Awesome: The Vow

The Fan Fic

  • Councillor Wong inappropriately brings up Shen's coloring and the subject of his genetic health being countered by Lianne's genes while talking with her - with Shen being within earshot in the court, no less. Angered by this, Lianne humiliates the councilor calmly by projecting her following words so that everyone in the throne room can hear without her having to shout or raise her voice.
    Lianne: Rest assured councillor, simple paleness will not discourage me. And should Shen and I choose to wed, you will see for yourself how strong Shen's children will be, with or without my genetic input.
    Councillor Wong: That is... marvellous to hear. I am sure you will make an excellent mother.
    Lianne: Indeed. I remember my uncle telling me of how fierce and protective my grandmother was when she became a mother. During a festival, she brought her young children to the city when they were just chicks, and in the hustle and bustle of the crowd, a sheep stood on my father's foot. It was an accident of course, and my grandmother would have been more than understanding... had she not had the sheep flogged and beaten in the main square in front of the entire city for even daring to bring any harm towards her child.
    *Wong has paled and the whole room is silent.*
    Lianne: So you can imagine Councillor how I would be most... displeased to hear of any talk against the health of my children. But I'm sure you meant no harm, I am not new to these types of rumours, what with my mother being a black swan and therefore considered to be quite abnormal.
    *Everyone in the room gasps and Wong has a Jaw Drop.*
    Councillor Wong: Y-y-your Ladyship! I-I didn't m-mean to
    Lianne: In future Mr Wong you will refrain from speaking of such comments in front of me, and you will also show more respect when speaking of your future leader and my potential betrothed.
    Councillor Wong: Y-y-yes My Lady, I-I
    Lianne: That is good. We wouldn't want Shen finding this out, he might remember this when he comes into power. I am sure he will forget, but I would hate to be reminded of this in the future. I would not tell him intentionally of course... but I've heard that pillow talk can be quite an enlightening experience.
  • Despite being frightened, Lianne adopts her cold facade and scorns Haun until he hits her in rage.
  • Lianne's progress under Shen's hard tutorship for self-defense. The visiting Master Thundering Rhino is impressed at her demonstration.
  • The fireworks display Shen has prepared for the Moon Festival. That earns the biggest applause and cheering given from the crowd.
  • Shen defies Lord Chang by announcing that he and Lianne are engaged, reminding of the agreement made by Chang and Shen's parents and warning of the consequences of trying to break the deal and forbid the marriage.
  • Po's father attacking Zhan and another wolf in order to protect his son. Shen is briefly astonished.
  • The night after Shen has taken over Gongmen City, Lianne writes a request of help to Master Shifu, escapes the Tower of the Sacred Flame through her room's window and locates Lang, sending him to deliver the message while distracting Shen's soldiers from him.
  • Lianne interferes when a squad of wolves are beating a rabbit child, dispiriting them with only a Death Glare and a threat.
  • Shen and Lianne's duel in the library.
  • When Jade causes several powder barrels to move dangerously close to fire, Shen prevents the accident by cutting the ropes holding a beam above and ordering his men to push it to the barrels' path.
  • Jade takes down the two guards ordered to kill the restrained Po and the Furious Five.
  • Lianne helps the Kung Fu warriors to sneak unnoticed to the throne room and spoil Shen's trap by directing everyone's attention to herself.