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Authors, and Websites

  • Recommended by presh
  • The author has written a broad variety of stories, mostly one-shots, engaging and with good characterisation. I also recommend her stories which focus on the relationship between Sprx and Nova. They range from funny to melancholic, romantic, tragic and/or serious.

General Fics

Defining Moments by Usami
  • Recommended by presh
  • Synopsis: /pre series/ But how was it possible? They were just monkeys, after all. How could they understand?
  • Warnings: Implied and shown violence to living beings; spoilers for the episode Golden Age.
  • Comments: A wonderful oneshot about the team, the Alchemist and Captain Shuggazoom in the time before Golden Age gives a intriguing glimpse into a possible past, when Antauri goes missing in the wake of someone breaking into the lab. The spotlight regarding the monkeys rests on Antauri who, while younger, is both the person we know and showing glimpses of what he'll become in the future. But he's also in-character in the way he reacts differently than his older self would, given his young age. The same goes for the rest of the future team. Captain Shuggazoom in the mean-while has to re-think his notions about the monkeys being mere animals with the events that unfold in the story.

Do It by Lee Savage
  • Recommended by nirt
  • Synopsis: AU-"Soul of Evil." He remembers, too late. Or is it? Even in the deep blackness, he sees red and green. Oneshot.
  • Warnings: Death (implied suicide?); depressing.
  • Comments: This has no happy ending. Two people face off and they both lose their lives. One wholly; one never to be whole again.

For the Better by Lee Savage
  • Recommended by nirt
  • Synopsis: Going, going, gone, and maybe he can't hurt anybody anymore.
  • Comments: Spoilers for episodes Object of Hate and Soul of Evil. A chilling look into Sprx's mind as he drifts and falls in a spiral of guilt and shame. And the reader falls with him because the words, the sentences create a rhythm which both chases and lures you to the ending and you can't escape.

Ties that Bind by Usami
  • Recommended by presh
  • Synopsis: A collection of stories about Antauri and the people who know him best.
  • Warnings: Spoilers for some episodes.
  • Comments: Each chapter is dedicated to one of the five team members and their relationship to Antauri. My personal favorites are Nova and Gibson's chapter, but each one is a small jewel.

What Lurks in the Darkness by MonkeyMindScream and Dark Flame of the Monkey
  • Recommended by flamingshurikens
  • Synopsis: There is one very important detail you must be aware of. Death is not the end. There is, surprisingly, a return trip. It is possible to retrace your steps. And yet...there are still a lot of people who want you dead. Collab-fic.
  • Comments: Takes place after the series. OC's are important to the plot. A refreshing look into the relationship between Valina and Mandarin, pairings when squinting. The OC's are interesting and enjoyable. You can easily immerse yourself into the adventure Valina and Mandarin experience. Warning, not for the weak of heart at times.