Awesome: The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess
  • Prince Derek and Rothbart tradeing barbs, and threats just before the big fight near the end of the first film. Both boys got a chance to be pretty Bad Ass at that moment.
    Rothbart: Is that a threat?
    Rothbart: Ooooh, it is a threat.
    Derek: You're the only one with the power. Now, DO IT!
    Rothbart: (Rothbart throws Derek to the ground) Only if you defeat... me!
  • Derek Vs the Great Animal AKA Rothbart.

Escape From Castle Mountain
  • Uberta gets kidnapped by Clavius to be used as leverage against Derek and Odette. Is Uberta cowed by the fact that Clavius is an evil sorcerer and could probably kill her at any time? NO. She spends all her time ordering Clavius and his minion around when she's not throttling Clavius for having the nerve to ruin her birthday. Clavius simply wants her to shut up and is on the verge of an aneurysm but his henchman Knuckles keeps obediently doing what Uberta wants.

  • Clavius himself has CMOA with his song. With a guitar. Made of magic.

  • Odette saves Derek from a bog in her swan form.

The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

The Swan Princess Christmas