations of their power, it means that Shido risks one of these situations ever time he does this.
  • Oh Crap!: When Tohka sees him about to kiss Yoshino for the second time. And he was just trying to demonstrate what he accidentally did to her the first time! Of course, this is just asking for trouble...
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Dealing with these is the entire plot of volume 12, as he's somehow become a womanizer.
  • Parental Abandonment: His mother abandoned him, his father isn't mentioned, and his foster parents are both working overseas.
  • Power Parasite: He seals Spirits' powers within himself by kissing them.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Has great make-up skills due to his training as Shiori. He also is a great cook and finds the task enjoyable.
  • Say My Name: At least once per volume, usually the name of the arc's focus character.
    • Special mention to volume 1 when he screams Tohka's name after the Fraxinus drops him out the airlock. Recreating the scene is key to undoing Tohka's Despair Event Horizon.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Volume 11 is all about this; unfortunately his initial attempt helped make things go wrong. He got it right the second time. Mostly.
  • Take a Third Option: Shidou states he cannot stand only having two options; he always works with three in his dating sim training. When limited to two, he forces the third. Just ask the Yamai twins.
  • Taking the Bullet: For Tohka in Volume 1. He would have done this for Kurumi in Volume 4, but Kotori shifted her aim in time. And does it again in volume 11 when he pushes Origami's parents out of the way from one of Origami's laser beams.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Volume 5/episode 4 season 2, Tohka suffers a defeat in battle leaving Shido to watch helplessly as the enemy prepares to carry her away. Wishing he had the power to protect her, he raises his hand helplessly... and a copy of Sandolphon appears.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Given that he can use the powers of the Spirits he kisses, each Spirit' he kisses is a level.
  • Unexpected Character: No one expected volume 12 to be about capturing him.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: In Volume 6 / second half of the anime's 2nd season, he dresses up as "Shiori" to get close to Miku. He pulls it off very well, though Tohka, Origami and even Kurumi see through it at a glance.
  • You Already Changed The Past: Volume 11: His first attempt at changing the future contributes to the exact outcome he wanted to avoid. Surprisingly, the second attempt works and creates a new (better) timeline.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Blue, like his real sister.

The Spirits

  • Action Girl: They're all girls, and every single one of them can kick copious amounts of ass. At least, until Shido reveals he can borrow their powers.
  • Badass Adorable: They're all cute girls with superpowers, and even the weakest of them is more than a match for any number of superhumans (not counting Ellen).
  • Badass Crew: Volume 9 has Shido's harem work together to destroy two satellites falling on the city.
  • Calling Your Attacks: When they use their Angels or their Finishing Move.
  • Code Name: Assigned by the AST and the DEM.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Their primary colors correspond to the colors of the Sephirot they represent.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Easily able to dish this out to just about anyone who isn't one. Except the stronger Wizards like Ellen, who can easily curb-stomp them if they aren't careful.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Their powers come at an expense of being persecuted just for existing.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: All of them have whitened pupils, presumably as a side effect of gaining Spirit powers.
  • Fish out of Water: To various degrees, but especially Tohka.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: They all become friends despite causing a lot of trouble for the setting. When a new Spirit appears, the girls are usually happy to meet them, as Natsumi finds out despite her misgivings.
  • Friendless Background: Comes with being hunted just for existing. They deal with it in various ways. The Yamai twins are relatively well adjusted in this regard, as they had each other.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Save for Yoshino and the Yamai twins, the Spirits' Astral Dresses are elegant and stylish robes and they wear it whenever they fight. After their power is sealed, they can invoke a lesser form of their original outfit that meshes with their current outfit.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The Spirits remember nothing of their home dimension. Because they were all formerly Human.
  • Leitmotif: The One-Woman Wail of "Seirei" tends to play in the anime whenever a Spirit's ordeal is properly presented. A Dark Reprise in "Hanten - Tohka" is played when Tohka crosses the Despair Event Horizon and taps into her Inverse Form; a faster rendition called "Pride" is present when Kotori gives way to Efreet's violent personality and curbstomps Kurumi.
  • Moe Anthropomorphism: All of Spirits are personifications of the sephirots in Tree of Life
  • Most Common Superpower: With the exception of the Token Mini Moes and Kaguya, the Spirits tend to be rather stacked, and their Astral Dresses make sure to show it.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: Astral Dresses afford considerable protection and have powers of their own. Miku demonstrates hers can give off light which is useful both in night battles and during her concerts.
  • Nigh Invulnerable / Person of Mass Destruction: Due to their Angels, not only are they impervious to nearly everything attackers throw at them, but they also bring the pain.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: Each Spirit has the kanji for a number in her name. So do Shido and Reine.
  • Older Than They Look: In Volume 13, it's revealed that part of a Spirit's powers is that they stop aging. This power is negated while they're sealed.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Each Spirit has a Weapon of Choice named after a major angel. Further, their Astral Dress armors have religiously significant names as well.
  • Our Spirits Are Different: They're all cute girls from another dimension.
  • Power Incontinence: By virtue of involuntarily causing spacequakes whenever they come to this world. They can also voluntarily cause them. Some of the ones with elemental powers effect the weather without meaning to.
  • Power Levels: Ratatoskr actually has a databook that records the Spirits by several parameters: threat level (using an alphabetical scale, though some ranks can get wonky), spacequake power, strength, consistency / defence, spirit level, agility and intelligence.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Their Angels are named after the Archangels of their respective Sephirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, based on the numerical kanji in their namesnote . Their Astral Dresses are named after the Divine Names of said Sephirot.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Latter volumes show that the Spirits can tap into an alternate form when their emotional levels reach an extremely low level, called Inverse Form. Their Astral Dress and Angel will both change in the process, with their Angels having another name, this time being the Qliphoth of the respective Sephirot. However, they won't be able to tell friend from foe, and as a result will attack anyone and everyone in their sights indiscriminately. According to Isaac Westcott, this is their actual form in the bordering dimension. Kotori almost succumbs to bloodlust when using Efreet for too long in Volume 3; Tohka crosses the Despair Event Horizon in volume 7 and takes on her Inverse Form, which Isaac names as the Demon King; Origami similarly takes a nosedive in volume 10, after being turned into a Spirit by Phantom and learning the truth about her parents' deaths.
  • Transformation Sequence: Both played straight and inverted. Spirits can turn their Astral Dress into normal clothing and back via this. It's mentioned that there is less protective value in that mode, and all the Spirits seem to revert to their normal Astral Dress for combat. Or as much of their clothing as they can, anyway. The length of each Transformation Sequence varies. The first time we see this is Tohka changing her Astral Dress into a school uniform for her date with Shido.
  • Transhuman Aliens: Arguably most of the Spirits are this. See also Was Once a Man below.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Most of the Spirits don't bother with tactics or forethought since they're so powerful there's no reason for them to. This causes problems when they fight enemies who can counter their most straightforward attacks.
    • Volume 12 proves just how skilled they are with their powers, since Berserk!Shido has much more raw power than their sealed selves, they're all depowered, and yet they're perfectly capable of using what little they have to overwhelm him.
  • Was Once a Man: Kotori, Miku and Origami become Spirits after receiving a Sephira Crystal from Phantom.
    • Phantom referring to all Spirits as "her children" in Volume 12 hints this may be the case for all of them.
    • Confirmed by Nia in the Epilogue of Volume 13. Each and every single Spirit used to be human.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Courtesy of being persecuted by the AST and DEM. And several of them have some kind of (justified) grudge against humanity.

    Tohka Yatogami 
Click to see her Inverse Form (spoilers) 
"You were there for me, you saved me, much like how today, you asked me out on a date and showed me how nice this world is."
Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Michelle Rojas (English)

The first Spirit that Shido encounters. Shido named her Tohka after the date of their first meeting (April 10), with one kanji being different. Reine later added the Yatogami surname. Shido seals her powers at the end of Volume 1, and she is allowed to attend the same school as him.

Code name: "Princess"
Angel: Sandalphon (Throne)
Astral Dress: Adonai Melek

  • Adorkable: Her sincerity and her innocence are very endearing.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Before her Shido, she was initially hostile to him and refused all of his attempts at communication, thanks to the AST's attacks on her.
  • Badass in Distress/Damsel in Distress: Gets captured by the DEM at the end of volume 6, and volume 7 is dedicated to Shido trying to rescue her. He does, but not before Tohka's Inverse Form nearly kills everyone there.
  • Barehanded Blade Block: Inverse Tohka's third confrontation with Ellen sees the former catch the Wizard's laser blade with her bare hand, before following up with a Sword Beam aimed at Westcott.
  • Battle Ballgown: Her Astral Dress. Easy to see where the "Princess" Code Name came from. Comes with Shoulders of Doom instead of Giant Poofy Sleeves. Her Inverse form as well, although it's a bit more see-through.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Shido manages to survive against Tohka early on because he was the first person that didn't want to shoot her.
  • Berserk Button: Should she see Shido kissing another girl... he'd better watch out. And woe betide anyone who dares hurt him in front of her, or simply threaten to. Ellen learns this the hard way in volume 7.
  • BFS: Her Angel, Sandalphon, is a massive broadsword which emerges from a throne. By fusing the throne with the sword, she can transform Sandalphon into the Final Sword, Halvanhelev, which is an even bigger blade with gold and black etchings and red Tron Lines. Her Superpowered Evil Side wields a dark version of Sandalphon, called Nehemah, and can similarly reform her blade into the Final Sword, Paverschlev.
  • Bifauxnen: Prior to the school trip to the beach, Tohka tries to pass as a boy in order to be with Shido. She tucks most of heir hair in a ponytail, puts on the male uniform, and starts using masculine pronouns such as "ore". Origami approves, but claims that Shido should dress as a girl instead to rebalance things.
  • Big Eater: Loves to eat, even if it may not be edible.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Towards Shido, and especially when Origami is involved.
  • Contralto of Danger: She had a relatively low voice pitch when Shido first encountered her while she was fighting the AST (lower than the rest of the Spirits, in fact). This changes once she is sealed, though, and her tone becomes lighter. It goes down again when she enters her Inverse Form.
  • Cool Chair: Her Angel's scabbard is a throne, of all things. It can combine with her BFS for her Finishing Move.
  • Cry Cute / Tender Tears: Oh, it breaks one's heart to see someone so sweet cry.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her hair and eyes are both purple.
  • The Ditz: Can be quite airheaded at times.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Briefly sports these prior to going over the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Dumb Muscle: Ratatoskr's confidential files on Spirits' data put her physical prowess at the very top of the list, while setting her intelligence as low as it goes, though this could be reference to Tohka being a Fish out of Water with airheaded tendencies. Funnily enough, this is also the only stat that remains unchanged in her Inverse Form's analysis, despite trading defence for even greater attack power.
  • Expressive Accessory: Her ribbons wiggle on their own when she is excited. Or hungry.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Claims to eat frying pans too.
  • Fish out of Water: She thought the world was an uninhabited wasteland only populated by flying mecha troops that would ineffectually try to kill her. Nine months later and she's still missing some parts of being human, though she's getting a handle on that love thing.
  • Forced to Watch: Westcott orders Ellen to kill Shido while Tohka watches from behind a barrier. This is what makes her snap and assume Inverse Form.
  • Full-Name Basis: With Origami to show her enmity towards the latter.
  • Genki Girl: After she warms up to Shido, she's much livelier, if too enthusiastic for her own good.
  • Girly Run: Sometimes.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Her dress, hair and eye are predominantly purple, and she's a bonafide Lady of War in battle, despite being a ditz everywhere else.
  • Hair Decorations: Her red ribbons while not in Spirit form, and a purple, butterfly-like ribbon while donning her Astral Dress. Said purple ribbon becomes edgy in design when in Inverse Form.
  • Idiot Heroine: One of the most prominent Spirits in the story, and one of the strongest fighters. Her airhead personality is a frequent basis for lighthearted moments.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: In the OVA, she takes a naked picture of herself in a photo booth and gives it to Shido because Reine told her that anytime she takes a picture she should strip naked to do so.
  • Insecure Love Interest: Despite Shido's reassurances, she worries she's not good enough for him, and that he'll get tired of her antics and leave.
  • Is It Something You Eat?: Constantly, as a result of being a Big Eater and a Fish out of Water.
  • Lady of War: Her Astral Dress is an elegant Battle Ballgown and she swings Sandalphon with exceptional grace, hence the codename "Princess".
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The most extreme case among the Spirits. This creates a lot of Fish out of Water for her. Comes back in Inverse Form, except she has no problem with not remembering anything. When snapped out of it, she has no memory of what just happened.
  • Love Epiphany: Finally figures out why she feels the way she does about Shido in volume 12. Puts her newfound knowledge to good use by demanding a kiss for every kiss he's given the others.
  • Meaningful Name: The first name Shido gave her means "tenth day of the month" which Shido came up with since he met her on April 10th. She's the tenth point on the Sephirot, "Kingdom".
  • New Transfer Student: At the end of Volume 1, Ratatoskr fills her an application to be in the same school as Shido. The fake documentation is so thorough that the AST is forced to behave as though she were an ordinary student instead of the Spirit they'd fought just days before.
  • No Name Given: Until Shido does.
  • Not So Different: Tohka outright acknowledges that she could have ended up just like Kurumi, had Shidou not saved her.
  • Purple Eyes: Along with Curtains Match The Windows, it's a clear indication that she's a supernatural being. Her Inverse Form's eyes are of a lighter shade of purple, making them especially prone to shining brightly.
  • Purple Is Powerful: In line with her overall colouring theme and the implications behind it, she's one of the strongest Spirits in the story.
  • Purple Is the New Black: Her Inverse form's Astral Dress is a noticeably darker purple than her usual attire, and it has more sinister connotations, in line with the cause of her Inverse Form's activation. She also channels dark energy throughout the entire DEM building, and black clouds gather around her as she winds up for one of her tremendously powerful attacks.
  • Rank Inflation: Her threat level as a Spirit is stated to be AAA-class, higher than Yoshino and Miku, who are B-class and A-class respectively. Her Inverse Form clocks in at SS-class, the highest threat level seen so far, surpassing Kurumi's S-class. Only Metatron is able to nearly match her in terms of spirit mana during their rematch in volume 10, both normal and Inverse.
  • Rapunzel Hair: It's about thigh-length.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red to Origami's Blue. Only applies to everyday interactions, in battle she burns cold while Origami is likely to go off like a (red) rocket.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge/Unstoppable Rage: Goes ballistic when she think Origami kills Shido. And again when Ellen was about to kill Shido, this time tapping into her Superpowered Evil Side.
  • She Is the King: Isaac Westcott calls her Inverse Form "the Demon King".
  • Stripperiffic: Her Inverse Form's Astral Dress is noticeably skimpy, featuring Absolute Cleavage that bares most of her skin down to her midriff, and a transparent skirt that shows off her Zettai Ryouiki.
  • Supernatural Is Purple: Typically clad in purple, is a supernatural being called a Spirit, and nearly all of her abilities leave purple trails in their wake. [[spoiler:The theme is taken a bit darker in her Inverse Form.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: When Ellen stabs Shido from behind and moves to finish him off, she transforms into her Inverse self, which laughs off all of Ellen's attacks before trying to murder Shido and Miku. It takes a lot of shouting from Shido and a recreation of their first kiss to return her to normal.
  • Sword Beam: Her main form of attack as a Spirit. Becomes even more impressive when she uses her Angel for her Finishing Move Halvanhelev. Her Inverse Form take it Up to Eleven when a single slash from her Finishing Move Paverschlev creates a Sword Beam so powerful that it not only wipes out most Kurumi clones and Bandersnatch drones fighting in the vicinity, but also cleaves a very large portion of Tenguu City.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Her eyes are purple with a small hint of gold.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: She really like kinako (roasted soy flour) bread.
  • Tsundere: Type B. She's usually sweet towards almost everyone, especially Shido, but try to flirt with the latter and you have a straight-up Clingy Jealous Girl or Violently Protective Girlfriend.
  • Undead Tax Exemption: Some characters comment on her sudden appearance, but not even Origami visibly connects the Spirit "Princess" with the new girl. The novel explains why: Reine gave Tohka such a detailed background that Origami's superiors up to the highest ranks have been forced to concede that she simply could not be anything other than the Ordinary Highschool Student her attitude proves she is not.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: Attacks anyone stupid enough to threaten Shido.
  • What Is This Thing You Call Love?: She doesn't know why seeing Shido kiss Yoshino (it was on accident) felt so painful.
    • Figures it out in Volume 12.
  • Wingding Eyes: In the OVA, her eyes become starry when she shows her new phone to Shido.
  • The Worf Effect: While she's consistently shown to be one of the strongest Spirits in a straight-up fight, Ellen easily defeats her twice. She hands one to Ellen instead upon the introduction of her Inverse Form. note 
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A for her school uniform. She also wears this under her Astral Dress. More noticeable on her Inverse Form's semi-transparent Astral Dress.

Yoshino and her puppet Yoshinon
"I... I'm not Yoshinon. I'm Yoshino. Yoshinon is my best friend."
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu (Japanese), Tia Ballard (English)

The second Spirit to appear. She's very shy and relies on her Hand Puppet Yoshinon to communicate with others. She causes rain to fall whenever she appears, which is part of her ability to control the three states of water. Mainly uses ice attacks though. Shido seals her powers at the end of Volume 2, and later lives in an apartment specifically built for sealed Spirits.

Code name: "Hermit"
Angel: Zadkiel (Puppet)
Astral Dress: El

  • Animal Motifs: Rabbit. Her raincoat's hood sports bunny ears, and her puppet Yoshinon is also rabbit-like. Her Angel Zadkiel even takes the shape of a massive ice hare.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Much like Tohka, Yoshino becomes a little friendlier thanks to Shido being nice to her rather than trying to shoot her on sight.
  • Berserk Button: Implying to Yoshinon that Yoshino and Yoshinon are separate is sure to rile Yoshinon up, if Yoshino hasn't warmed up to you yet.
  • Blank White Eyes: During the search for Yoshinon, Yoshino's stomach starts to growl, and Shido asks if she's hungry. She tries to deny, but it growls again, making her blush and display these in embarrassment.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: In the anime, when it suddenly starts raining during Tohka and Shido's first date in Episode 3, you can see Yoshino in front of the arcade they take shelter in. Naturally, the following episodes focus on her as the second Spirit Shido meets.
  • Consulting Mister Puppet: Yoshino is a good example as she is almost never seen without her hand puppet Yoshinon, and woe betide the people around her when she accidentally lets go of Yoshinon.
  • Covert Pervert: Considering some of Yoshinon's comments...
  • Curtains Match the Window: Blue hair with matching eyes.
  • Dandere: Yoshino plays this trope straight, being shy except when around Shido (and even then, she sometimes struggles to speak). Her puppet Yoshinon on the other hand completely inverts it.
  • Dark Horse Victory: Wins a date with Shido over Tohka and Origami who had been competing with each other for most of the session. To be fair, Yoshinon had declared earlier on that Yoshino would win, though that was likely said in jest.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Iori Nomizu sings the second and third ending credits (as well as Yoshino's own end-of-arc song), and is also part of the band "sweet ARMS", which does the opening song for both seasons.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Yoshinon, as well as Yoshino's Angel Zadkiel. The latter is a straight example in that its strength and resilience are enough to ward off the AST more than once.
  • Fragile Flower: She's much more passive than the other Spirits and has trouble articulating full sentences, relying on Yoshinon to do the talking for her. Later volumes have Yoshino speaking for herself as she gains confidence.
  • Gratuitous English: At the very end of episode 5 of the anime, Yoshinon says "To be continued!"
  • Hand Puppet: Yoshinon.
  • An Ice Person: While she's can manipulate all three states of water, this is the main application of her Spirit powers, exhibited by how she whips up a blizzard, freezes opponents' feet or shoots icicles at the drop of a hat.
  • In the Hood: Her Astral Dress is a greent raincoat with bunny ears.
  • Making a Splash: She's said to be able to manipulate the three states of water, though she uses ice for attacking. Then again, it rains every time she comes to the world.
  • Meaningful Name: The kanji "four" in her name.
  • Mini-Mecha: Zadkiel is, interestingly enough, controlled by Yoshino through an interface on its back.
  • Nice Girl: A very friendly young girl at heart.
  • Nice Hat: Wears one after her powers are sealed. Her rabbit-eared coat is pretty neat also. In fact, it's stated that she likes wearing cute hats.
  • Only One Name: One of two Spirits who doesn't have a last name, the other being Natsumi.
  • Power Incontinence: Suffers this even more so than other Spirits; if anything happens to Yoshinon, Yoshino's mental state becomes unstable and she ends up either causing rain (at best) or freezing stuff around her (at worst). Also, it rains whenever she comes into this world.
  • Power Limiter: Sort of. Yoshinon calms her down enough for her not to use her powers on others.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: In a single person. Yoshinon is the outspoken fellow while Yoshino is a shy girl.
  • Reluctant Warrior: Doesn't even fight back against the AST if she can help it.
  • Shrinking Violet: While her Hand Puppet has an outspoken personality, Yoshino herself his quite shy around people.
  • Shy Blue-Haired Girl: In addition to being An Ice Person, she's extremely shy and soft-spoken. She deals with this by communicating through her hand puppet Yoshinon whenever the situation calls for a more extroverted approach.
  • Snarky Nonhuman Sidekick: Yoshinon, being the talkative personality of Yoshino, spends a large amount of its screentime making sarcastic comments on anyone and everyone.
  • Tender Tears: When she's reunited with Yoshinon thanks to Shido. After that, whenever something happens to Yoshinon...
  • Third-Person Person: Yoshinon always refers to itself as "Yoshinon".
  • Token Mini-Moe: She's the second one to be introduced in the story after Kotori, with her shy attitude making it more appropriate than Kotori's. Later volumes has her contending with Natsumi's true form as well.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

    Kurumi Tokisaki 
"I want his power. I want to make him mine and become one with him."
Voiced by: Asami Sanada (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English)

The third Spirit to appear, and the most brutal so far, with a kill count of over 10,000, and one of the few Spirits so far in the series to actively kill people with her powers rather than by spacequakes alone. She kills her targets by dragging them into her shadow, "eating" them, thus replenishing her lifespan so she can cast her powers.

Code name: "Nightmare"
Angel: Zafkiel (Clock)
Astral Dress: Elohim

  • Anti-Villain: Eventually becomes this, given her actual mission is to travel back in time to prevent the very first spacequake, the one that killed 150 million people.
  • Ax-Crazy: Wastes little time in demonstrating just how much of a psycho she is, killing people left and right with a disturbing chuckle, though most of her victims appear to be Asshole Victims.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She seems like a nice, if extremely flirtatious, girl, and then she starts killing people.
  • Big Damn Villains: Season 2/Volume 7. Even if it's for her own agenda, she saves Shido from Miku and provides the opportunity Shido needs to save Tohka from DEM and Miku from herself.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: It's hard to tell whether her motives are good or bad. On one hand, she's killing people to recharge her time-based powers with the ultimate goal of accumulating enough to travel to the past and kill the First Spirit and prevent the 150 million deaths it caused. On the other, she makes those killings as sadistic as possible, and seems a bit too close to Phantom, whose motivations are even more mysterious.
  • Cast from Lifespan: Her 12 Bullet time powers. A rare case of the lifespan being replenishable... by killing other people (making this closer to Cast from Hit Points). After being defeated by Kotori, she no longer kills people, just weakens them.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her City of Devouring Time. It gets dark when she starts summoning clones.
  • Catch Phrase: "Ara Ara...."
  • Cloning Blues: Her clones have a will of their own, and can act independently. In Date A Live: Encore Kurumi asks Shido to spend the day with her, and to remember her when it's over. The real Kurumi appears at the end of the day, explaining that her "self" dating Shido is the clone who was preparing to make a Heel-Face Turn in Season 1, reincarnated and electing to spend as much time as possible with the person she's falling in love with, knowing that the real Kurumi will hunt her down and murder her.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: If her Astral Dress wasn't enough of a clue, a side story has her going Meido outfit with Origami.
  • Cute and Psycho: Unlike the rest of the Spirits who are sweet or Tsundere, her sweetness is only a front for her psychotic personality.
  • Dark Action Girl: Unlike the other Spirits, she is very aware of her murderous actions, and is the most dangerous one to date with a S-level threat classification, Inverse Form Tohka notwithstanding. She even manages to defeat Tohka, Origami and Mana successively during her date with Shido, and later on stall out the Yamai sisters, who were under Miku's control.
  • Dark Is Evil: She's able to control shadows as part of her powers, and prominently dresses in dark colours save for her red Astral Dress. She's also completely bonkers as far as Spirits go.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Her Astral Dress invokes this with its black and crimson and black frills, though she isn't a loli.
  • Enemy Mine: She helps Shido out with Miku, after the latter uses a Hypno Ray and turns a lot of people, along with some of the spirits he's sealed so far. She doesn't make it clear why she's helping him though, whether to repay him for stopping Kotori from killing her, or because of It Amused Me.
  • Evil Laugh: Quite a few times, notably when she sets off the second spacequake.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Her constantly-covered left eye is literally the face of a Victorian Pocket-Watch.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her Peek-a-Bangs while she's wearing her school uniform covers only her left eye, and as for her hairstyle while she's wearing her Astral Dress, her hair is longer on the left side than on the right.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Just not human beings.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Though it's more pronounced while wearing her Astral Dress, with uneven pigtails.
  • Guns Akimbo: Her Angel includes a short one and a long one, representing the hour and minute hands of a clock.
  • Hair Decorations: Her Astral Dress includes a big crimson net bow which holds her hair.
  • Heel-Face Turn: After Shido manages to reach out to her by Taking the Bullet for her, she slowly undergoes this. She even offers Shido help to rescue Tohka at the end of Volume 6.
  • I Let You Win: To Mana, constantly. When she gets serious, Mana doesn't stand a chance.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: She repeatedly states that she will one day "eat" Shido. Since she's after spirit power, she probably doesn't mean that literally. Probably.
  • It's Pronounced Tro-PAY: The kanji in her name is not pronounced as Kyouzou, as noted in the afterword of Volume 3. It's even lampshaded by Tohka in the spinoff manga Date A Origami.
  • Indirect Kiss: Kurumi and Shidou share one in the Date-A-Live Drama CD, when Shidou gives Kurumi some of the drink he's already had. Kurumi takes note of it.
    Kurumi: Ufufu...this makes indirect kiss, right?
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: No, really. Her love and kindness for small animals is the closest thing to a humanizing emotion that she has.
  • Knight of Cerebus: So much that the anime stuck a Breather Episode before her arc; once she makes her appearance, civilians die en masse, and none of the protagonists are able to talk her out of it. It takes an even more powerful Spirit to take her down.
  • Large Ham: The way she talks, especially towards her opponents.
  • Leitmotif: Kurumi is the first character in the whole series that had a OST for her own character. Her main soundtrack is Rapsody Rage.
    • She also has a secondary theme song that serves as the theme song of her Angel, Zadkiel.
  • Magical Eye: Her left eye indicates her remaining lifespan.
  • Me's a Crowd: Her favorite power.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Her codename is Nightmare for a good reason.
  • New Transfer Student: At the start of Volume 3, she infiltrates Shido's high school through unexplained methods in order to get closer to him.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: The names of her Bullets are basically 1 to 12 using Hebrew numbers.note 
  • Old Shame: In-Universe; Kurumi wore an eyepatch five years ago. Present Kurumi refuses to elaborate, suggesting Shidou isn't the only one with an embarrassing past to forget.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: She brutally murders would be rapists and animal abusers.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Doubles as an Eyepatch of Power. Covers her left eye when she's not wearing her Astral Dress, making her one of the few Spirits whose Astral Dress changes her hairstyle.
  • Pet the Dog: Quite considerate for a mass murderer.
    • She has a soft spot for animals, particularly cats. The only time we see her killing because she wants to (and not to restore her powers) is when she kills a bunch of kids abusing a kitten.
    • In volume 10, when Origami requests to time travel back five years, Kurumi first jokes about the reasons, but ultimately acquiesces with the condition that Origami use her own spirit energy to power the time travel, reasoning it will be a good test of the Twelve Bullet's power.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: In her school uniform.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: If you discount that yellow Magical Eye of hers, she fills all the criteria for the trope, with added craziness.
  • Self-Duplication: She is able to make duplicates of herself. This allows her to spy and gather information safely, and even if the duplicate is killed, their memories return to the original.
  • Sexophone: Of the trumpet variety; her leitmotif, "Portrait", plays whenever she enters a room or starts acting seductive.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Enjoys teasing Shido, like when she cheerfully flashes her panties at his request (Kotori accidentally fed him the wrong line).
  • Slasher Smile: Comes with being Ax-Crazy. She sports this most of the time she is wearing her Astral Dress. And a few times without it.
  • Superpower Lottery: Seems to be more powerful than the other Spirits shown so far and the only one with two unrelated domains of effects (Shadows and Time). Also, the only one with a drawback on her powers (in her case, her life), which she can mitigate through killing anyway. Doesn't stop Kotori from curbstomping her, though.
  • The Tease : She really likes teasing Shido. Seems to be part of the reason she hasn't eaten him yet. She kicks this up a notch in the Miku arc, even going so far as to lick his cheeks and playfully nibble on his ear.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: She's the first Spirit that is against Shido trying to help her. On top of that, she also manages to prevent the other characters he's relied on up to that point from helping in their usual fashion.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She's killed 10,000 people to acquire enough time to travel back in time and prevent the first spacequake which claimed 150 million lives.
  • When She Smiles: Most of her smiles are of the murderous variety. But her infrequent happy smiles are as sweet as any of Tohka's.
  • Wild Card: Despite her claims that she's still targeting Shido and the other Spirits, Kurumi has become a Friendly Enemy since volume 4/episode 10. She's stopped murdering people for their time, makes two Big Damn Villains moments in Miku's arc, and she helps both Origami and Shido when they need to time travel. She's even fighting DEM to free the Second Spirit.
    • Of course, she's still draining people of their time, helped Shido in volume 7 so he would provide a distraction for her plans, and used Origami and Shido as a test of whether or not it is possible to change history by time traveling setting up the Stable Time Loop in which Angel!Origami kills her parents and young Origami swears vengeance, and she's searching for the Second Spirit. At least she accepts payment in compliments and headpats now.
  • The Worf Effect: Gets hit hard with this at the beginning of Volume 4 (Episode 10 of the first season) just to show that her powers aren't up to snuff in the face of Efreet!Kotori's Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Yandere: Most of the fans consider her to be a "true" Yandere, but her murderous behavior is largely to fuel her Cast from Lifespan powers.
    • Word of God says that Kurumi does have yandere tendencies, and sure enough in the game...
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Or rather, the Second Spirit is imprisoned elsewhere by DEM. And the Second Spirit? The key to finding the actual target, the First Spirit.
    • When Kurumi finally found the Second Spirit, she was beaten by a DEM member and knocked unconscious. By the time she woke up the Second Spirit had already awoken and escaped.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Under her Astral Dress.

Left: Kaguya. Right: Yuzuru

Twin Spirits who appear in Volume 5. They were originally one entity, but for reasons unknown got split into two: Kaguya and Yuzuru. These 2 have very distinctive personalities, and the original personality is gone. They cause a storm every time they appear.

The duo have been fighting 99 times to determine who is the real Yamai, with 25 wins each and 49 draws. On seeing Shido, they decided that their 100th and final battle will be to see who can seduce Shido first.

Code name: "Berserk"
Angel: Raphael (Bow)
Astral Dress: Elohim Tzabaoth

The twins share the following tropes:

  • Archer Archetype: Their Angel's true form is that of a bow, which uses Kaguya's El Re'em as a gigantic arrow, and Yuzuru's El Nahash as the bowstring. The actual bow is formed from both twins' unique wing.
  • Blow You Away: Both have control over wind, and are introduced by brewing a hurricane when fighting over who's the real Yamai for the 100th time.
  • Braids of Action: They both have braids only Kaguya has hers wrapped in a bun and Yuzuru has hers in a ponytail.
  • Chained by Fashion: Their astral dresses have manacles on one leg and one arm, with broken chains. The positioning shows that they were originally chained to each other.
  • Clingy Jealous Girls: Towards Shido.
  • Combination Attack: They can do these in battle. Or when playing beach volleyball. Or seducing Shido. Also, this is how they manifest the bow El Kanaph, which is the true form of their Angel. They pull one off with Yoshino in book 9, blowing away an AST team that dropped their territories to avoid Yoshino freezing them.
  • Cry Cute: When they finally admit to each other that they want to live on together. Kaguya plays it much straighter than Yuzuru.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: They briefly show up in the OVA, playing Breakout in the arcade. Amusingly enough, both are wearing their Astral Dresses.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: The relationship between the twins became this after Yamai split in two, with each sister ostensibly trying to prove their superiority and trash-talking the other. The war ends after they are sealed.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: They engage in this when they first appear before Shido episode 2 of season 2.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Both girls privately tell Shido to pick the other one in episode 3 of season 2, because they care deeply about the other girl, and want them to live on and sacrifice their own body/spirit in the process. Fortunately Shido offers them a third option, and his decision allows both of them to survive.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: When Shido applies suntan lotion on them at the beach.
  • Lightning Bruisers: The Ratatoskr data book gives them very high stats all around (with the highest being their agility), with the exception being intelligence (though nowhere as low as Tohka). This is quite appropriate for their threat level (AAA). It's also noted their Astral Dress doesn't give them much defence, but also that it wouldn't matter given their power over the wind.
  • Literal Split Personality: It's what they are, being originally halves of the same Spirit.
  • Lovely Angels: Weapons notwithstanding, they're almost always fighting together after they join Shido's harem.
  • Meaningful Name: Yamai's first character is the kanji for 8.
  • Ms. Fanservice: They're Spirits with a very revealing Astral Dress, and they're properly introduced in the middle of a Beach Episode arc. Naturally, they get the lion's share of volume 5's fanservice.
  • New Transfer Students: They join Shido's school (though they're not in his class) in the middle of Volume 5, right in the middle of a field trip. Naturally, Reine has to make up an explanation to Tamae on the spot.
  • Not So Different: Both Yamai girls appear to hate each other quite a bit, but Shido finds that they can also work quite well together when they have to.
  • Ojou Ringlets: They both got them and they are really long. Probably because they look like cyclones of course.
  • Power Gives You Wings: They each gain one wing when they manifest their Angels. These two wings form the two limbs of their Angel's actual form, a bow.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Kaguya is brash and hotheaded, while Yuzuru is calm and speaks in Terse Talking, not unlike a certain twins with the same illustrator.
  • Power Incontinence: A storm appears whenever they do.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Kaguya is the Red and Yuzuru is the Blue. Their Astral Dresses, to an extent, are coloured in a similar manner; Kaguya's is purple and Yuzuru's is blue.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girls: Both of them are quite forward in their attempt to seduce Shido.
  • Stripperiffic: Their Astral Dresses really stretch the definition, given they bare so much skin and wouldn't look out of place with a stripper / dominatrix outfit.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Their entire shtick. They adore each other. They adore Shido.Of course, they're not about to share him with the other girls if they can help it.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Their Astral Dresses has them wear knee-length boots with either a microskirt (Yuzura) or short shorts (Kaguya).

Kaguya Yamai

Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)

  • Abnormal Ammo: Her lance, El Re'em, is actually used in the twin's combined attack as a massive arrow that is able to pierce through the Arbatel's Deflector Shields and hull.
  • Genki Girl: She's described as outgoing and outspoken, to the point of being childish at times.
  • Jousting Lance: Raphael El Re'em, which is depicted in the anime which is a big, red lance. It's actually a giant arrow.
  • Large Ham: On top of being hotheaded, she uses a very dramatic and nearly unrealistic vocabulary, in contrast to the calmer Yuzuru. It's later revealed that she's just acting; she believes being a Spirit is "super awesome", therefore she must act appropriately.
    Kaguya: "I'm the Kama Sutra incarnate!"
  • Petite Pride: While the twins` cup size aren`t that much different from each other, when Yuzuru tries to invoke Buxom Is Better in order to win over Shido, Kaguya is quick to answer that sacks of lard can't even begin to compare with her own slender body.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: She wears shorts that couldn't be tinier than actual underwear.

Yuzuru Yamai

Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Megan Shipman (English)

  • Buxom Is Better: While the twins` cup size aren`t that much different from each other, she invokes this in regards to fighting over Shido against Kaguya, claiming that large breasts are a must. The latter is quick to say the contrary.
  • Chain Pain: Her weapon El Nahash is depicted in the anime as a very long chain.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: A microskirt that covers the bare minimum!
  • Deadpan Snarker: For all her calm behaviour, she sure likes to throw harsh insults at Kaguya with a straight face.
  • Defiled Forever: Her reaction when Shido seals the twins' powers and causes their Astral Dresses to disappear.
    Yuzuru: Shedding tears. Yuzuru can't become a bride anymore.
  • Improbable Weapon User: A pendulum called El Nahash. It's the bowstring of the Angel's actual form.
  • Terse Talker: She almost always talks in this manner, uttering a word expressing the nature of her phrase beforehand.
  • Third-Person Person: Unlike Kaguya, she always refers to herself as "Yuzuru".

    Miku Izayoi 
Voiced by: Minori Chihara (Japanese), Jad Saxton (English)

First appears in Volume 6. She is shown to be an Idol Singer, with her Spirit power being a magic voice. Hates guys a lot (girls don't fare much better; she sees them only as slaves fit to serve her), so Shido had to crossdress just to approach her. It works; Miku ends up becoming really fond of "Shiori".

Code name: "Diva"
Angel: Gabriel (Organ)
Astral Dress: Shaddai El Chai

  • Affectionate Nickname: Gives one to Shido after falling for him, calling him "Darling" in all subsequent encounters. The rest of the girls are not amused.
  • Bi the Way: Prefers girls even after her Character Development, except Shido whom she adores.
  • Broken Bird: Like Kotori, originally a regular human girl. An up and coming idol until she turned down a producer's offer to do This and That, and he ruins her career out of spite. Her attempt to restart her singing career fails when she loses her voice. She considers suicide, but is stopped when Phantom shows up to make her a Spirit. This restores her voice and grants her the ability to manipulate people with it, which she uses to become more popular than ever. Unfortunately her previous experiences have so scarred her that she can't actually relate to or appreciate her fans anymore.
  • Career Resurrection: In-universe, after Phantom gave her a magic voice she returns to being an Idol Singer, this time using her real name instead of Tsukino Yoimachi.
  • Compelling Voice: She's able to make people do what she wants with her voice.
  • Cry Cute: When Shido saves her from danger, she simply breaks down in tears, realizing he is the kind of person she was looking for all this time.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Light indigo hair and eyes.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Sweet and expressive towards women, but was cold and haughty towards men. Doesn't actually like or trust either gender, she just prefers to use women as her People Puppets. This lasts until Shido keeps his promise.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Seriously considers suicide after falling out show biz and losing her voice while attempting to restart her singing career. Only Phantom's appearance and her transformation into Spirit Diva prevents it.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Her first interaction with Shido has her letting him know just how much she hates him... all while having a gentle smile on her face. Only in the text though; the illustration shows her having a disgusted look.
  • Does Not Like Men: Has a Freudian Excuse for it, given her male producer ruined her career as Tsukino Yoimachi when she refused to do This and That him, and her how quick her mostly male fans believed the rumors and turned against her. She eventually warms up to Shido during Volume 7.
  • Driven to Suicide: Before Phantom approached her and turned her into a Spirit.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Pre-Heel-Face Turn, she believes everyone just looks out for themselves. When Shido tells her that he'll rescue Tohka no matter the cost, she refuses to believe him. However, when she later asks her (currently mind controlled) Spirits whether they think he'd do it, they unanimously agree that Shido would put Tohka before his own life.
  • Evil Diva: Pre-Heel-Face Turn.
  • The Glomp: Gives one to Shido at the end of volume 7.
  • Hair Decorations: No matter her clothes, there's always at least a small flower-shaped hair clip in her hair. Her Astral Dress adds a big crescent moon to the clip, as well as what appears to be white lilies.
    • In Volume 8, her removing of said clip so Shido would have something to remember her with if she disappeared gives him the final clue for identifying who Natsumi disguised herself as.
  • Heel-Face Turn: She eventually warms up to Shido after he goes through a lot to try and protect her.
  • Idol Singer: Her entire character, even before she became a Spirit. Losing her status and her voice is what sends her across the Despair Event Horizon and causes Phantom to offer to make her the Spirit Diva.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: To Shido at the end of Volume 7. She even calls him "darling"!
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: When she tells "Shiori" that she can make the entire world love her if she chooses to, he replies that he would hate her even more, because her power doesn't work on him. This causes her to tell him that she only wants him more now because of that.
  • I Was Just Passing Through: She comes up with several excuses for why she chooses to help Shido save Tohka and fight Inverse Tohka.
  • Jerkass: She sees the Tenguu theatre, where she had never performed before. And she's in the mood to sing. However, there is a large crowd of people in her way. What does she do? Cause a spacequake to get rid of the crowd. She does get better though.
  • Lack of Empathy: She's basically a borderline sociopath.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Her behaviour around cute girls around surely counts.
  • Magic Music: Her Spirit powers grant her power over anything related to sound, and given her tenure as an idol, she prominently uses her music to her advantage.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: One of the basic applications of her powers has her simply making a shout to knock her opponents flat, or even outright block incoming attacks.
  • Mind-Control Music: She has an organ that she can use to to brainwash people with.
  • Oh Crap!: For a moment, when she has exhausted the last of her powers against Inverse Form Tohka. When her opponent prepares to finish her, she forces a laugh and resigns herself to an imminent death... then Shido saves her.
  • Panty Shot: One illustration in Volume 8.
  • Psycho Lesbian: She's introduced as a domineering schoolgirl lesbian with the intent on making "Shiori" hers, and is accompanied by several groupies that are controlled by her powers. Later volumes have her flirting with the other Spirits, particularly Tohka, though by that point she has become one of Shido's friends.
  • Sore Loser: She just can't accept losing to teamwork. When Raizen High wins over her, she uses her powers to manipulate everyone into capturing Shido for her.
  • Stage Name: Went by the stage name Tsukino Yoimachi, until her Break the Cutie moment. After gaining her Spirit powers, she returned to the stage under her true name.
  • The Tease: Flirts with Shiori. Flirts with the other Spirits. Flirts with rival idols. Flirts with random schoolgirls. Flirts with Darling. Basically she flirts with everything as long as it's female (or Shido).
  • Troubled Backstory Flashback: In Volume 7, she reveals her circumstances for becoming a Spirit to Shido after the latter told her he found some clues about her past as idol singer Tsukino Yoimachi. She's Trying Not to Cry at the end of it.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: She was previously Tsukino Yoimachi, an up and coming idol. She turned down a producer's offer to do This and That, and he spread false rumours that turned her audience away from her. The trauma is so bad that she lost her voice and contemplated suicide, before Phantom appeared and granted her the power of a Spirit.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Cover her mouth and she's completely helpless.
  • Wingding Eyes: Sports this in Date A Live Encore Volume 2 when saw Tohka in swimsuit during Tennou Festival, coupled with Perverted Drooling.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Closer to violet, but still counts.


Click here to see her true form 

A Spirit who makes her first appearance in Volume 8. Shido's the first non-AST person she met. Things were going well in his attempt to seal her powers. Then she sneezes, causing a flash of light, and her getting angry at him because he saw something about her that she didn't want him to see (he actually didn't get to see anything). She takes the form of Shido and makes advances on all his acquaintances in school before being found out by Tohka and Origami, after which she escapes and issues Shido photos of 12 people close to him, and challenges him to find her out before they all disappear.

Code name: "Witch"
Angel: Haniel (Broom)
Astral Dress: Adonainote  Tzabaoth

  • Berserk Button: Don't catch sight of her true form. After losing the game she made for Shido, Natsumi releases everyone she captured, but inadvertently shows her true form in front of the main cast, which causes her to go berserk and change them into 9-year-old children before escaping again.
  • Cry Cute: When Shido and other Spirits saves her and all of them forgive what she did before, as well praising her actions. Coupled with Tender Tears.
  • Cute Witch: Her true form is that of a young girl around the same age as Yoshino. It's something she's rather not show to people, and promptly punishes Shido and the rest of the main cast for it, turning them into 9-year-old children before making her escape.
  • Empathic Shapeshifter: The buxom form she initially adopts is actually a response to how she perceives the world after several visits on Earth in the past. Shido persuades her to grow out of it and stay true to herself, although she's not above using it to tease him and Kotori.
  • Fountain of Youth: Turns the main cast into 9-year-old children once they catch sight of her true form.
  • Magic Mirror: Her Angel can take the form of a mirror with which she can trap her targets inside.
  • Master of Disguise: Thanks to her shapeshifting powers, she can turn into whatever she wants. During Volume 8, she disguised herself as Yoshinon, Yoshino's puppet, though the farce is only revealed when Yoshinon was able to react to something Yoshino couldn't, and that Yoshinon knew of its time in Origami's house; both of which were impossible since Yoshinon was a Split Personality of Yoshino, meaning it couldn't know anything that Yoshino didn't, and that outside of Yoshino's control Yoshinon was nothing more than a puppet.
  • Meaningful Name: The first kanji in her name can be read 7.
  • Overnight Age-Up: Her Hot Witch incarnation is fake.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When Shido sees her true form. Twice.
  • Shapeshifting: Her Angel's main power in a nutshell. She uses this several times on herself in volume 8, practically confusing the main characters in the process. Then, there's the fact that she can also transform other people into whatever she pleases.

    Nia Honjou 

A spirit introduced in Volume 13. She is the second spirit, and DEM's "Material A"
  • Adorkable: As expected of an otaku, she really likes gushing about manga-related things, as well cosplay.
  • Creepy Cool Crosses: Bears these, befitting her appearance of a nun, including one wrapped around her waist.
  • Cursed with Awesome: More than the other spirits as she actually hates having her powers.
  • Easy Amnesia: She lost her memory like most of the Spirits, however due to Rasiel's powers she was able to remember what she forgot, including that she used to be human.
  • Great Big Bookof Everything: What her Angel, Rasiel, basically is. She does state that she needs to be aware and ask it a question however, as Ellen captured her because she surprised her. Nia herself states its like a "a super powerful search engine".
  • Heroic BSOD: When she remembers the torture she endures... things go wary pretty quickly.
  • Naughty Nuns: Her Astral Dress is a nun's habit. Made of GAUZE.
  • Near-Death Experience: She's the first spirit that almost died due to Artemisia taking out her Qlipha Crystal while Inversed. Shido only managed to save her by sealing her allowing the cycle of spirit power to slowly heal her.
  • Older Than They Look: Nia's around 18-19, but she stopped aging when she became a Spirit over 27-28 years ago.
  • Otaku
  • Secret Keeper: She knows a lot about the First Spirit and avoids sharing it with people she doesn't trust with it.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Just like Tohka and Origami, Nia enters her Inverse Form from negative emotions as a result of a Memory Gambit Westcott pulled on her. Unlike them however, Westcott managed to steal it from her and take its power, so she no longer has access to it.
  • Timeline-Altering MacGuffin: Her Angel is kind of this, it can set how events will happen a few minutes into the future.
  • The Worf Effect: As a result of Artemisia removing her Qlipha Crystal, leaving her in a weakened state and possibly unable to use her angel.
  • Was Once a Man: She became a spirit after touching a Sephira Crystal 27-28 years ago, she briefly forgot this but remembered due to the abilities of her Angel telling her what she forgot.


    Kotori Itsuka 
"Now, let our date (battle) begin."
Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese), Bryn Apprill (English)

Shido's foster younger sister. Loves her Chupa Chups lollipops. Commander of the Fraxinus. Her personality depends on the ribbons she's wearing: she acts like a perfectly normal girl her age when she's wearing white ribbons, but switches to a Dominatrix when she's wearing black ribbons. Nevertheless, she still cares deeply for Shido.

  • The Captain: As improbable as it is, she's the commander of the Fraxinus ship, and directs Ratatoskr's operations when it comes to Shido dating Spirits.
  • Catch Phrase: "Now, let's get this date started." to kick off each "mission".
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: To Shido when Mana's around. She also doesn't take him telling her that he loves a sister...too well.
  • Coat Cape: Has the habit of wearing her red commander jacket like this.
  • Cry Cute: Has her moments, such as When Shido had a real chance of getting Killed Off for Real in the process of saving Yoshino. It's coupled with Cry into Chest when Shido comes back from his "mission".
  • Curtains Match the Window: Red eyes and hair bordering on coral.
  • Dominatrix: Has domineering tendencies when wearing her black ribbons, though it's mostly Played for Laughs on Shido or Kannazuki.
  • Fiery Redhead: She's quite hotheaded and can alternate between both Tsundere types depending on the ribbons she wears. It's taken to a litteral level when she reveals herself to be the Spirit codenamed Efreet.
  • First Episode Spoiler: She's revealed to be the commander of the Fraxinus in the first chapter/episode. The fact that she and Shido are Not Blood Siblings can also count as this in the light novel.
  • Freudian Slip: While having an argument with Mana regarding who is the better younger sister to Shido, Kotori lets out that blood siblings can't marry.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Sports long twintails, and is among the youngest characters in the story.
  • Hair Decorations: Her ribbons. They determine her personality depending on the colour. Horns also stick out next to her ribbons when in Spirit form.
  • Idiot Hair: Has a noticeable forelock of hair in all appearances.
  • Important Hair Accessory: Her ribbons, more to show her switching personalities rather than Character Development, though. She'll be the nice little sister with her white ribbons, or the sadistic commander with her black ribbons. This is because when Shido bought her the black ribbons for her 9th birthday, he made her promise to be a strong girl as long as she wears them. Guess it worked too well.
  • Improbable Age: She's the commander of a Cool Ship in Ratatoskr at the age of 14.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Her reasoning for making Shido date a Spirit falls on this: to make them harmless, they must come to love this world. Ergo, make them fall in love with you, and they will view the whole world as beautiful! However, she has some basis for this, as he sealed her powers when she awakened as a spirit years earlier, though she was unsure of how he did it then.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Date A Live: Rinne Utopia assumes you've read up to volume 4 (i.e. finished watching the anime's first season), as it makes no secret about Kotori's identity as a Spirit.
  • Little Sister Heroine: When we first meet her, Kotori is a hero. Shido even calls her his "cute little sister". She winds up sharing the role with Yoshino. Shido's real little sister.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name has the character for "five" in it. See the entry on Efreet for more details.
  • Not Blood Siblings: The Itsukas adopted Shido when he was young. Although Shido does not see her as a Love Interest, she definitely isn't content with staying his little sister.
  • Oral Fixation: She often has a lollipop in her mouth.
  • Out Of Character Is Serious Business: She acts like a typical younger sister when we're first introduced to Kotori and Shido, with her freaking out when he claims he'll be infected with a virus that causes him to uncontrollably tickle her if she doesn't let him sleep ten more minutes. When he finds her later in the episode, she speaks with a much different tone and manner than at the house. This is when he finds out she's the commander of Ratatoskr's Fraxinus airship.
  • Parental Abandonment: Both her parents are working overseas, and there is no mention of them coming back anytime soon.
  • Phrase Catcher: To Shido, she's his "cute little sister". Regardless of the ribbons she wears.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Waist-length twintails.
  • Shana Clone: Small, Tsundere (type A or type B depending on the color of her ribbons), Rapunzel Hair, Grade S Zettai Ryouiki, a fondness of lollipops and a literal Fiery Redhead to boot. She even has an Idiot Hair just like the original.
  • Spit Take: When she spots Shido and Tohka on their date.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Lollipops, which according to the light novel carry the Chupa Chups brand.
  • Token Mini-Moe: She's 14 years old compared to the main cast's 16, and is even introduced as a Little Sister Heroine.
  • Tsundere: Strong type A or mild type B depending on her ribbons (black or white).
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She's very weak towards horror-related things.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade S, except her Astral Dress.

Spoilers below

Click to see Efreet (spoilers) 

Volume 3 reveals that she is the Spirit codenamed Efreet, having been turned into one by the Phantom, who then told her to kiss Shido to seal her powers. This was how she learned about Shido's ability to seal Spirits' powers. She takes them back to save him from Kurumi in Volume 3, then has them sealed again in Volume 4.

Code name: "Efreet"
Angel: Camael (Halberd) / Megiddo (Cannon)
Astral Dress: Elohim Gibor

Tropes applying to her Spirit form:

  • An Axe to Grind: Her Angel's default form is a massive halberd. It can morph into a cannon strong enough to vaporize several of Kurumi's clones, and make a dent in her clock-based powers.
  • Ax-Crazy: When she taps into Efreet for too long, she starts giving in to bloodlust, nearly killing Kurumi with a maniacal grin before Shido's pleas bring her back to her senses.
  • Blood Knight: As Efreet, she slowly starts losing control of herself and practically begs for a good fight, taunting a defeated Kurumi about how disappointing of a performance the latter put up.
  • Evil Redhead: The bloodlust-stricken Efreet is easily as much of a threat as the Ax-Crazy Kurumi, although Shido manages to seal Kotori again.
  • Healing Factor: Shido's Healing Factor comes from her, who in turn got it from Phantom. She demonstrates just how ridiculous this ability is by shrugging off just about everything Kurumi throws at her before writing her off with her Angel.
  • Impossibly-Low Neckline: Her Astral Dress is a kimono worn loosely around the shoulders.
  • Meaningful Name: Her Angel's name means "the severity of God", and her Astral Dress is Hebrew for "Almighty God". Considering just how brutal her victory over Kurumi's Superpower Lottery was, there's no contesting its rightfulness.
  • Playing with Fire: Her Spirit powers give her control over fire, and nearly all of her attacks are punctuated with violent flame bursts.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: As soon as Kotori's personality gives way to the bloodthirsty Efreet, she violently flashes glowing red eyes.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Her Efreet persona nearly consumes her with bloodlust, and it's implied later on that her Efreet Spirit form may have its own Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Superpower Lottery: Let's just say that if Kurumi won the lottery, then Kotori won the exclusive bonus price, what with her ridiculous power, her Healing Factor allowing her to shrug off just about everything or how she can best her opponents both in close combat and at range. Plus she can bestow her power upon others seemingly at will, as Shidou proves.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Her Angel can change forms, from a Halberd to a BFG.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: A classic example; she nearly loses control of herself shortly after defeating Kurumi, and only Shido's pleas to stop snapped her out of it. This got so out of hand that she had to be confined like a Spirit, shortly before starting her own date with Shido.
  • Wreathed in Flames: When her powers are active, Kotori is accompanied by a blazing inferno.

    Reine Murasame 
Voiced by: Aya Endo (Japanese), Barrett Nash (English)

The analysis officer onboard the Fraxinus. She never gets Shido's name right, and his name is the only one which receives this treatment from her. Becomes Shido's assistant homeroom teacher and physics teacher early on, to facilitate his training. Always looks sleepy.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Reine claims that she hasn't had any decent sleep for 30 years, after consuming an entire bottle full of sleeping pills, saying they weren't effective enough.
  • Christmas Cake: If she really is over 30 years old. Though it doesn't seem to bother her.
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot:
    • She admits herself that if she had told Shido that Kotori's affection towards him had been at the max all along, most of Volume 4's schtick wouldn't have happened.
    • In Ars Install, if she just paid attention to the glitch she found at the beginning of the game, Shido probably wouldn't have been trapped in a coma.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: One of three indications that makes her claims of not having slept in 30 years seemingly credible, with the others being putting unreasonable amounts of sugar in her coffee and downing an entire bottle of sleeping pills.
  • Hidden Depths: There's something odd about how she didn't get injured when she and Origami were attacked by a Bandersnatch robot.
  • Hyper Competent Sidekick: She's the go-to person for helping Shido out, and will often do things necessary to help him in his mission to seal the Spirits powers. Though Kotori is on the ground occasionally, Reine is often the only one who provides support for Shido on the ground, while the rest of the Fraxinus crew provide typical Mission Control support aboard the ship.
  • Iconic Item: Reine always has a small teddy bear with her wherever she goes, either in the pocket of her outfit or in her cleavage if she has no where else to put it. What makes it iconic to her is currently unknown although her reaction to when Shido said she was like a mother might be a clue..
  • In-Series Nickname: Shin for Shido. She doesn't seem to have any problem getting anyone else's name right.
  • The Insomniac: Hasn't slept for 30 years, or at least she claims. Might be Truth in Television.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Gave Shido this in order to calm down in Episode 10 after he became anxious unto the other people involved in the battle.
  • Meaningful Name: Has the number zero hidden in her name
  • Meganekko: Of the Purely Aesthetic Glasses variety, seeing she's seen with them just as much as without.
  • Mission Control: Zigzagged. She is occasionally aboard the Fraxinus, but of all the crew, she's the one that's most often in the field working with Shido, such as when he ran into the Yamai twins.
  • Motherly Scientist: Acts as a surrogate parent towards some characters, mostly Shido, Tohka, and Yoshino. In one episode, she even plays therapist to Tohka to help her with her feelings for Shido. If the ring present on the necklace of her teacher disguise and her reaction to Shido saying she was like a mother hint anything, she may have actually been a mother once.
  • Older Than She Looks: Reine looks really young for someone who's been more than 30 years old. Then again, her most noticeable features would be her baggy and sleepy eyes.
  • Only Sane Employee: Considering her commander's age and attitude, her vice-commander's masochism, and the rest of the crew's incredible incompetence. And even she is Not So Above It All at times.
  • Spit Take: A delayed one, when she first sees Shido and Tohka go on a date.
  • The Stoic: She rarely expresses emotion or energy, and most of her interactions are deadpan.

    Kyouhei Kannazuki 
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)

Vice-commander of the Fraxinus, and a big masochist. When the crew has to make Dating Sim-esque choices, his choices, made purely to fuel his masochism, are the ones being shot down the most.

Despite his masochism, he's revealed to be very good at using the Realizer, which really came in handy when the Fraxinus got attacked. With this skill, he was the former ace and captain of the AST squad when Ryouko was new to the team. He defected to Ratatoskr to find a suitable master he can serve under, and he found one in Kotori. However, he left a wish to be reinstated in case he changed his mind.
  • Butt Monkey: Kotori gives him the short end of the stick every single time, mainly due to his hammy and perverted demeanour.
  • The Captain: Formerly of the AST when Ryouko was just a recruit. Also, when Kotori places the Fraxinus under his command, he shows just how capable he is at directing the crew.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He's quite dedicated to his commander Kotori, but at the same time has no qualms declaring his fantasies about her, which puts him on the receiving end of her sadistic streak.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He acts extremely perverted, but when push comes to shove, he's a very competent commander, as seen during the Arbatel's attack on the Fraxinus.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: He even admits to having crossdressed before.
  • Large Ham: He's the most bombastic member of the Fraxinus' crew, openly admitting his masochist tendencies and his desire to be punished by Kotori. Surprisingly, he shows scant moments of analytic calmness when the situation calls for it.
  • Lolicon: If his perversion towards Kotori is any indication.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: His shoulder-length hair goes in hand with his effeminate looks.
  • Noodle Incident: While in the AST, he gave his subordinates Cool And Unusual Punishments. According to Ryouko, punishment for first timers was having to cosplay, second timers was having to cosplay and step on him. We don't find out what the punishment for third timers was; all we know is that it's one Ryouko really doesn't want to remember.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In the filler Hot Springs Episode, when he's trying to convince Kotori to go to the hot spring to stay in top condition. Kotori doesn't buy it, of course, and makes him dig a hole and refill it over and over as punishment. As a Brick Joke, he digs up a hot spring at the end of the episode.
    Kyouhei: I have no idea what you mean. I have no desire to install several surveillance cameras there. Would someone like me actually fill a hot springs with lenses so I could stare at every inch of that hard, tight body at my discretion, especially that backside?
  • Too Kinky to Torture: He might as well exist as Kotori's punching bag. Though he's not too big on the idea of castration or death.
  • Tranquil Fury: During the fight with the DEM ship in episode 4 of season 2, while he throws out some perverted dialogue, he is so eerily calm and issues orders so specific that the rest of the bridge gets a bit nervous. The fact that said orders also help them defeat the enemy ship helps.

    The rest of the Fraxinus crew 

Members of the Fraxinus crew who participate in the decision making process when the Dating Sim choices come up.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: "Boss" Mikimoto's introductory phrase Mahal kita is Filipino for "I love you".
  • Ironic Nickname: "Bad Marriage" Kawagoe, who has been married and divorced five times, has been given the title "Master of Love".
  • Otaku: "The Dimension Breaker" Nakatsugawa, the man with a hundred waifus.
  • Red Baron: Played for Laughs.
  • Shipper on Deck: Their jobs when Shido has to date a Spirit. They even vote which pickup line Shido needs to use during his date!
    Kotori and the Fraxinus crew: [Cheering in unison] Ask her (Tohka) out! Ask her out! Ask her out!
  • Stalker with a Crush: "Deep Love" Minowa, to the extent that the law had to step in to stop her.
  • Voodoo Doll: "The Nail Knocker" Hinako Shiizaki is described as "bringing pain to every rival of her love" using these.

    Elliot Baldwin Woodman 

Voiced by: Joji Nakata

The founder and benefactor of Ratatoskr Machinery, Mr. Woodman appears in Volume 8 to interrogate the captain of the Arbatel. He's said to use an unconventional method of communication and conversation, and is revealed to have once worked alongside the current DEM managing director, Isaac Westcott, before some incident 30 years ago made him defect from the DEM and start his own organization.
  • Anti Anti Christ: Elliot's goal is to prevent the world and humanity from falling into Westcott's evil hands.
  • Big Good: Kotori, and by extension the rest of the Fraxinus' crew, answers to him, and he opposes Westcott's plans.
  • Defector from Decadence: Left the DEM to lay the foundations for what would eventually become Ratatoskr. He outright states that Westcott is his main reason for doing so, although Woodman seems to be still on friendly terms with him. What he doesn't mention is that incident from 30 years prior. The other reason for him leaving DEM was that he, Isaac, and Ellen, were all responsible for the summoning of the First Spirit, and by extension, the first Spacequake and all the death and destruction it caused. Seeing the effects of that quake was the other reason for his departure from DEM.
  • Good Counterpart: To Isaac Ray Peram Westcott.
  • Technical Pacifist: Elliot is very different from his evil former friend, Isaac Westcott, who also serves as an evil counterpart. While Westcott is a depraved person who seeks to cause war, death, destruction and chaos as possible, Elliot, on the other hand, is a person who is reluctant to kill, seeks to maintain peace, freedom and happiness of the people without sacrifices.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: His last name "Woodman" likely comes from William Robert Woodman, one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

    Karen Nora Mathers 

Mr. Woodman's secretary, and Ellen Mira Mathers' older sister. Appears alongside the former in Volume 8.

  • Cain and Abel: The Abel to Ellen's Cain. Both are secretaries to their organisations' respective chairmans. In Volume 8 Chapter 5, it's hinted that she and Ellen were already antagonistic to each other prior to the series.
    "There is no problem. I understand my sister and I won’t understand each other from years ago."
  • Good Counterpart: To her younger sister; Ellen Mira Mathers.
  • Sexy Secretary: Unlike Ellen, she rocks the look without Adaptational Attractiveness, with glasses to boot!
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The calm and collected Blue to her younger sister Ellen's prideful and arrogant Red.
  • The Stoic: Unlike her talkative younger sister, she's silent most of the time, and the few times she speaks are curt one-liners with an indifferent tone to them.

Anti Spirit Team (AST)

    Origami Tobiichi 
"It was a Spirit's fault, that five years ago... my parents died."
Voiced by: Misuzu Togashi (Japanese), Michelle Lee (English)

A girl who's top in beauty, brains and brawn. Shido's classmate, who for reasons unknown harbors very strong feelings for him. Secretly holds the rank of Master Sergeant with the AST. She has vowed to destroy all the Spirits, and is very conflicted in her feelings about the depowered Spirits who she's coming to know.

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Her thirst for a power capable of defeating the Spirits causes Phantom to offer her a Sephira Crystal. She accepts, becoming the Spirit "Angel".
  • Armed Legs: One her AST suits she wears sports a retractable heel blade. She uses it to become the second person to ever hurt Ellen Mira Mathers.
  • Badass Normal: She's the only human girl within Shido's harem yet she is able to stand up against powerful Spirits like Tohka. In Volume 10, she manages to defeat four Spirits in their limited Astral Dresses, but she still loses against full-power Tohka. Phantom's subsequent appearance turns Origami into a Spirit herself.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • In Volume 7, Origami's arrival stops Ellen and Jessica's double teaming of Mana, and Origami manages to injure the former, with a little aid from the Fraxinus' main cannon.
    • In Volume 9, after Ratatoskr and Shidou's successfully destroy two satellites that falling on the city, they're too far gone to handle the third satellite. Cue Origami.
  • Body Back Up Drive: Volume 11 creates a new timeline where she doesn't accidentally murder her own parents. Her old personality lives on in her new self, showing through when given the opportunity to creep on Shido or when a Spirit appears.
  • Broken Ace: She's one of the AST's finest, and has top grades at school. Despite this, her obsession with avenging her parents makes her ignore her orders in favour of charging the Spirits, and later leads to a Face-Heel Turn.
  • Broken Bird: Once upon a time, she was a cheerful girl who wanted to be a bride. Then her parents were killed by a Spirit and became a ruthless Child Soldier.
  • Byronic Heroine: Her motivation to kill Spirits, due to the deaths of her parents by one, is an integral part of her character. She's never really presented as a true antagonist.
  • Child Soldier: Joined the AST after her parents were killed by a Spirit.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Towards Shido. Half of her antics revolve around stopping anyone from getting close in her own special way.
  • The Comically Serious: She sometimes goes this way, especially when Shido is somehow involved
  • Crazy-Prepared: Specifically, her house. As in sentry guns are there to keep intruders out. There's even signal jamming.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: The death of her parents at a Spirit's hands is the cause of her undying hatred for Spirits and her extreme ruthlessness.
  • A Day in the Limelight: She's been a recurring character from the start, but Volume 10 and 11 are all about her.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In Volume 10, realizing that she was the one who killed her own parents five years prior, she goes catatonic and Inverses like Tohka in Volume 7.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Misuzu Togashi is another member of "sweet ARMS", singing for both seasons' opening themes.
  • Easily Forgiven: Apologizes to Shido in the classroom for shooting him. He immediately accepts (though it has more to do with the awkward atmosphere). Later antics involving military grade weapons in an amusement park that should have led to real disciplinary action instead earn her a two month suspension.
  • Emotionless Girl: Almost never emotes. One of the few times she does is upon seeing Efreet!Kotori for the first time.
  • Face-Heel Turn: While always a Byronic Heroine, her fixation on finding her parents' murderer leads her to ally herself with Isaac Westcott, who provides her with new weaponry.
    • It doesn't stick, as she has a run-in with Phantom, who turns her into a Spirit. The next volume's time travel plot effectively makes it so her shaky partnership with Westcott never happens.
  • Fantastic Racism: Blames a Spirit for killing her parents. Said spirit was her future self all along.
  • Faux Action Girl: Downplayed, then deconstructed. A genuinely good fighter... for a human. She's outclassed by every Spirit, and has to use dangerous weapons like the White Licorice just to scratch them. Unfortunately, this encourages her to seek even greater power, culminating in joining forces with Westcott during Volume 9.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: It obvious that she's met Shido before, even if Shido can't remember it.
  • Foreshadowing: She thinks the Spirit that killed her parents looks like an angel. Volume 10 is titled Angel Tobiichi, and she is the Spirit who killed her parents.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Doesn't take it well when she learns which Spirit may have killed her parents at the end of season 1. She suspects it was Kotori, but it wasn't. And again when she realizes that SHE was the culprit who killed her parents. It's so bad that she follows Tohka's example from volume 7.
  • Hair Decorations: Three hair clips on the right side of her head.
  • Hero Antagonist: Her desire to destroy Spirits clashes with Ratatoskr's peaceful methods, and some conflicts in the story could have been avoided if not because of her Revenge Before Reason attitude.
  • Heroic BSOD: The revelation that she's the one who killed her parents hit her so hard that even after Inverting she becomes completely unresponsive to anything around her, akin to a corpse by Shido's words and unrecoverable by Kurumi's.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Her blue eyes match her very cold and stoic personality.
  • Instant Armor: In Volume 10, she initiates a fight against the sealed Spirits by calling forth her new personal Combat Realizer outfit, given to her by the DEM.
  • Jerkass: She has little respect towards Tohka because of her personal beef with the spirits and sees her as a love rival for Shido. She snaps in Volume 10 when she realizes she's accepted the Spirits as part of everyday life.
  • Leotard of Power: Her AST outfit.
  • Meaningful Name: Ichi, from Tobiichi, means 1. See Angel elsewhere on this list.
  • Morality Chain: Despite her Stalker with a Crush antics, Shido is her last human connection. She decides to throw it away in Volume 10.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After blowing a hole in Shido (he gets better), and again in volume 10 after she realizes that she's the one that killed her parents.
  • Mystical White Hair: Definitely makes her stand out from most of the cast. The significance of her hair colour is strengthened when she becomes a Spirit with powers over light.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Accidentally snipes Shido, enraging Tohka when the latter was about to be sealed. It's part of a pattern.
  • One Woman Army: Takes on Bayley and her DEM team by herself when she finds out that the latter had orders to kidnap Shido and Tohka. And with her nifty upgraded suit, she's able to take them head on for much of the fight.
  • Rapunzel Hair: In Volume 11, the Origami of the new timeline grows out her hair, though it's back to the original length by the end of the Volume.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Tohka's Red. In battle it's reversed, as Origami is impulsive and easily baited while Tohka displays calm judgment and patience.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: White hair, Sci-Fi Bob Haircut, pale skin and stoic. She even has the Child Soldier who drives Mecha vs Person of Mass Destruction thing going.
  • Reused Character Design: Shares an appearance and personality with Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2's Kei Jinguji.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Attempts to kill Kotori by stealing weapons and going on the attack when her target is in a busy amusement park. Revenge is so much a part of her that when she realizes she's come to accept the Spirits her response is to join DEM and launch a sneak attack.
  • Sci-Fi Bob Haircut: Sports the haircut and her job is piloting a futuristic powered suit.
  • Self-Made Orphan: After having gone back five years in time to fight Phantom in a fit of revenge for having turned her into a Spirit, a stray attack of hers ended up killing her parents. Which means that she was the one who killed her own parents five years ago, and caused her extreme hatred of Spirits.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: She has no qualms about trying to seduce Shido, and will often get close to him and when making him take her temperature at the hospital, sits on his lap to do so. In the OVA, she even obeys his orders to put on a School Swimsuit with dog ears and tail, then act like a dog. In public.
  • She Who Fights Monsters: As the story progresses, Origami's hatred for the Spirits is such that she takes increasingly drastic measures to obtain power in order to annihilate them, going from illegally taking possession of the White Licorice to allying herself with Isaac Westcott. This culminates in volume 10's encounter with Phantom, who gives her the power of a Spirit, at the cost of terrible revelations.
  • Skyward Scream: After realizing she is the murderer she's sought her whole life.
  • The Snark Knight: She has shades of this, usually when insulting Tohka.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Hepburn "Tobiichi" vs Nihon-Shiki "Tobiiti" The former is used in the light novels and anime, while the latter is used in all of the manga adaptations. Also, her first and last name are frequently confused thanks to her preferred method of address
  • Stalker with a Crush: She smells Shido's clothes when he's having physical education. Taken Up to Eleven in the 4-koma spinoff (but not much).
  • The Stoic: She rarely shows emotions. One thing that almost always sets her off is her parents deaths.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Extremely aloof on the outside, but also the most aggressive of Shido's pursuers.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: By the time of Volume 10, she realizes that she got used to living with the sealed Spirits. However, because she still holds a grudge against them, she decides to put an end to that and attacks Tohka, Miku and the Yamai sisters, resolved to come back to a normal life. Even when she becomes a Spirit, and despite Tohka's offering to understand each other, Origami insists that she will reject all Spirits, despite having become one herself.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: She is pretty much a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing in season 1 of the anime due to her hatred for Spirits, and her Clingy Jealous Girl nature kicking in when she sees Shido with other girls. But in season 2 she mellows out somewhat, and often helps Shido more than hinder him. While she still obstructs Shido from time to time, she's much less stubborn and actually helps him out quite a bit, such as distracting the DEM team sent to capture Tohka and Shido during their contest with Miku.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: For lack of a better word, at least; she's so indifferent to her environment she'd do anything Shido asks her to do without hesitating even a second and absolutely not a care to other people's reactions. Which means that if he were to ask her to dress up an embarrassing costume and get on all fours, she'd do just that, as seen in the OVA (it involves a school swimsuit, dog ears/tail and a leash that is actually Shido's belt that she wraps around her neck herself).
  • Troll: In order to assert that Shido is her lover, she'll constantly tease Tohka with various misunderstanding, even if they're made on the spot.
  • The Un-Reveal: When Shido wonders how they will get someone to sing the band's vocals for the school festival, Origami simply activates a karaoke jukebox and starts singing. A cut later, everyone is astounded at how good she is, and she turns to the screen with a thumbs up.
    Origami: Anything for Shiori.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: She was an average elementary schooler who dreamed of being a beautiful bride. Now she has a vendetta she's willing to die to fulfill. Her Astral Dress is meant to look like a wedding dress and its Inverse is supposed to show how far she's fallen since that time.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: She hates Spirits with passion and they're all evil monsters in her eyes, even though it's very clear that not all Spirits are bad.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Even by AST standards, she really takes to heart her mission of eliminating Spirits, going as far as to engage them without her superior's orders. As the story progresses, however, it turns out that her motives are far darker.
  • When She Smiles: The cover of Volume 11 marks one of the few times Origami is genuinely smiling. Even if by that point she has triggered the Inverse Form of her newfound Spirit powers.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Has white hair and while she's not exactly evil, she's not a pleasant person and her strong hatred for Spirits make her a dangerous Anti-Hero.
  • You Killed My Parents: This is the reason why she is so hell-bent on fighting the Spirits. After seeing Kotori's powers in action, she immediately suspects and tries to eliminate her. Turns out that wasn't the case, and that it was another Spirit who did it. Volume 10 reveals that spirit was herself.
  • You Shall Not Pass: She delays Bayley and her DEM team from kidnapping Shido and Tohka during a festival in episode 6 and 7 of season 2. By herself.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: While dressed up as a Meido when Shido visits her. Also when she's in her CR-Unit, as well in Spirit form.

Major spoilers below

Click here to see "Angel" (SPOILERS) 

At the end of Volume 9, Origami's intense thirst for revenge against the Spirits made her turn to Isaac Westcott, who was coincidentally looking for a capable fighter. Using new and improved Combat Realizers, she fights the Spirits once again in Volume 10, only to brought down by Tohka. It is then, in her defeat, that she pleads for even more power, prompting the enigmatic Phantom to make its appearance, granting her a Sephira crystal that turns her into a powerful Spirit.

Code name: "Angel"
Angel: Metatron (Crown)
Astral Dress: EHYHnote 

Tropes applying to Origami's Spirit form:

  • Attack Drone: "Kadour - Sword of Light" has Origami break up her formation of light pillars and send them individually after her opponent, each gaining a will of their own.
  • Barrier Warrior: One of her Angel's abilities makes her pillars of light surround her, blocking any incoming attack.
  • Beam Spam: Her main form of attack, "Shemesh - the Sun", has her make the surrounding pillars of light spin around her and gather light particles, releasing them as a rain of energy blasts. This proves problematic for Tohka, who, as a close range warrior, can't even get near her for a good part of the fight.
  • Cool Crown: Her Spirit form's Astral Dress has a large golden headdress which looks like a crown that's twice as large as her head. Similarly, her Angel's default form, Metatron, possesses several pillars of light that surround her and, when put together, resembles a giant crown. This changes into a black, spiky halo once Origami takes on her Inverse Form.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: While she was a Badass Normal at the start of the story, Volume 10 elevates her to new heights by turning her into a Spirit capable of rivaling Tohka at her strongest.
  • Hard Light: Her pillars of light are described as feathery and golden.
  • Light 'em Up: Origami's newfound Spirit powers allow her to generate pillars of light and change their formation depending on which attack she's winding up. She can fold them into wings for flying, send them individually after the opponent, or even use them defensively.
  • Light Is Not Good: Her mental state after Phantom turns her into a Spirit with control over Light couldn't be any worse; she deduces that Phantom, due to its association with Kotori's empowerment, might be responsible for her parents' deaths, and promptly goes on a crusade against the mysterious entity, even crossing time five years into the past to do it.
  • Power Gives You Wings: One of the abilities of her Angel Metatron, "Mal'akh - Heavenly Wings", allows her to fold her pillars of light into wings and fly around at great speeds.
  • Stripperiffic: While her Spirit attire as Metatron is quite tame by Spirit standards, her Inverse Form follows Dark Tohka's trend, baring her shoulders and midriff, as well as making her dress more skimpy.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Origami is able to turn herself into light and warp away to a safe location, although Tohka deduces that she can't use this continuously since the destination is predictable and unlikely to avoid a large attack.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Goes from a skilled, if reckless, AST Wizard to an extremely powerful Spirit within the span of Volume 10. By the end of that volume, she also taps into her Inverse Form, becoming just as dangerous as Tohka's own Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Walking Spoiler: This Spirit form is the culmination of Origami's desire to become stronger, something which was granted by Phantom's Sephira Crystal, another major spoiler when talking about how some of the Spirits were originally human.
  • Wave Motion Gun: "Artelif - Crown Cannon", in which the pillars assemble into a circular motion and fire a beam of pure light.
  • You Are What You Hate: Not only she becomes one of the Spirits she hates so much, she's the Spirit who killed her own parents in the first place.

    Ryouko Kusakabe 

Voiced by: Ao Takahashi (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

Current captain of the AST squad. Kyouhei Kannazuki was the captain when she was new to the team.
  • Blood Knight: Shows shades of this when ordering her troops to continue firing non-stop.
  • The Captain: She's the leader of the regular AST squad sent to fight the Spirits, as well as Origami's direct superior.
  • Chewing the Scenery: She's prone to violent outbursts when her stress gets the better of her.
  • Christmas Cake: She's 27. And she doesn't seem to be attached yet.
  • The Comically Serious: She orders her AST squad to prepare for a mission... while packing on luggage for said mission, which is a trip to the hot springs.
  • Cool Big Sis: Towards Origami and the members of her AST squad.
  • Could Say It But: After getting ridiculous orders by the DEM squad that is placed with her team, she goes to the room that Origami (who she has been ordered not to include in or even let know that there is a mission) is changing in and proceeds to rant about the mission to attack Tengu square during the festival while people are still there and kidnap Tohka and Shidou, as well as lamenting the fact that she's so angry that she might just leave the room with the special weapon White Licorice unlocked.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Dark grey eyes and hair.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The Hot Springs Episode alone shows what's she's capable of.
  • Large Ham: Very much so in the Hot Springs Episode, and it's quite jarring as she's typically very serious.
  • Older Than They Look: She's 27, and yet looks only a bit older than Origami.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Normally she keeps a professional attitude about everything, but when she gets fed up with the obstacles in the way of her squad's trip to the hot springs, in addition of the previous stress built up due to her superiors' rantings, she snaps and comically goes on a rampage to destroy Ratatoskr's traps.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Cares deeply for her team and the citizens that she's protecting. When the DEM starts giving questionable orders, she does everything she can to do her duty to her squad and the people of Tengu city.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Played for Laughs; when she snaps in episode 6, she orders her squad around like a raving lunatic and her eyes glow red.
  • Wingding Eyes: Her pupils turn into hearts when her subordinate tells her the AST team has organized a replacement trip to Tenguu Paradise Hot Springs.

    Mana Takamiya 
"I'll destroy every particle in your body."
Voiced by: Misato (Japanese), Felecia Angelle (English)

Shido's real sister. She was transferred from the DEM to the AST, where she holds the rank of Second Lieutenant, callsign Adeptus 2, to aid the Anti-Spirit efforts. She underwent a procedure to strengthen her body, making her a Wizard, and in exchange has only 10 years to live. In Volume 6, she is revealed to have defected to Ratatoskr, having been informed of this truth.
  • Action Girl: And a pretty badass one at that. She's stated to have killed at least one spirit (although it later turns out to be one of Kurumi's lesser clones), and saves Origami from Bayley's group in season 2 singlehandedly.
  • Arch-Enemy: She and Kurumi are constantly at each other's necks. Even when Shido tells her they have to work together with Kurumi temporarily, Mana begrudgingly accepts to assist.
  • Beauty Mark: Under her left eye.
  • Child Soldier: Par for the course for most Wizards recruited by the AST / DEM, but it's exacerbated by the fact that she has no memory of her past except for a pendant which holds a photo of her child self and a young Shido.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Towards Shido when Kotori is around, as she can't stand the fact that Shido has joined an organization with lots of contact with the Spirits and criticizes Kotori for it.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Her Japanese voice actress, Misato, is one fourth of the band "sweet ARMS", which performs both opening songs.
  • Heel-Face Turn: She defects to the Ratatoskr's side after finding out what DEM did to her body.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Mana forgot who her brother was. The only clues she had of him were a photograph of him and that she remembered calling him "onii-sama".
  • Long-Lost Relative: She's Shido's real sister.
  • Mercy Kill: After seeing Bayley's sorry state after exerting herself too much just to pilot the Scarlet Licorice, Mana reluctantly kills her, but not before falsely reassuring that Westcott will acknowledge her.
  • Super Soldier: She specifically underwent augmentations to become a Wizard, and it shows when she's able to mop up anything that's not a Spirit or Ellen, living up to her rank as Adeptus 2.
  • The Glomp: She is fond of doing this to Shido.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: She looks a lot like Shido, down to the hair color and eyes.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: She has only 10 years left to live, having undergone a procedure to strengthen her body enough to fight on par with Spirits. She's not told of this side-effect until Volume 6, and when she learns this, she defects to Ratatoskr.

    Mikie Okamine 
"I don't care if I'm the weaker Wizard from AST or if I am called trash or weak. Since I have the necessary strength to save and help my friends, I will be happy."

A girl new to the AST who idolises Origami. She holds the rank of Private in the AST. Is also in Shido's school and in the second year, but having skipped one grade is one year younger than her peers. Is Tamae's cousin. She's the main heroine of the spinoff manga Date A Strike/Date Ast Like.

    Mildred F. Fujimura 

A mechanic in the AST (transferred from DEM) who holds the rank of Sergeant First Class. She's often seen with Mikie. Has the nickname "Mily".

Deus Ex Machina Industries (DEM)

    Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott 
"My! Yes. That would actually be very simple. I want your powers as Spirit to turn the ways of the world upside down....In order to topple the restraints of this world."
Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu (Japanese), Michael Donovan (English)

The managing director of Deus Ex Machina (DEM) Industries, a corporation based in England, and the only known industry able to manufacture Realizers. His aim is to get Spirit powers to rewrite the laws of reality. The true meaning behind this is unknown.
  • Abusive Parent: He "created" Marina Arusu in Ars Install. When Isaac created his "daughter", Marina referred to him as "daddy". Even when Isaac knew that she considered him a father, that didn't stop him from programming her to watch the Ratatoskr by hacking its program. In the Maria's route, she called Isaac as "Otou-san". This shows that Marina is very loyal to Isaac until the very end, but unfortunately he treats her as nothing, but as a disposable pawn. At the end of the game, Marina confessed that she was doing evil deeds because she wanted to be loved by her father. But the only thing she received from Westcott was death.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Ellen and Woodman both call him "Ike".
  • A God Am I: He invokes attaining godlike power as part of his plan to rewrite the world, after which he'd declare himself as the new world's "evil".
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: In fact, it's almost like All Your Base Is Destroyed By Us. He sent Goetia to destroy the Fraxinus that served as a base for the Ratatoskr organization. Instead in taking over Fraxinus, he simply orders the destruction of Fraxinus without worrying about the damage it would cause in the city below.
  • Ambition Is Evil: He will do everything to achieve his goal.
  • ...And That Little Girl Was Me: At least in his first appearance, he tried to show an friendly and kind image of himself to Origami... but he couldn't hold this charade for too long, obviously.
  • Arch-Enemy: He and Woodman have been hostile to each other ever since Woodman left him and Ellen at some point. He also feels this way to Shido during Volume 7 (episode 10 of season 2), though nowhere as intense as with Woodman.
  • The Antichrist: He wants to rewrite the world according to his image. However, in the process he mentioned that he would make the world upside down, with him as the "evil".
  • Ax-Crazy: Despite being a very composed man, he has an incredibly warped mind. His psychotic true nature breaks out on occasion.
  • Badass Boast: He has some cool quotes.
  • Badass Bystander: Contented to watch Edgar F. Caroll during the experiment of Ashcroft Series, at least until Edgar became a threat.....
  • Bad Boss: He treats his subordinates, even the loyal ones, as disposable pawns in his grand scheme. He even ditches them at one point!
  • Big Bad: While he was relatively out of the picture for the first four volumes or so (the entirety of the anime's first season minus his involvement with Mana and Origami's new weapons), once he makes his appearance, it's made clear that he harbours ill intent towards the Spirits, and slowly overrides the story's basic Excuse Plot.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: More like Monster in Human's Clothing. His soft-spoken, polite is simply a role to hide his true personality - the truth is that he's a Omnicidal Maniac.
  • But I Would Really Enjoy It: His torture methods in Tohka. Despite his goal at that moment was just make Tohka enter in Inverse Form, his sadistic grin gave his secondary goal...
  • The Caligula: While he's the Managing Director of DEM Industries, he never shows concern for his subordinates and even the company, leading to the Board of Directors getting fed up with him in Volume 8. At the same time, anyone who dares to oppose him ends up under the threat of getting killed by his loyal, if psychopathic, henchmen.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Admits that he loves war, chaos, annihilation, destruction, and the deaths of women and children, and he'd do anything to create a world of despair.
  • Chaos Is Evil: His end goal is to use the power of the Spirits' Inverse Forms to plunge the whole world into endless chaos and destruction.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: One of his fetishes. He also goes on a long and detailed list on what he would do Tohka in order to push her to the brink, like electrocution, oxygen deprivation, peeling her nails, ripping out her teeth, and trample her dignity as woman.
  • The Corrupter: Tempted Origami over to his side with the promise of power to avenge herself on the Spirits.
  • The Conspiracy: As far as the world's militaries are concerned, Westcott is the man who created the only weapons to fight the supernatural beings threatening to extinguish life on Earth. Very few people know that he's plotting to SUPPLANT those beings...
  • Consummate Liar: Deception is one of his favorite tools, and he plays his pawns like fiddles.
  • Corporate Warfare: His company is The Rival to the Asgard Electronics, and counters their actual private army with an army of numerous Wizards and Bandersnatchs.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Of Deus Ex Machina Industries. He's basically the CEO/managing director, and is currently looking to rewrite the laws of reality to his liking.
  • Create Your Own Villain: He created several of them.
    • Roger Murdoch was driven to insanity and tried to destroy Tenguu City just to kill Westcott. And all this happened because Westcott tore off his arm.
    • All members from DEM Board of Directors were taken to the feeling of revenge for the same reason.
    • Jessica Bailey was brainwashed, becoming a psychotic murderer with a sense of insane loyalty.
    • The Inverse Tohka, the Demon King that would destroy the world. He invoked one of the most powerful supernatural forces in the universe and left the stage he created without worrying about the rest of humanity.
    • Origami Tobiichi has become a real villain after joining the DEM by Westcott's will.
    • The Material A that seems to be not a good thing, and that is coming in the next volume.
  • Creepy Blue Eyes: His eyes are dark, dull blue in eye sockets that look like they were made with a knife.
  • Dark Is Evil: Wears jet black suits and his eyes can be charitably described as "dead".
  • Dark Messiah: The DEM Wizards who have been brainwashed fit in this one. The relationship between Isaac and his Wizards actually goes further than a simple relationship between boss and subordinate. Some of these Wizards go so far to the point to cause the death of countless innocent just to please Westcott.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: He says he's a genius, but his real genius is the ease with which he manipulates others to his will.
  • Dissonant Serenity: There's literally nothing that will make his faint grin and calm expression fade, not even when forcefully awakening an Inverse Form Spirit, nor ordering the beheading of a wannabe usurper.
  • Empty Eyes: His eyes seems pretty dull and lifeless. Or for lack of a better word, dead.
  • Evil Brit: He's the head of a company based in England, and holds the title of "Sir". He's also the emerging Big Bad so far.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Isaac Westcott makes it quite clear to the public that he HATES any kind of pacifism.
    Isaac Westcott: Ellen, of this I am certain. A peace-loving idiot is much scarier than anyone with dementia.
  • Evil Feels Good: His defining characteristic. He loves all the atrocities and depraved things that people are capable of. Westcott is willing to overlook real attacks on his person so long as they're sufficiently "evil". When Murdoch is betrayed and captured, Westcott just ordered him imprisoned rather than killed, out of respect for the city destroying plot that had just been foiled.
  • Evil Former Friend: He shares a history with Woodman, having worked together alongside Ellen prior to the beginning of series.
  • Evil Is Easy: Evil comes easily to him. He loves all kinds of atrocities, without regard to the people or places effected by them. He notes that his cruel methods make his goals more easily attainable.
  • Evil Is Not Pacifist: Despises the very concept of peace.
  • Evil Laugh: He breaks into a sinister cackle after pushing Tohka over the edge and seeing her Inverse Form with his own eyes.
  • Evil Plan: "Rewrite" the laws of the reality according to "his own image" - Use the power of the Spirits' Inverse Forms to plunge the whole world into endless chaos and destruction.
  • Evil Wears Black: Wears a jet black suit, black social shoes and black social pants.
  • The Faceless: Only in the Date A Strike spin-off. He is this one until Volume 4.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He is polite to a fault, especially to the other members of DEM's board of directors. However, after Roger Murdoch tried to remove Westcott from the post of director of the DEM, he and the other members who voted to remove him had their arms cut off by Ellen, and after his true identity was discovered, he was called a "monster" within his own company.
  • Fiction 500: He is the managing director of one of the largest international companies in the world, the only company able to produce weapons to fight against Spirits, as well as having his own private Wizard army. His weapons are sold to every country on the planet. Reading this, is very easy to say that Westcott is a extremely rich person. And money is something that is never lacking in his pocket.
  • Forthe Evulz: In Westcott's twisted mind, omnicide is something as natural as breathing. And of course, he has no logical purpose in spreading death and destruction around the world. In other words, for his amusement.
  • Good Colors, Evil Colors: Wears all black, indicating his evil personality. This was also hotly debated by fans. Kurumi Tokisaki also wears black and red, in other words, the color of the "evil". But the truth is... compared to Isaac Westcott, that girl's practically a hero.
  • Grand Theft Me: During the events of Volume 8, Isaac Westcott took control of James A. Paddigton's body while the latter was in Ratatoskr's custody. He used that opportunity communicate with Elliot Woodman. Once the conversation between Isaac and Elliot was over, Isaac showed no remorse in killing his host in front of Elliot.
  • Greed: He's really obsessed about harnessing the powers of a Spirit's true form.
  • Hate Sink: Antagonists like the AST and Kurumi commit questionable acts in the story, but end up relegated to the background or are revealed to be justified in their actions, however extreme they are. This man, on the other hand, actively cultivates the image of someone who wants to be as evil as possible, starting with his total lack of care for his own subordinates (far from being saints themselves), then his plans for creating what amounts to dystopia. Every single one of his appearances is taken seriously, and he has ordered multiple Kick the Dog moments since his introduction.
  • The Heavy: He's actually the true villain in Ars Install, where he controlled the short lifespan of the game's Big Bad as well as his "daughter", Marina Arusu.
  • Hypocrite: Claims that all of his actions are for humanity's greater good, when in fact he is committing atrocities against civilians for his own enjoyment.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: A bit dark on the colouring, but his eyes are of a dull blue that give away the fact that's he's a cunning and sinister schemer.
  • Insufferable Genius: Isaac is the self-proclaimed "Genius", and considers all who are against his wishes as "incompetent fools".
    Isaac Westcott: Did you see that, Ellen? Everyone there did not see how grave that matter was. All of the incompetent fools joined together, were weird enough to put the blame on a genius that is 1 in 10,000.
  • I Was Just Joking: Although he is the Big Bad and a omnicidal maniac, he's still playful and childish, especially with Ellen. His constant joking leaves her furious, and his excuse is always I was joking.
  • Jerkass: Even though he demonstrates a sophisticated and rational attitude, it is most likely just a facade, he is sociopathic, cruel, selfish, elitist and despot. There is also the fact that he is the most evil and wicked villain of the series.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: When he even freely admits that all the horrible things he did in stories were indeed true. And he has no compunction about showing it.
  • Join or Die: In volume 8, [[spoiler: he asks Elliot to join him again for his goal be more "pleasant". Elliot refuses. Hearing this, Westcott said he would not hold back when they next met.
  • Kick the Dog: Orders Ellen to murder Shido in front of Tohka, forcing her transforming into Inverse Form while he maniacally cackles. His current plan is to do it again so that all the sealed Spirits do it at the same time.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Once he starts meddling with the protagonists, particularly Tohka, the story progressively becomes more than just a race to seal the most Spirits.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Against Inverse Form Tohka, he retreats along with Ellen as she had been injured in an earlier fight and thus wasn't fighting at her full strength.
    • Technically speaking, he always hardly appears without committing some villainy, but has always come out unscathed from all possible punishment.
  • Lack of Empathy: Most, if not all, of the Wizards under his command express unwavering loyalty towards him. He still treats them like disposable pawns.
  • Last Name Basis: His name is actually quite large and unnecessary to be used in conversations. Most characters only refer him as "Westcott" or "Isaac Westcott".
  • Leitmotif: Westcott is one of the few character in the series that have a song for his own character. Unlike all the songs that were composited on the anime adaptation, his song is deeply dark, shadowy, sinister and frightening. His music represents the darkness and evil in his heart. His OST is Isaac.
  • Lies to Children: He brainwashed Mana and told her that was the DEM that gave a "home" to her; a "home" in an extremely corrupt corporation composed by mercenaries psychotics.
  • The Man Behind the Man: In Ars Install, he has more than a background role where he observes the conflict between Marina and Ratatoskr. He created one of the first Irregular of the story, is the reason why Marina tried to destroy the Fraxinus, and was almost indirectly responsible for the destruction of Tenguu City.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He subtly manipulates everyone to get what he wants. First, trying to murder Shido just to evaluate Inverse Form Tohka's power. Then, when Murdoch and a few other DEM executives conspire to remove him by all means necessary, he indirectly forces Shido and the Spirits into foiling the assassination plan, given they had to prevent said plan from causing any harm to the city.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "he who laughs" in Hebrew. After he successfully making Tohka despair and transform into Inverse Form, you can guess what he'll do next.
  • Mind Rape: He did this with several people in his company, including Mana. One example is when he made Tohka watch Shido being killed in front of her in order to lead her to cross the Despair Event Horizon and leave her mentally unstable.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: The murder of hundreds of innocents to make his goals more easy to accomplish? YES!
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Considering how the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries has several fascist parallels with Nazi Germany, Westcott is a stand-in for Adolf Hitler. However, as a businessman version.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: He's not exactly a fighter, so he leaves the dirty work to Ellen and other DEM Wizards.
  • Obviously Evil: Corrupt, uncaring, has a pale white skin, loves chaos and destruction, treats his subordinates as disposable pawns, as well has a godhood delusional. Compared with other antagonists like Kurumi or AST, so far he's the one and only antagonist who have such selfish and greedy, as well diabolical motives.
  • Off with His Head!: This has happened so often that it seems that it is one of his favorite fetishes in killing people.
    • The first time occurred when Westcott orders Ellen decapitate Shido when Ellen stabbed Shido in his heart.
    • The second time occurred when Westcott ordered Ellen to bring the head of the Demon King after Tohka inverted.
    • And the third time ocurred in the spin-off Date A Strike, when he ordered Ellen cut off the head of Edgar F. Carroll for treason.
  • Oh Crap!: He is only scared/surprised once in the entire series. This happened when he met Shido for the first time with his own eyes. He was so surprised that he finally removed his famous faint grin and calm expression fade.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: His desire to plunge the world into a endless state of chaos and destruction is not the only thing that he really wants. His goal in itself is to turn the whole world into a "hell" thus also lead humanity to destruction.
  • Older Than They Look: He's described as being around 30 years old, but Origami notes that he gives off the impression of an experienced veteran. Mr. Woodman also states that he left the DEM 30 years ago due to a fallout with Westcott.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Since he's not a fighter, he send his Wizards to seek and capture the Spirits identified by the AST, while he sits around at the DEM headquarters.
  • Order Versus Chaos: This is one of the main aspects that defines the Westcott as the Evil Counterpart of Elliot. While Elliot is someone who tries to bring peace and order without causing harm to innocent people, Westcott is someone who tries to cause maximum damage and possible deaths to innocent people.
  • Overarching Villain: He first appeared in volume 5. However, even though he was off screen in the 4 first volumes, he was the one running things in the volume 3 and volume 4. On volume 3, he send Mana Takamiya to AST in Tenguu City, and on volume 4, he send the White Licorice to Japan.
    • He also was the one running things in the game Ars Install. Marina Arusu, Westcott's daughter, proves that he manipulated all the events of the game off screen.
  • People Puppets: He uses Realiezers to brainwash his own officers into becoming mindless soldiers for his fun.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Despite being the managing director of DEM, he's quite childish and egotistical.
  • Psychotic Smirk: He is practically smiling the entire series.
  • Reality Warper: He aims to rewrite the laws of reality with the power of the Spirits' Inverse Forms.
  • Running Both Sides: During the Battle of Tenguu that involved hundreds of Wizards and Bandersnatchs who fought against countless clones Kurumi; he manipulated both sides in order to make Shido rescue Tohka.
    • He manipulated the Ratatoskr and all Spirits to prevent Tenguu City destruction by the satellites sent by the director of DEM and also used the Murdoch's plan to test the Origami forces.
  • Sadist: He clearly enjoys his killings and Cold-Blooded Torture.
  • Say My Name: Westcott has a very bizarre moment of this one in Volume 8, when he possesed James' body and shouted Elliot's surname like a robot.
    Isaac Westcott: A-a-aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaa-Woooooooodddddd—Ma-Mamamann. Yaa, Long time no see, Elliot.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: He tends to use his position as DEM director to scare off anyone who is interrupting him in any of his evil plans. And because of that, Westcott is a person of very few words, and he hates to repeat the same thing twice.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Even a corrupt corporation like Deus.Ex.Machina Industries has its own rules. Knowing that Westcott is the maximum authority in the DEM, he should respect the rules that the company has created since its foundation. But as expected, Westcott is not a person who is under the influence of any rule. He decide what to do with his company, with his employees, with his army and his resources.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Wears a jet-black suit with a white tie in all appearances.
  • Shoot the Messenger: In fact, he "exploded" the messenger from inside.
  • The Sociopath: Completely uncaring of the rest of DEM, he uses underhanded means for assessing how far he is from achieving his own goal, which amounts to the creation of Hell on Earth.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": It's either Peram, Perham or Pelham.
    • Sometimes, his last name can be spelled as Wescott or Westcott.
  • Straw Nihilist: Claims he's not worth anybody's life or even his own.
  • To Create a Playground for Evil: His desire is to make the whole world upside down, in order to fill the world with pure chaos and destruction for his fun.
  • The Unfettered: Nothing matters to him as long as he reaches his goal; innocent lives, his subordinates, and even his own organization, all of these are expendable.
  • Truly Single Parent: Isaac created his "daughter", Marina Arusu, in computers and data, and not have any blood relation with him. However, Marina considered him the only person she loved as relative and parent.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: His last name "Westcott" come likely comes from William Wynn Westcott, one of the three founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which was one of the orders of the Hermetic Qabalah.
  • Villainous Demotivator: His minions know they have two options: Victory or termination. Several have mentioned being told they couldn't come back unless they were successful.
  • Villain Respect: In just a moment in the entire series, he praised Elliot and his organization.
  • War for Fun and Profit: Remove the "Profit" and this will make more sense to Westcott. He has no reason, objectives or even logic that something can justify what he does. War is not an exception in his agenda; he transformed the center of Tenguu City on a battlefield. Everything is in his range will become a toy for his own amusement.
  • We Can Rule Together: Offers this to Elliot.
  • We Have Reserves: The DEM Wizards that are completely loyal to him are little more than moving pieces for his interests / goals, although he's said to gauge them according to their value as well.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: One of the few people to sport white hair in the story, and a clear-cut villain at that.
  • Wicked Cultured: He mostly acts like a gentleman, but nonetheless, he's just an omnicidal sociopath.
  • Would Be Rude to Say "Genocide": He constantly uses the word "rewrite" as the pretense for "cataclysm".
  • Would Hit a Girl: In more ways than one....
  • Would Hurt a Child: He coldly brainwashed Mana Takamiya and made her lose all memories of her past. He even shortened her lifetime to about 10 years.
  • You Got Spunk: He appreciates people that are willing to attack him. When he found out that Murdock was trying to kill him, Westcott smiled and said if he ever got back to England, he would congratulate Murdock.
  • You Have Failed Me: Isaac keeps his army in line with fear of this. James A. Paddington mentioned this when he said that if the DEM officials fail in their missions, they paid with a higher price for their failure. And unfortunately for James, he paid for it when Isaac executed him after he used James as an instrument to communicate with Elliot.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He has virtually everyone who ever helped him with his Evil Plan killed at some point when he decides he doesn't need them anymore, almost including Mana.
  • You Monster!: During the Volume 8, Isaac Westcott showed his true personality to his subordinates when they tried to remove him from DEM managing director post. After they tried to fire Westcott from DEM managing director post, they had their arms cut off by Ellen. Westcott's action shocked the members of DEM Board of Director after they discovered what Westcott was able to do with his own subordinates. After that, he was called this by his own subordinates.
    Simpson: He is a monster. He is different from us. His thoughts, value system, and his authority to make that reality... everything. We were the foolish one for looking at a dream even if it was for an instant.

    Ellen Mira Mathers 

"Is that all you've got, Princess? And I prepared the Pendragon just for you. I'm disappointed. Let's finish this."
Voiced by: Shizuka Ito (Japanese), Lauren Landa (English)

The secretary of Sir Isaac Westcott, and the strongest Wizard in the world, callsign Adeptus 1. Is very loyal to his cause, and has vowed to never lose to any opponent.
  • The Ace: She's by far the most competent human fighter introduced, and completely dominated Tohka during their first fight, even breaking her Sandalphon in the process.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Her depiction in the anime is more prim and proper than the wild, battle-hungry appearance she sports in the novel.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: The most competent fighter, as well the most boastful and arrogant character in the series.
    "Nothing alive on Earth can beat me..."
  • Ax-Crazy: Her calm and analytical façade gives way to a bloodthirsty, murderous and battle-crazed persona once she enters the battlefield.
  • Barrier Warrior: Unlike most AST / DEM Wizards, she's able to concentrate a field around a specific target, which she promptly uses to subdue a captive Tohka in case the latter's temperament gets out of hand. In her battle suit, it's powerful enough to deflect a Wave Motion Gun from the Fraxinus.
  • Blondes Are Evil: Pale blonde hair befitting for the ruthless and condescending right-hand of the Big Bad of the story.
  • Blood Knight: Moreso than Efreet!Kotori and Kusakabe (though the latter is Played for Laughs). When the opportunity arises, she is very eager to fight a powerful opponent. In fact, she even made a vow to ''never lose to anyone'', not even "an atrocity that kills the world" (referring to the Spirits).
  • Boobs of Steel: She's really well-endowed, easily bigger than most of the Spirits. And she's the first human to outright defeat a Spirit at full power.
  • Butt Monkey: Trying to trail her target during the school trip has the unfortunate effect of being on the receiving end of Ai, Mai and Mii's antics. Such as falling into a sand trap, or getting hit by a stray pillow. In "Ellen Mathers' Strongest Day" short story, her vacation time also ruined by the same trio.
  • Cain and Abel: The Cain to her older sister's Abel. Both of them are the secretary to their respective organization's leader, with Westcott being the Big Bad and Mr. Woodman the closest thing to a Big Good.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Even though she expresses a slight dislike for it given her love for one-on-one duels, Ellen's not above teaming up with Jessica to bring down Mana under Westcott's orders.
  • Dark Mistress: It is implied in Chapter 2 Volume 5 she and Westcott sleep together at some point, prior to the series. This is removed in anime version.
    "All the more, she was a woman that had rumors of being Westcott’s mistress."
  • Didn't See That Coming: After defeating Tohka in a one-on-one match, she did not expect Shido to activate his powers and summon Sandalphon by himself, but is pleased nonetheless, suggesting that she'd capture both him and Tohka.
  • The Dragon: Towards Westcott. There is not a single thing she will do without his approval.
  • Evil Counterpart: To her older sister; Karen Nora Mathers.
  • Instant Armor: She's able to call forth her Combat Realizer outfit when engaging a Spirit, a privilege made possible by DEM's cutting edge technology. Origami post-Face-Heel Turn can also conjure her CR unit to fight Tohka, Miku and the Yamai twins.
  • Laughably Evil: Despite being The Dragon to Westcott's Big Bad, she's subjected into Ai, Mai and Mii's antics during the Yamai Tempest arc and the "Ellen Mathers' Strongest Day" short story.
  • Narcissist: She believes that she's invincible, claiming no one can defeat her.
  • Pride: She never stops claiming herself as the world's strongest Wizard, no matter the condition it is. Even when defeated, she never admits her losses.
  • Psycho for Hire: She enjoys fighting with stronger opponent (particularly Spirits), while at the same time she wants to satisfy her superior's ambition.
  • Psycho Supporter: Again, towards Wescott. She's willing to do everything to realize her boss' ambitions, even if it means involving innocent lives in the process.
  • Purple Eyes: One of the few characters to have purple eyes, and she's one of the few humans capable of outmatching a Spirit.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The boastful and arrogant Red to her older sister Karen's calm and collected Blue.
  • Resistance Is Futile: Suggests that she'd rather capture Tohka, and later Shido, without any resistance on their part.
  • Sexy Secretary: How she presents herself when accompanying Westcott whenever the latter goes on formal meetings. This gets ramped up in the anime due to her Adaptational Attractiveness.
  • Smug Super: She has the habit of looking down on Spirits, particularly Tohka, because she has the power and skill to subdue them very quickly. It's taken to its logical conclusion when she confronts Tohka in her Inverse Form, where her skills are no match for the Superpowered Evil Side's brute strength. She shows her arrogance again in Volume 10 when she warns Kotori and the Fraxinus' crew to not underestimate the power of herself and her own personal airship, the Goetia.
  • The Sociopath: Aside for her Blood Knight tendencies, she has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in her and Westcott's way, whether they be enemy or ally.
  • Sore Loser: Even though she's capable of curbstomping Tohka, she doesn't want to accept her losses when her first effort to kidnap Tohka failed. This also overlaps with Never My Fault, given she'd rather blame it all on others than to assume responsibility for her blunder.
  • Super Soldier: The most powerful within a squad of soldiers who underwent augmentations to be able to fight on par with Spirits.
  • Undying Loyalty: Once again towards Westcott, although with a little bit of Blind Obedience. No matter what happens, she never stops showing her pride, joy and loyalty to him.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: Ellen's last name "Mathers" likely comes from MacGregor Mathers, one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Qabalah was one of 3 groups associated to the Sephirot Tree, this may be why Ellen is the only Wizard who has been able to fight evenly with a Spirit.
  • Villain Teleportation: When she retreats along with Westcott after the appearance of Inverse Form Tohka, she uses her Wizard powers to warp away the both of them to safety.
  • Worf Had the Flu: She invokes this in regard to her fight against the newly-spawned Inverse Form Tohka, as she had been injured earlier on by Origami and thus wasn't fighting at her fullest, her wound even opening up during said fight.
  • World's Strongest Man: Stated repeatedly by the narrative and herself to be the strongest Wizard in existence, and demonstrated by her effortless handling of Tohka.
  • Worthy Opponent: Praises Origami in Volume 7 for being the second person to be able to wound her.

    Jessica Bayley 

"This carnage will be our commemoration. A commemoration to our beloved enemies."
Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Jessica Straus (English)

The leader of the DEM squad transferred to the AST as part of a secret mission to capture Tohka Yatogami (codename "Princess") and Shido Itsuka. She's also one of the strongest Wizards in the world, callsign Adeptus 3. Killed in combat by Mana Takamiya by the end of Volume 7.

  • Alas, Poor Villain: Her death is meant to expose the delusion of loyalty most DEM Wizards have towards Westcott, who treats them like pawns on a chessboard. Even Mana angrily lampshades this.
  • Always Second Best: She obstinately refuses to admit that Mana's skills as a Wizard are superior, and claims that the callsign "Adeptus 2" should've been hers.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Even when she's outmatched by Mana and her own body is starting to wear down due to the Scarlet Licorice's severe strain, she still tries to shoot her opponent, forcing Mana to Mercy Kill Jessica.
  • Ax-Crazy: She's just as much of a nutjob as Ellen in battle, being previously a torturer before becoming a Wizard. But when she gets to pilot the Scarlet Licorice, she channels too much magic energy through her brain, making her barely able to utter anything other than crazed laughters or calling Mana's name repeatedly when the latter arrives on the battlefield. For comparison, Origami was able to pilot a similar prototype (and a flawed one at that) without suffering psychological breakdown.
  • The Berserker: When outfitted with the Scarlet Licorice, Jessica discards what little rationality she has and starts unleashing an endless barrage of attacks towards Mana. This comes back to bite her in the ass once her body can no longer sustain the severe strain imposed upon her by her CR unit.
  • Blood from the Mouth / Tears of Blood: After piloting the Scarlet Licorice for too long, blood starts coming out from her mouth and eyes, indicating just how drastic the strain on her body is.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: She openly admitted that she likes carnage and massacre. When she was about to attack a event with countless civilians, she had a smile on her face, and during Shido's rescue mission in DEM's Tengu building, she even killed a few of her teammates.
  • Evil Redhead: Dark red hair, and one the few characters in story who are completely off their rockers. Not only is she a sultry woman with a penchant for violence, she also has admitted to killing people throughout her career as a Wizard.
  • Killed Off for Real: She's the first named character in the story to die on-screen; in the following volumes, Westcott comments that he'd like to find a replacement for her, which he finds in Origami.
  • Let Them Die Happy: Just before she dies, Mana falsely reassures her that Westcott truly cares about his subordinates, which obviously isn't the case.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Chides Mana for being an Asian girl who managed to attain the rank of second strongest Wizard.
  • Psycho for Hire: Like the rest of Wescott's loyal followers, she's willing to do anything to please her boss, innocent lives be damned.
  • Torture Technician: Her previous occupation before becoming a Wizard.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Like Mana Takamiya, she had her lifetime shortened. However, her life span was limited to a day.

    Minerva Liddell 
"You won't forgive me? Like I give a damn! Shut up and die already!"

The Ace Wizard of Special Sorcery Service, an organization equivalent to the Anti Spirit Team located in England. She is currently a member of the first executive of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries.

    James A. Paddington 

Voiced by: Toshiharu Nakanishi (Japanese)

    Roger Murdock 

Other Characters


Voiced by: Aya Endo (Japanese, Date A Live: Rinne Utopia)

The mysterious entity who gave Kotori and Miku their Spirit powers, as well as told Kurumi about Shido. Its appearance and motives are unknown.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: While fighting Origami, Phantom remains calm and correctly guesses that Kurumi helped Origami Twelfth Bullet since Phantom has had yet to give away Metatron at that point in time.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: In volume 11, Phantom appears to Shidou as Rinne (the Original Generation character from the first PS3 game).
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Phantom evaluates a person based on their potential as Spirits, as it outright states to an Origami-turned-Metatron that it would never pass up an opportunity to find such a powerful vessel for the Sephira Crystal.
  • Code Name: "Phantom" is the code name that Ratatoskr has given it.
  • Cryptic Conversation: When Shido is knocked unconscious after his first encounter with Tohka, he gets transferred aboard the Fraxinus, but not before hearing a garbled voice.
    Phantom: Finally, we meet again. I'm so glad, but just wait. Just a little while longer. I won't ever let you go again. I won't ever be wrong again. Soon.
  • The Heavy: While its intentions are nowhere as malicious as Westcott, Phantom is still indirectly responsible for every single major event in all arcs, often through the use of Sephira Crystals.
  • Literal Genie: Twice has Phantom appeared before a human to grant them Spirit powers some time before the story, and each time was in response to their anguished wish, for better or worse: for Kotori, it was her desire to stop being a crybaby; in Miku's case, she came to hate humanity (especially men) and despaired over the loss of her voice. A third time happens when Origami wishes for greater power in order to defeat the Spirits.
  • Memory-Wiping Crew: This is the same being who erased part of Shido and Kotori's memories during the incident where Kotori got her Spirit powers, explaining the holes in their memories.
  • Mysterious Parent: When she encounters all the Spirits in Volume 12 (minus Kurumi) after saving Shido, she calls them "her children". When you remember she turns regular Humans into spirits, this implies that all of them used to be human.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Phantom is consistently described as an unknown noise that's nearly invisible. When commander Kannazuki shows Shido a recording of the incident with Kotori five years ago, Phantom was present and right next to Kotori, but only because Shido noticed a blurry image that didn't fit with the rest of the recording. In Volume 10, an attack from Origami temporarily dispels Phantom's noise, where Origami could faintly discern that she was a woman with a familiar voice. Volume 11 also shows that Phantom can impersonate other people for the sake of interaction.
  • One Who Must Not BeHeard: In an attempt to curb speculation fuel, both seasons of the anime adaptation strip out all of the scenes in which Phantom converses with Shido just so there would be no need to find someone to voice this person, and thus reduce the amounts of possible hints as to who this being actually is. This turned out to be a moot point anyway as Phantom is voiced in the visual novel spin-offs, sharing a voice actress with Reine Murasame.
  • Power Crystal: It's revealed in Volume 8 that Phantom granted Kotori and Miku their Spirit powers by giving them each a small gem known as a Sephira Crystal. She also gives Origami one in Volume 10.
  • Samus Is a Girl: In volume 10, Origami's attacks strip away the noise concealing Phantom's appearance, allowing her to hear the latter's voice, which apparently reminds Origami of someone familiar. While she was blinded by the same attack, Origami could faintly discern Phantom as a woman with long hair.
  • Walking Spoiler: This mysterious entity's underlying actions are actually vital to the story, given the basic premise of sealing the Spirits wouldn't actually be feasible without key characters getting powers in the first place. She also has some unknown connection with Shido, and also apparently did something to him she regrets.

    Raizen High School 

Tamae Okamine

Voiced by: Kaori Sadohara (Japanese), Anastasia Munoz (English)

Shido's homeroom teacher who's quite dedicated to her job. She's very anxious to get married.
  • Christmas Cake: 29 and still single. It to the point where she's very sensitive to words like "proposal" and "marriage".
  • Do It Your Self Theme Tune: Kaori Sadohara is the fourth member of "sweet ARMS", which does both opening songs, and she sings the second season's ending theme.
  • Meganekko: One of the few glasses wearers in the series.
  • Older Than She Looks: Being cutesy and childish at times often obfuscates the fact that she's approaching her thirties.
  • Sensei-chan: Her students even call her "Tama-chan".

Hiroto Tonomachi

Voiced by: Anri Katsu (Japanese), Nick Haley (English)

Shido's classmate. He has a 2D girlfriend who looks a lot like Kotori, and he apparently likes the real thing as well. Shido has had to brush him off quite a few times.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Ai, Mai and Mii have heard rumours about him "swinging both ways". Between his unnervingly chummy attitude with Shido and his obsession with dating sim girls, the cloud thickens. In Volume 8, however, when Natsumi shapeshifted into Shido and made a move on him, Hiroto was very disturbed.
  • Bromantic Foil: He gets very chummy with Shido, although most of the time he's boasting about how his relationship with his 2D girlfriend is going.
  • Demoted to Extra: While he never had much presence in the first season, he's almost never seen at all in season 2, and barely has any speaking roles when he is seen.

Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura, Mii Fujibakama

From left to right: Ai, Mii, Mai

Ai voiced by: Risako Murai (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)
Mai voiced by: Kayoko Tsumita (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)
Mii voiced by: Midori Tsukimiya (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

Three girls who appear occasionally. Shido's classmates. They become Tohka's friends some time after she transfers into Shido's school.

Someone known to the Takamiya children, named by Shido when he's overcharged on Spirit powers in Volume 12. Was supposed to be protecting Mana from DEM, but went missing at the same time Mana was abducted by them.

    Rinne Sonogami 

Click here to see Ruler (spoilers) 

Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

The eponymous character originating in Date A Live: Rinne Utopia, Rinne Sonogami is Shido's childhood friend, whom she goes to the Itsuka household every morning to wake him up and prepare his lunch.
  • Canon Immigrant: She makes her first novel appearance in the 11th volume. However, Phantom merely borrows Rinne's face to talk with Shidou.
  • Childhood Friend: For Shido. And that's the story she sticks to until her personal story arc.
  • Code Name: "Ruler", in Spirit form.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Pink hair with a darker shade for her eyes. It's averted for her Spirit form, though, seeing her eyes glow red.
  • Determinator: She'll do anything for Shidou, literally anything. Lampshaded in Rinne Bathtime, where she said that she will do and become anything for Shidou. Even Origami is taken aback, and that's saying something.
  • Harem Nanny: She takes this role quickly after she appears.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: To Shido in ALL routes. She'd be quite happy if Shido chose her, but at the same time wouldn't mind if he found happiness with the other girls.
    Rinne: If Shido wants me, then I'll gladly give my everything to him. To become his lover, kiss him, have sex with him, marry him, give birth to as many babies as he wants, grow old together with him. But, even if Shido chooses someone other than me, I won't mind. If Shido thinks to marry Tobiichi-san, I'll bless him with all my heart. Of course, it also applies for other person as well. Even if Shido chooses Tohka-chan, Kotori-chan, Yoshino-chan or perhaps someone that I don't know. Of course, I don't mind if he doesn't choose to be with anyone, or even if he chooses everyone I'll support his wish. I'll do anything for Shido's happiness. If Shido wishes it, I'll grant any of his wish. I don't mind becoming his childhood friend, his lover, his wife, his younger sister, his older sister, his mother, his daughter, his superior, his subordinate, his enemy, his nemesis or even someone unrelated to him. As long as Shido is happy, I'm satisfied....Oh sorry, it seems I got too worked up by myself. But it is true that I don't mind whoever Shido chooses.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name (凜祢) is a play on word with 輪廻 (also read as "Rinne"), a Japanese term of Samsara; a concept of reincarnation/cycle of rebirth as well as the one's actions and consequences in the past, present, and future in several South Asian religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Considering her Eden ability based from this concept, this is not surprising.
  • Rapunzel Hair: As Ruler her locks are around waist-length, with one braid even reaching to her knees.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: As... well, you know.
  • Ret Gone: The true ending of the game has Rinne disappear along with everyone's memory of her.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Her mana density is said to be equal to the First Spirit, if she would lose control of her power, the whole of Japan would be destroyed. She fights and beats Tohka, Yoshino, Kotori and Kurumi (and Origami) simultaneously.
  • Walking Spoiler: Her Ruler form shows up whenever Shido reaches a Bad Ending that isn't Kurumi's, triggering a Reset Button in the process, and is integral to the climax of Rinne's own route. Also, her eyes have whitened pupils, which is a sign of Spirit powers. Even her first light novel appearance is not what it seems, as it's only a form Phantom adopts in Volume 11 to communicate with Shido.
  • Yandere: Just... look at that quote. More importantly, she's trying to keep Shido in the timeloop, and Shido's death causes it to reset. Do the math.

    Rio Sonogami 

Voiced by: Ayane Sakura

An original character introduced in Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation.

    Maria Ars 
"I am here for long. I have a question I can not answer ..... What is love?"
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori

An original character made for Date A Live: Ars Install. While testing out the newest date training game developed by the Fraxinus's crew, Shido meets and is trapped by the Irregular Spirit Ars. She wants to know love, and asks that the sealed Spirits as well as Origami and Kurumi enter the simulation so that she can hear their opinions on what love is. Hearing their varied and contradictory opinions, she proposes that they and Shido act out date scenarios so she observe for herself.

Her observations fail to provide her with the understanding she desires, so she informs Shido that she will be the final date partner. Directly interacting with the main cast causes her to humanize quickly, which is the opening the other Ars needs to enact an Evil Plan. It comes out that Maria is the AI that's controlling the simulation, and that the other Ars is the original; Maria's just borrowing the looks.

At the end of the game she elects to perform a Heroic Sacrifice with her counterpart, restoring control of the Fraxinus to the pilots and fading away. Days later, Shido receives an message on his phone with her last words... and a download of her personality and memories, as Marina's last gift and way of making amends to them both.
  • Artificial Intelligence: She's neither human nor a spirit.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Kind of! She's still an AI, but now she can interact with the real world as Shido's personal assistant on his phone.
  • Date Peepers: Watches all of the dates for the sake of learning love.
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower: Prays for strength with which to protect her comrades in the Grand Finale. Gets it. Seeing it happen is the key to Marina's breakdown.
  • A Glitch in the Matrix: Played with. She is native to the system, but isn't supposed to be part of the simulation.
  • Inside a Computer System: The only character not based on a real world person. Instead, she IS the computer system.
  • Mystical White Hair: Not being human, she has silver white hair.
  • Original Generation: Like Rinne before her, she appears only in Ars Install.
  • Secret Character: Possibly in the novels. The Fraxinus's AI recommends some lines in Volume 11 that it simply wouldn't without a deeper understanding of love or at least Origami's personality than it had previously.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Ars or Arusu? The former is how it's MEANT to be spelled in English, but the latter is how it comes out thanks to how Japanese syllables work.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: She isn't the real Ars. She IS the real Administrator.
  • What Is This Thing You Call Love?: The tagline of the game, and the central question of Maria's life. Sure enough, figuring love out for herself is the key to unraveling the whole story.

    Marina Ars 
"How do you feel in this world where you are surrounded by girls?"

The second original character of Ars Install. She looks like a dark version of Maria, and only appears on Maria's route. Who is she, and how is she related to Ars?