Awesome: The Legend of Dragoon

  • Rose's second appearance has her swooping in as Dart and Lavitz are being overwhelmed by the enemy they're fighting, knocking said enemy back, and granting Dart his Dragoon powers. She saved Dart not too long earlier too, when she grabbed him and carried him out of the way of what would have been a Hopeless Boss Fight against a dragon.
  • Dart and Lavitz first Back-to-Back Badasses moment in Hellena Prison the two quickly establishing just how awesome they really are.
  • Dart's first Coup de Grāce Cutscene, followed by Shana obliterating Urobolos.
  • Dart's First Dragoon transformation on of the most awesome moments in video game history.
  • In the original Dragon Campaign, Belzac and Shirley face a Virage together: despite the fact that Belzac has been impaled on one of the Virage's fingers, he still manages to hold up several hundred tons worth of collapsing ceiling, and as the Virage opens fire on the two of them, Shirley manages to nearly kill it with one arrow.
    • During the same scene, Kanzas (the original Lightning Dragoon, and a major Blood Knight) latches onto a different Virage while stating "I'm Taking You with Me" before detonating them both.
  • Lavitz impaling Freugel for trying to execute Albert. Considering Freugel's behavior, it was immensely awesome and satisfying.
  • Meru calling out the Forest Winglies for hiding out in their forest and their racist BS.
  • Rose is pretty abrasive and cocky to the other members of the party, rubbing several of them, like Lavitz and Shana, rather raw, but they don't do much about it other than chastise her. Miranda, however, during one of Rose's moments, just slaps her.
  • The destruction of Deningrad by the Divine Dragon, destroying one of the signet spheres by total accident. To wit, the only thing that was supposed to be able to destroy them were the Divine Moon objects Lloyd was stealing. The Divine Dragon just blasts the damn thing to bits.
    • To wit, it took the Dragon Buster (a sword specifically made to kill dragons), and the Dragon Block Staff (a staff made to weaken dragons), Lloyd and the entire squad of dragoons to bring the dragon down.
  • In the Epilogue, Kongol is able to balance himself perfectly as a master of the rouge school. The martial arts techniques demonstrated are difficult for anyone, let alone a 10 foot tall, several hundred pound giant.
  • The humbling of the Bardel Brothers by everyone they make the mistake of challenging: first, Rose rightly points out that their Wingly supremacist beliefs are pointless because centuries of isolation and inbreeding has stripped them and many other Winglies of most of their power. Then, when the older brother tries to blast Dart with a fireball, Dart just transforms into a Dragoon and No Sells the attack, leaving his attacker shattered by the realization of just how powerless he really is. Finally, there's the younger brother's attempt to defeat Lloyd in single combat: it doesn't end well.
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