Funny / Date A Live

  • Shido and Tohka casually talk while the AST Wizards are shooting down relentlessly on the latter's barrier. And neither of them seem to be worrying a bit during their (unheard) conversation.
  • Episode 2 starts with Shido finishing one route of the dating sim Kotori and Reine gave him for his training with dating Spirits. Once the game's credits roll, he screams enthusiastically while slightly stumbling in his movements, implying he did an all-nighter for said route.
    Shido: AAAAALL RIGHT!!! [pants and wheezes] I rock...
  • Shiro “confessing his feelings” for Tobiichii in the second episode of first season:
    Shido: uh... Tobiichi... You look good in those clothes.
    Tobiichi: It's our uniform.
    Shido: Tobiichi, I've know you for a long time.
    Tobiichi: Same here.
    Shido: Really? So, I'm happy to be in the same class as you and I can't take my eyes off you.
    Tobiichi: Same here.
    Shido: And that's not all, I sniff your uniform after school.
    Tobiichi: Same here.
    Shido: Really? What a coincidence.
    Tobiichi: Yes.
    Shido: Then, would you like to go out with me?
    Tobiichi: I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind going out with you.
    Shido: Do you mean you like to accompany me somewhere?
    Tobiichi: That's what you meant? I thought you wanted to date me. Am I wrong?
    Tobiichi: Okay.
  • Shido attempting to flirt with Tamae "Tama-chan" Okamine-sensei for his training. Her reaction and response is gold. So is Origami's reaction.
  • Kotori introduces the rest of the Fraxinus' operating crew, complete with Boss Subtitles Played for Laughs.
    Shido: Fantastic, I'm relying on perverts.
    Kotori (seconds later): [puts on a cutesy voice] Have faith in your little sister. Now get in there and flirt!
  • When approaching Tohka, she demands to hear Shido's name. He then shouts that if she's to ask for his name, then she has to give him her name first. There is then an instantaneous cut to Shido getting attacked by Tohka, saying "I knew it!"
  • Shido's punishments whenever he screws up any of the dating aspect. Ranging from revealing his childhood secrets to broadcasting said secrets live on radio. And that's just the start.
  • When Kotori and Mana argue about which of them (foster or real) is the better younger sister to Shido, Kotori drops this gem:
    Kotori: Shut up! What about blood ties! A real younger sister can't even marry him!
    Shido / Mana: Eh......?
  • Tohka's appetite. She is even able to eat frying pans.
  • When Hiroto Tonomachi expresses shock that Shido doesn't know who Miku Izayoi is, he claims that within their generation "there's no one other than stupid Itsuka-kun that doesn’t know about the super national idol Miku-tan", and that if he were to be proven wrong, he'd kneel down on the ground and eat spaghetti with his ass. Without skipping a beat, Shido promptly asks Tohka.
    Hiroto: That’s cheating, Itsuka you bastard!?
  • From the video game adaptation, people had a little chuckle when they saw the "Data Install" sign.
  • Episode 13 of the first season is a goldmine of hilarious moments, which is actually based from Date A Live Encore Light Novel, a spin-off of the Date A Live novel. To wit:
    • The narrator is known for zany lines in the opening animation, but this one takes the cake:
    "A pervert. That is someone who likes it when the bud of rose blossoms, or when a butterfly moves its wings at night. I can't stop za loneliness! Who knew I was like this?"
    • The above leads to the class turning to Shido, who tries to claim his innocence... at least until a naked picture of Tohka slips out from his pocket. When he takes it back from Ai, he realizes what it is, and a oh YEAH sound effect can be heard.
  • Volume 6:
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Shiori! In order for Shido to approach Miku, who Does Not Like Men, he has to cross-dress as a girl. He even needs to practice of acting as a girl before approaching Miku. However only Tohka, Origami, Yoshino and Kurumi seems to recognize 'her'.
      • The best part is what Origami does the moment she sees 'Shiori'. She start taking pictures of her in different angle, which causes Shiori screams like a real girl.
      • Another moment is when Reine brings Yoshino to the Maid cafe that Shiori's working and seemingly recognize 'her' immediately based on Yoshinon's words. Shiori could only cower 'herself' in shame knowing that Yoshino have seen something she shouldn't be seeing:
      Yoshinon: Yahahaha, is that perhaps Shido-kun? It really suits you. Why don't you just wear the top and take the bottom. There's demand for that you know?
    • The three girls handing Tohka a tambourine. With epic background music.
  • In volume 7, Miku, who is controlling Yoshino as well as the Yamai sisters, orders them to eliminate the enemy Wizards. Problem is, they also count Mana, who's there backing Shido up as an enemy Wizard. What does Mana do? Bumps into Ryouko's squad and essentially says "Tag, you're it!"
  • While poking around Miku's things, Kurumi finds a bra that's the size of her head and goes, You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!
  • The epilogue of season 2 has Miku singing one of her previous songs when she was still Tsukino Yoimachi. After a long Heartwarming Moment, she proceeds to thank Shido by calling him "Darling". Cue her audience's utter confusion as well as this exchange:
    Kaguya: Darling?
    Yuzuru: Repeat. Darling?
    Yoshino: Darling?
    Yoshinon: Don't tell me...
    Tohka: Speaking of which, Miku called you that earlier too, didn't she? Shido, what does darling mean?
    Shido: Well, that's...
    Kaguya: Shido.
    Yuzuru: Confirmation. Shido.
    Yoshino: Shido.
    Yoshinon: Shido...
    Tohka: Shido!
    Shido: Uhhh... [confused while looking Miku waving at him]
    Kotori: *laughs* You're so popular, Shido.
    Shido: [bowed sluggish]
  • When Yoshinon insults Tohka, she rips the puppet off Yoshino's hand and strangles it, thinking it is actually alive.
  • The majority of Volume 9 Chapter 8. After saving Natsumi from Ellen and taken her into an underground facility owned by Ratatoskr, Shido and his friends decide to open up Natsumi's heart despite Natsumi revealing her being a true form.
    • After getting a massage treatment by Miku, a haircut by the Yamai Twins, and dressing her up by everyone, Natsumi is going to be given makeup treatment by the 'last assassin' who actually turns out to be Shiori note . Natsumi did not take it well even calling Shido a pervert when 'Shiori' reveal herself. Miku and Kotori seems to be giggling about it knowing that Shido gets hurt by Natsumi after Shiori's reveal outside the room.
    • The entire bad negative thinking of Natsumi when meeting with some people and getting a lot of misunderstanding when she picks up their sentences:
  • In the opening of volume 10, Natsumi in her grown up form teases Kotori after the later tells Natsumi that she should try to do something about her using her transformational powers as crutch to combat her complex. Having stepped on that landmine, Kotori angrily points out that Natsumi's real form is even scrawnier than she is, only to try and backpedal once Natsumi turns on the waterworks.
    Kotori: Ugh...Fine, I'm scrawnier than you, okay?!
    Natsumi: Ahhahahahahahaha-! Scrawny, Scrawny! Kotori's scrawny! (runs away)
    Kotori: Wha-...I...You tricked me you little-!
  • Volume 11: past!Kurumi wearing an eyepatch and present!Kurumi seeing it as an Old Shame with Shido not getting any clear answers.
  • Volume 12: A Not Himself Shido flirts with anything he sees, including Ellen! Hilarity Ensues
    • Westcott's surprised reaction towards Ellen's enthusiasm thanks to the above events.
    • Drunk Origami is this in spades
  • Volume 13: Nia, just Nia's antics for most of the volume.
  • Volume 14: How Nia just slides by the Wham Line she dropped at the end of the previous volume over mentioning how all the Spirit were formerly human.
  • Volume 15: Mukuro pops into view from a portal after everyone returns to Earth and tells Shido she can do anything to her regardless of how perverted.
    • Remember how dangerous Inverse Tohka made herself look in Volume 7? She destroys that image and makes herself seem no different than Tohka when she gets jealous, especially as she competes with Mukuro's equally awkward antics in her own way compared to Tohka's.
  • The entire Date A Quest short story. With Shido being the "princess", Kotori Breaking the Fourth Wall, and Origami taking Shido's pictures with Shido snarking at the entire thing.