Awesome: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

  • Chiro defeating Mandarin in Skeleton King:
    Chiro: (whispering) Monkey Fu.
  • Gibson coming out of nowhere and drilling Mandarin's claw off. Crosses with heartwarming when Gibson does so to save Otto, yelling "TRY BEATING HIM DISARMED!"
  • In "Belly of the Beast", a giant-sized Nova appearing in a ball of flames and rescuing Chiro from being dropped into a river of stomach acid, then beating the crap out of Mandarin.
  • The battle with the Mantadons in "The Stranded Seven" definitely counts. The training montage before counts somewhat as well.
  • Slingshot, nough said.
  • Mecha-Jinmay and the Super Robot teaming up to smash the Skeleton King's ship, The Citadel of Bone to pieces.
  • Antauri's Heroic Sacrifice turning into an Energy Being, empowering Chiro, and hijacking the Super Robot with his soul to seemingly single-handedly behead an Eldritch Abomination. Unfortunately it could regrow... Would have been awesome-er if his empowering of Chiro hadn't also been an Emergency Transformation making him mindless. Lucky they both got better.
  • Just the entire scene in part 2 of "The Savage Lands" when Antauri shows himself to the rest of the team as the silver monkey for the first time. Damn.
    • "It is I, Monkey Team! I have returned... Reborn." The quote in question is basically Antauri going "Surprise bitch" before that was even a thing.
  • Nova's refusal to give up on Sprx in the final episode to the point of being a Determinator. Crosses into heartwarming when he finally comes back.
  • Villainous example: Skeleton King in the episode with his name. This is the first time we see him up and fighting, and it's oddly satifying.
  • Olliana in "Galactic Smash." She's an all-around Badass with a laser whip— and she managed to K-O two soldiers just by swinging her hair.