Awesome / The Completionist
Jirard and Greg with a minority of the games they've completed

  • The fact that he sees through each and every video game he plays no matter the difficulty makes every episode a crowning moment of awesome.
  • He claims that he "Completed Netflix" meaning he saw every single movie and TV show on Netflix fully. This would take hundreds of hours to do. But Jirard figured out how to do it in less than a week.
  • A Crowning Music of Awesome occurs during the Season 1 finale with a Guitar Riff remix of the intro used for the regular intro.
  • The Beard Mode Reboot.
  • Beating Metal Gear Solid on Extreme Mode, and getting the Big Boss Ranking after 20 attempts. Jirard's Determinator tendencies at their finest.
  • At the end of Donkey Kong Country, Cranky Kong rants that he could have beaten the game in less than an hour. So can Jirard.
  • Getting Xander Mobus to cameo in the Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U review.
    • Mobus continues to be an active contributor to The Completionist, voicing Jirard's ratings for the games and the numbers for Top 10s in the wake of Greg's departure.
  • How about starting a video game parody villain boy band, with music by Jake Kaufman?
  • All of the intros are awesome in some way in another but Jirard's most recent intro takes the cake when he engages beard mode by throwing the controller in the air and catching it with a fully grown beard!
  • At the end of his review for Star Fox Zero, Jirard issues a Take That at critics like Polygon who refused to finish the game because they could not adapt to the unorthodox control scheme, and also basically gives a similar Take That to people who think he's "in the pocket of Nintendo" just because he's giving the game a positive review.