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The Swan Princess
  • King William and Queen Uberta singing about how the young Odette and Derek are getting along, oblivious to what's going on behind them. While they're singing, it's obvious that the kids are definitely not getting along.
  • Derek's ingenious answer to Odette's asking if he likes her for more than just her looks.
    Odette: Is beauty all that matters to you?
    Derek: (stammers) ...What else is there?
    Rogers: (imitates a buzzer)
    • Later Rogers is still no help.
    Rogers: You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less.
  • Odette's response to Rothbart's (rather lame) most recent marriage proposal. And his response to her answer.
    Odette: Every night you ask the same question. And every night I give you the same answer...
    Rothbart: DON'T!
    Odette: ...I'll die first.
    Rothbart: You know... you are really starting to bug me!
    Odette: I would think you'd be use to it by now.
    Rothbart: That's it! Just keep pushin' it! But someday, I'm gonna boil over!
  • "No more Mr. Nice Guy. Not for me..."
  • When, after Jean-Bob finally gets a kiss from Odette. And thinking he's now a handsome prince (though he isn't, of course) goes to the celebrations. And gets screamed at for his troubles.
  • Jean-Bob attempting to get the flowers on the other side of the lake for Odette. There's even this line from Speed right before he goes swinging into the gators.
    Speed: Just curious: how are you gonna get back?
    Jean-Bob: (Oh Crap! face, before the stick starts swinging)
  • The musical sequence for 'Practice, Practice, Practice' involves the servants dressing up as animals. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Special mention goes to this little gem:
    • Rogers ordering the musicians to act more like animals by growling and snarling - and only the guy dressed as a rabbit responds.
    "Not you, Wesley, you're a rrrrabbit!"
    • The musicians bitching about having to do it.
    Leader: Lord Rogers, I must protest! We are musicians, not animals!
    Rogers: The servants had the day off, we had to use someone!
    Leader: I am an ARTIST, not a BOAR!
    Rogers: *muttering* Coulda fooled me...
  • This was a rather subtle moment, but, earlier Bridget had been seen nursing an infatuation with the Chamberlain during Rothbart's Villain Song. When Bridget shows up as the fake Odette to Uberta's ball, she winked at the Chamberlain as she walked in. She was flirting with him.
  • This line from Jean-Bob:
  • During the 'Princesses On Parade' number, we see a few princesses from different kingdoms: one with a cotton dress decked out in ears of corn (apparently she made it herself), Antonia, who shoves two other girls out of her way and does a cartwheel/backflip combo when greeting Derek, Brizzelda, who blows kisses to people and sends Derek into a dizzying spin while shaking his hand, and then Brunhilde, a princess whose dress in made entirely of heavy armor. When she slides off her equally armored horse, there is an audible clang! beneath the music.
  • During the final showdown between Rothbart and Derek, Puffin realizes that Derek needs his bow. So he grabs Jean-Bob and hurls him, screaming, into the lake to retrieve it.

Escape From Castle Mountain
  • Uberta throttling Clavius once he reveals that he kidnapped her.
  • Puffin keeps saying for Jean-Bob to have "no fear", and at the very end, after being sick of that Catch Phrase, Jean-Bob just grabs his beak and growls, "Quiet, or I'll rip your beak off!"
  • Jean-Bob accidentally being turned into a prince.

The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom
  • "Dear Muffin, I hate you. Love, Pumpkin."
    • From the same scene: "Now, shape up, or I'll pop ya one!"

The Swan Princess Christmas

A Royal Family Tale
  • When Alise is confirmed to lack any living relatives, and thus, be free and clear for adoption, Derek is so happy that he confuses his nouns. "I'm going to be a mom! I mean, I you're (Odette) going to be a dad! I mean..."
  • When Bridget plays Hide-And-Seek with Alise she seeks like a dog by putting her nose to the ground and sniffing. Onlookers look baffled and suggest someone bring out dog treats.
  • Watching Uberta, Rogers, etc. getting kidnapped by an army of flying squirrels is so ridiculous it's hard not to laugh.