Funny: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

  • While the team operates without Sprx in Magnetic Menace:
    Chiro: Super!
    Antauri: Robot!
    Gibson: Uh, Team!
    Otto: Hyper!
    Nova: Force!
    All: Go!!
    Gibson: Nobody said Monkey…
  • In Planetoid Q:
    Chiro: Otto, charge the gravitron disrupter.
    Otto: Here goes nothing!! (presses button)
    (The Super Robot loses power and then shows Chiro, Antauri, and Gibson's mortified faces)
    Gibson: Well, that was certainly nothing. Now try pushing the right button!!
    Otto: (Embarrassed) Oops!! Thanks, Gibson...
  • Everything the monkeys do in "Big Lug".
    • "It's a pen and a flashlight!"
    • "Mind over matter... is nothing compared to hands-free refreshments! What a marvelous invention!"
    • Even when they return to the Super Robot, the funny moments remain.
    Sprx: (as Antauri uses his Ghost Claws on the Sun Riders pinball machine) What are you doing, Antauri?! Get your ghost paws outta that machine!
    Antauri: What? At least I didn't tilt.
  • Every other thing Otto says. Seriously. One favorite moment of this troper's:
    Otto: (singing) Wonder Fun Meat World, a surprise in every bite!
    Chiro: Hey Otto! We're going to Wonder Fun Meat World!
    Otto: Woohoo! (pause) What's that?
    Nova: The song you were just singing?
    Otto: What song?
    • "Astroidnomical!"
  • Everything Gibson says when he becomes a Talkative Loon in Night Of Fear.
    • "Is it time for the dissection party?"
      • "Uh, Gibson? what are you doing?" "Isn't it obvious? Digging for moon rocks!"
      • "Antauri, your face! What's happened to your face?!"
      • "I have no need for your human bathroom, sir! Release me!"
      • And possibly the BEST one of the bunch was when the team had to shut off the power to the Super Robot's defense grid, which led to this gem of an exchange:
    Chiro: Let's do it!
  • "I can't believe we're going out like this; CRUSHED BY A 200 FOOT GANGSTER COLON!"
  • Otto's biggest fear in Night of Fear. Clams with feet.
  • In Flytor when Gibson is talking about how hard it would be to make a defense system...while Otto is making one in the background.
  • Skeleton King releasing some of his frustrations on a group of Formless after the Monkey Team's escape via Super-Robot-Rescue in "Pit of Doom".
    Skeleton King: *smashes Formless* Nobody told me the Robot could do that!
  • The expression on Mandarin's face when the Chiro clone he'd just been congratulating literally blows up in his face.
  • In Secret of the Sixth Monkey:
    Gibson: I have dubbed them "Biostatic Energy Amplification Darts".
    Otto : Ooh, ooh, I know! How about, the Spin Shocker!
    Gibson: Oh please, it's not a dance move!
    • And it pays off later with:
      Gibson: BIOSTATIC ENERGY——
      Otto : GIBSON!
      Gibson: Ugh. SPIN SHOCKER
  • Wonder. Fun. Meat World. As fucked up as it is the entire thing is just so over the top that you can't help but laugh every two minutes, but this one line by Chiro takes the cake.
  • Sprx having the Super Robot dressed up as the princess in World of Giants. Hilarious enough in itself for the mocking obviousness of the thing, but then you realize the robot is sentient (even if not until after this point)...