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Funny: Date A Live
  • I get chuckles from seeing Shido and Tohka just plain talk while the AST is shooting down relentlessly on the latter's barrier. And neither of them seem to be worrying a bit during their (unheard) conversation.
  • Shido attempting to flirt with Tamae "Tama-chan" Okamine-sensei for his training. Her reaction and response is gold.
  • When approaching Tohka, she demands to hear Shido's name. He then shouts that if she's to ask for his name, then she has to give him her name first. There is then an instantaneous cut to Shido getting attacked by Tohka, saying "I knew it!"
  • Shido's punishments whenever he screws up any of the dating aspect. Ranging from revealing his childhood secrets to broadcasting said secrets live on radio. And that's just the start.
  • When Kotori and Mana argue about which of them (foster or real) is the better younger sister to Shido, Kotori drops this gem:
    Kotori: Shut up! What about blood ties! A real younger sister can't even marry him!
    Shido/Mana: Eh......?
  • Tohka's appetite. She is even able to eat frying pans.
  • When Hiroto Tonomachi expresses shock that Shido doesn't know who Miku Izayoi is, he claims that within their generation "there's no one other than stupid Itsuka-kun that doesnít know about the super national idol Miku-tan", and that if he were to be proven wrong, he'd kneel down on the ground and eat spaghetti with his ass. Without skipping a beat, Shido promptly asks Tohka.
    Hiroto: Thatís cheating, Itsuka you bastard!?
  • From the video game adaptation, people had a little chuckle when they saw the "Data Install" sign.
  • Episode 13 of the first season is a goldmine of hilarious moments. To wit:
    • Shido attempting to get a reaction out of Origami by successively pretending he's a lolicon/momcon/siscon/playboy. Turns out it's to disgust her so she rejects her love for him. With little effect.
    • Aya Endo is known for zany lines in the opening animation, but this one takes the cake:
    Reine: A pervert. That is someone who likes it when the bud of rose blossoms, or when a butterfly moves its wings at night. I can't stop za loneliness! Who knew I was like this?
    • Taking Origami out on a date with lots of people around, asking her to change into a School Swimsuit with dog ears and tail, and asking her to walk on all fours. Which she does.
    Kotori: What the-!?
    • And after that she rips off his belt, puts it around her neck like a leash and starts acting like a dog. Shido just breaks down and desperately tries to apologize. She doesn't care a bit.
    Origami: Woof! *pant pant* Woof!

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