Awesome / The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess
  • Odette's reaction to being kidnapped and held by Rothbart is one long CMOA. You'd think that she'd go into full on damsel mode and spend her time as a human quivering in terror from this very powerful evil sorcerer who murdered her father in cold blood and can become a monster at the drop of a hat, yes? Nope. No matter what he does, how much he threatens her, she tells him that she will die first rather than give in and marry him. She had nothing, no power, no weapons, no back-up, but she still refused to give in. What a badass.
  • A small one. After Derek's brilliant handling of Odette's questioning about their marriage, Derek is heavily distracted and Bromley takes advantage of this to cheat blatantly and thoroughly at the chess game they're playing. However, once Derek decides his way to fix it, he effortlessly checkmates Bromley.
  • Prince Derek and Rothbart tradeing barbs, and threats just before the big fight near the end of the first film. Both boys got a chance to be pretty badass at that moment.
    Rothbart: Is that a threat?
    Rothbart: Ooooh, it is a threat.
    Derek: You're the only one with the power. Now, DO IT!
    Rothbart: (Rothbart throws Derek to the ground) Only if you defeat... me!
  • Derek Vs the Great Animal AKA Rothbart.

Escape From Castle Mountain
  • Uberta gets kidnapped by Clavius to be used as leverage against Derek and Odette. Is Uberta cowed by the fact that Clavius is an evil sorcerer and could probably kill her at any time? NO. She spends all her time ordering Clavius and his minion around when she's not throttling Clavius for having the nerve to ruin her birthday. Clavius simply wants her to shut up and is on the verge of an aneurysm but his henchman Knuckles keeps obediently doing what Uberta wants.
  • Clavius himself has CMOA with his song that he sings with a guitar that's made of magic.
  • Odette saves Derek from a bog in her swan form.
  • The fact that Odette bravely and willingly demanded Bridgett turn her into a swan so she could reach Derek in time, even after being warned that this time she could be stuck as a swan forever.

The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure
  • Puffin and Whizzer lodge a rock on Odette's green fire prison, allowing her to escape without being obliterated.
  • Whizzer manages to imitate Rothbart, distracting Zelda long enough allowing Derek enough time to destroy her wand, sending her into the green fireball, killing her.

The Swan Princess Christmas
  • Rothbart's back. Even in death, he does not, emphasis on NOT, let his defeat at the hands of Derek slide and plans an elaborate revenge plan from beyond the grave that culminates in his resurrection. True, he gets defeated again, but he still proves himself to be as capable as he was before his first death.

A Royal Family Tale
  • Derek again proves his Improbable Aiming Skills by firing an arrow at a trip wire in order to prematurely trigger a trap. He notices every one that is set by the trap master brothers.
  • Odette takes an active and frontline role in rescuing Alise. She effortlessly scales a mountain that the Scullions had trouble with and then tries several means of breaking through the solid stone doors of the cage. In the words of Scully "there's no strength like a mother's love."
  • Scully is a potion master: he can made antidotes to deadly poisons while chatting, sleeping potions that simulate death, and even potions that allow him to transform into other creatures. He's basically the wise-old-hermit-guru archetype in a flying squirrel.
  • Scully's Heroic Sacrifice is awesome because of the details of it. He was currently seeing double due to a poison infection from earlier and so he saw two of the Forbidden Art's Orb. He could have tried his luck and simply thrown the rock he had but if he missed then Odette was a goner so he jumped. That way he could better guide the rock as his vision cleared. Odette commissions a statue of him for this and its engraving states "Long live the Age of Goodness."

Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today
  • The "rescue mission" at the start to save Alise from Uberta's Princess Bootcamp. They had Puffin and the Scully guards totally fooled. They would have gotten away clean if not for "morning yoga".
  • Lucas is a pro at living and surviving. The boggs don't even know they're sharing an island with him. He uses these skills to provide for himself, save Alise at the beginning, help Alise save Rogers and then get disappear when they arrive at the kingdom's dock.
  • Alise is a quick learner. After spending a day with Lucas she knows him well enough to track him down and flush him out of hiding. She always just a second too slow or looking in a likely-but-wrong place but it is clear that she's pressing Lucas far more than the boggs ever did. She eventually catches him.
  • During the rescue itself, Alise has the central role - freeing Rogers and getting him out. When a bogg unexpectedly notices her, she quickly pulls out an impersonation gambit that fools them.