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If the show is revived someday...
...then the season 5 opener will be an Origins Episode which explains the events portrayed in Chiro's Opening Narration in a more detailed fashion, explaining things such as why exactly Chiro was exploring the outskirts of Shuggazoom in first place, as well as the whereabouts of his parents. Then, the following episode will continue from where "Soul of Evil" left off.

The Alchemist is Chiro's father.
Something that has been speculated for years by the fanbase. Of course, this means that Chiro has been fighting against his father the entire time.
  • It would make the Stalker Shrine mentioned on the main page significantly less creepy since a father who was forced to abandon his son collecting his son's old belongings is more understandable than a villain collecting said belongings for an unknown but probably disturbing purpose.

Johnny Sunspot is an orphan that the adult Sun Riders are responsible for.
The Sun Riders are a trio who've been together for what could have been years, and Johnny bears no resemblance to Quasar or Aurora. If Johnny had any other parent or guardian, wouldn't they wonder where he is?

Skeleton King is the future descendant of the Joker.
What can I say? His human side, the Alchemist has white skin, the voice, and how crazy he could get with the Dark One taking him over. It would be awesome if that is true.

The Frog Team have their own incarnation of the force the Power Primate represents.
The Power Primate is but one manifestation of an universal, primal force. The Veran Mystics have dedicated themselves to teach understanding and control of this power to others, developing different schools based on certain aspects. The Frog Team can tap into that force, too, control it, manipulate it, but in a different way than the Hyperforce use the Power Primate.

The Frog Team also has counterparts for Mandarin and Jinmay.
They would be team members, after all, past or present.

Despite the similarities, the Frog Team have a different origin from the Monkey Team
They had their mechanical enhancements installed on their own volition or even performed them themselves. They also did form their team consciously, compared to the Alchemist transforming the monkeys into the Hyperforce and deleting their memories of their previous life.

The Frog Team was still getting off their feet
Their initial reaction upon the droid's arrival was to flip out and they barely even make a move against the thing, which could suggest they might actually be a bunch of novices. So far, they're not off to a good start.

Johnny Sunspot used to be Peepers from Wander over Yonder.

He got sick of being Lord Hater's henchman and left to travel around the galaxy. When he came to Shuggazoom City, he heard that there were auditions for a show called The Sun Riders and decided to alter his appearance to up his chance of landing a role and avoid being recognized. During his time on and off the set, he discovered what it truly meant to be appreciated and ultimately struck around with Super Quasar and Aurora Six.

Monkeyspeak is considered an actual language
Mobius Quint makes an offhand comment about "not speaking monkey", whilst the burger guy is able to take everyone's orders without much trouble. This would make sense if "monkey" were somehow a legitimate language. Due to vocal cord evolution, people can speak monkey as well as they can understand it while the monkeys can understand English but do not have the vocal capabilities to speak it without translation devices.

Interestingly, Gibson mentions monkey!Chiro using a primitive simian language, when to us it just sounds like a bunch of monkey noises, suggesting a linguistic evolution of monkeyspeak.

Jinmay looks up to Nova and aspires to be a strong female just like her.