Tearjerker: The Completionist

  • In their New Super Mario Bros. U review they met a baby Yoshi which they named "Fat Baby Yoshi" which they then Squee over when they see he sings throughout the episode. Then Jirard accidentally dies while holding Fat Baby Yoshi.
  • Why We Love Video Games - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Jirard tells the story of when his mom bought home the game and how he absolutely loved it, and that his mom suffered a rare form of dementia for most of his life and that she passed away recently.
  • Greg's departure from the show. It was bad enough that he was leaving, but hearing afterwards that the two are no longer friends made it much worse.
    • Jirard's farewell video. Jirard himself seems visibly upset throughout the video.
    Jirard: This is one of the hardest videos I've ever had to make... in the history, I think, of my whole life.
    • What makes it even worse is that when Jirard responded that they were still "friends to an extent", Greg replied that they were not, and then later tweeted that Jirard was lying and he did not leave the show willingly. He later deleted the tweets, possibly due to legal claims about an NDA. Jirard's response to Greg tweeting that they weren't friends is heartbreaking.
    Jirard: Due to Greg's response on Twitter, I feel like I've tried my best to handle this as diplomatically as I can. Everyone wanted to know if we were still friends, and I tried my best to defuse the situation as I can. I'm still not going to disclose what happened. But what I will say is that yeah, we are not friends anymore.
    It wasn't over a woman, as we both have girlfriend/wives. It was over business and the blurriness of friendship.
    I apologize if it seemed like I lied, that wasn't my intention. I just didn't want to hurt fans anymore than they already were. And to a point, I'm actually more hurt because of his response.
    All I ask is for your guys' forgiveness moving forward. And if not, well, hey, I tried.
    No one wants to see mom and dad fight.
    I'm so sorry
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