Nightmare Fuel: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

It's a show about robotic monkeys. It also has a horrific Eldritch Abominations at every corner and plenty more terrors.
  • In one episode which parodied The Wicker Man, there is a secret society worshiping the bad guy who you can see the organs of, and two of its main members are a sweet couple who had been around for four seasons before this came up.
  • The episode with Wonder Fun Meat World, which featured strange meat that caused odd rashes and is addictive. And their mascot is really an Eldritch Abomination who ate humans and could stand up to the Super Robot. It vomits humans when defeated.
  • The episode with Gyrus Krinkle, an expy of Norman Bates, in a kids show.
  • The most terrifying episode of all however, has to be I, Chiro, especially when he gets possessed.
    • "I, Chiro". Good grief, "I, Chiro"…
    • THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF "I, CHIRO". When it's not a Tear Jerker, it's this.
      • Skele-Mandarin stabbing Antauri in the back of the head with his energy blade! It doesn't kill him, but still... *shudders*
  • The Skeleton King can be really scary sometimes, usually when he's mistreating his servants. And having Mark Hamill do the voice is part of the equation.
  • The three-headed Monster Clown from the Circus Episode.
  • The fact that the series ends on a cliffhanger. Meaning ol' Skeleton King is a Karma Houdini.
  • The episode which plays homage to HP Lovecraft with a Cthulhu Expy that's revealed to be Skeleton King's eye.
  • Skeleton King worm.
  • Master Zan's true form from Antauri's Masters.
  • Skeleton King creates this in-show for the team in In The Grip of Evil.
  • Oi, several episodes were Nightmare Fuel, Circus of Ooze anyone?
    • Pretty much half the final season. Lesse... Secret Society for starters. Then Fire of Hate/Soul of Evil. I mean, between Sprx, the resurrection ritual, and Skeleton King's new look? Good grief.
      • Don't forget Incident On Ranger 7, Ghosts of Shuggazoom, and Demon Of The Deep.
  • The Probe from Ghost in the Machinder.
  • The Skeleton King Droid. Relentless, brutal, and nigh invulnerable. And then there's that voice… *shudder*
  • Virus!Gibson was incredibly creepy in "Thingy".
  • Here's a nice picture for you. A space ship is de-powered and lost in outer space. The team finds the ship and learns that the ship's crew had been there for possibly decades as gray husks and walking corpses that moan and shamble around a la Dead Space style. The team defeats them by breaking their glass face masks on their helmets which, because they are outside the ship, caused the putrid air that's been festering in their bodies for decades to be forcibly sucked out. The bodies are so fragile that the suction causes their faces to implode. You know, FOR KIDS!
    Zombie: *suction sound* "Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh." *peshck*
  • The first episode to be aired, "Chiro's Girl", ends with Sakko having Skeleton King's mechanical eye forcibly and audibly removed from his right eye socket.
  • Skele-Mandarin is mutated after being swallowed by the Dark One Worm and living in its stomach for a few months, disfigured by acid and with a claw having grown where his arm had been severed.