Characters / Baby Blues

The main family:

Darryl MacPherson

A well-meaning, long-suffering father. Occasionally does something ill-advised but means well. More intelligent than the typical example, but has his foolish moments. Works in a typical office job.

  • Bumbling Dad: Generally averted. This is a man who once changed a diaper in a mall restroom.
  • Gag Nose: Parodied in one Sunday Strip where Darryl and Wanda discuss whether to let one of their children sleep on its stomach or back. Darryl says that he always slept on his back, then the strip cuts to a baby picture of him unable to lie down for his huge nose.
  • Opaque Lenses: Sometimes.
  • Overprotective Dad: Especially toward Zoe. One series of strips had Darryl freaking out because Zoe (then two years old) had a crush on an "older man." Said older man was a three-year-old.

Wanda MacPherson (née Wizowski)

Darryl's wife, the mother of the strip's main family. Down to earth to the point of being a bit cynical, she nevertheless cares about her family and does her best to work with them. A stay at home mom, and heaven help you if you tell her that it's not enough work by itself.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Most of her sarcasm is targeted at Darryl.
  • Housewife: She's a stay-at-home mom by choice. However, there are definitely times when she misses having her own career.
  • Mama Bear: To her own kids, and kids in general. In one series of strips, she stopped a mother who lost control and began hitting her child in a grocery store.

Zoe MacPherson

The eldest child and older daughter. Though about 10 years old, she acts like a spoiled teenager. Frequently bratty and self-absorbed, but less likely to actually make a mess these days than her brother, preferring whining and mocking to actual destruction.

Hamish "Hammie" MacPherson

Zoe's younger brother, the middle child, and the MacPhersons' only boy. A typical young boy, goes through the world like a hurricane, leaving broken glass and dirty fingerprints in his wake. Hammie is fond of rude noises and gross things. He enjoys annoying Zoe, but will team up with her on occasion.

Wren MacPherson

The youngest MacPherson, she is still an infant. May be the sanest of the bunch.

Other characters include:


Somwhat of a cross between Martha Stewart and Barbie, she and her rarely-mentioned husband, Butch, are the overly-perfect young couple down the street. Their children include one of Zoe's playmates, named Bogart, and infant twins, both named Wendell.

  • Meaningful Name: Invoked by Bunny: she named her son Bogart because he was conceived while she and her husband were watching The African Queen. She nixed that idea for the twins: they were watching Dumb and Dumber.
  • Parody Sue: Everything she does is just perfect, much to Wanda's chagrin. But it's turned up so far to the point of parody.


  • On Darryl's side: Grandpa Mac is a calm but silent type, Grandpa Pauline is a neat freak.
  • On Wanda's side: Grandpa Hugh is rather macho and fairly contemptuous of Darryl. Grandma Maggie has been portrayed as a "typical" mother of adult children; often nitpicky of how Wanda conducts her day-to-day and worrying about whether or not Rhonda will ever get married and have children of her own. Her character with regards to how she relates to her grandchildren has not been expanded on much.

Yolanda, Mike, and family

Yolanda, Mike, and their daughters Keesha and Dziko (commonly called "Dizzy") provide a Black Best Friend for each of the MacPhersons, except Hammie. They don't have big personality traits or provide any role bigger than being the MacPhersons' neighbors and friends.