Trivia / The Vow

The Fanfic

  • Revised Ending: Word of God says that during early stages of development, the story had two possible endings. Neither of them were chosen for the final ending.
    • In one ending, it would follow exactly like canon, with Shen dying after being crushed by the cannon and Lianne going onto the lake to have the moon reunite her with her beloved, with her not being pregnant. This ending was more ambiguous, but was a heavily implied tragedy.
    • In another, much longer draft, Shen would have survived the cannon fall, like in the finished story. However, he would have been saved by monks with his body crippled, and he went into self-exile. Lianne would have stayed in her father's home to raise her son alone, as she believed Shen to be dead. But when a mercenary group attacked the Shan Palace, Lianne was forced to flee with her son and was later reunited with Shen when he came to their rescue.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Word of God has it that the story was originally going to be a crossover with The Swan Princess, but the author abandoned the idea to suit the story's purposes better.
    • Before deciding the title, the author pondered between The Vow and China Moon, as explained here.
    • See the Revised Ending above.