Awesome: Rocko's Modern Life

  • In Teed Off, Mr. Bighead is having a rigged golf game with his boss because his coworkers and golf gardeners keep firing pianos to destroy his golf balls. Heffer, working as a gardener at the time, finds out and tries to make Bighead win (despite the fact he was SUPPOSE to lose). After a few shots of the balls getting in the holes, the coworkers get desperate and resort to rapid piano firing on the poor toad to stitches, but still losing. Then on the last hole, Bighead shoots his ball to the opposite direction and to a lake, which meant Mr. Dupette wins by default... only for Heffer to reclaim the golf ball in the lake and raise from the water in a FLYING TRACTOR like an airplane (the razors usually pointed down were raised up like copters) and fly through the air to sink the ball into the hole. All the while dodging pianos homing in on him. And when he does, his tractor gets shot down and crash lands at the base of piano launchers. Probably one of Heffer's most defining (if not random) moment of awesome.
  • The ending to "Rocko's Happy Sack", where Rocko threatens to "do something not nice" to Filburt if he doesn't change his mind about the 99% off sale finishing literally one second before Rocko's total is read off. It works.
    • And then there was the gorilla married to a manatee who was so disgusted at some random Jerkass professing his belief in sea mammal genocide that he dragged him off-screen and beat the crap out of him.
  • In Jet Scream, Rocko has a rough time experiencing airplane travel; especially by a brat pig kid that was causing mischief to him (as well as the other passengers). After being fed up (and having his head filled with air when trying to listen to music via headphones), he nonchalantly grabs him while he's running around the aisle and STUFFS HIM in a cabinet above his seat. Immediately after, everyone stares at him like he's some sick fiend, but suddenly cheered for him. You have to admit, he REALLY deserved that cheer.
  • In Leap Frogs, despite Mrs. Bighead acting as Mrs. Robinson Abhorrent Admirer to Rocko for most of the episode, the minute Ed openly insults Bev and she begins to cry, Rocko calls Ed out on his cruelness and says Bev is a wonderful woman who could have any man she wants, culminating in him kissing Bev on the hand before leaving. It then leads to Bev and Ed making up and regaining the spark in their marriage, which is not destroyed by Status Quo Is God. Rocko actually saved the Bigheads' marriage.
  • In "Pranksters," Filbert pulls off an April Fools prank that puts Heffer through a massive Humiliation Conga.
  • In "Commuted Sentence," Rocko is constantly late for work and his car even gets impounded. After Mr. Smitty finally fires him, a depressed Rocko gets offered a new job: towing illegally parked cars. Turns out everyone in O-Town parks illegally, but guess whose car he comes across first.
    Rocko: (politely) Hi, Mr. Smitty! I got a new job!
  • A Meta Moment Of Awesome: Wacky Delly, performed live with the original cast.
  • The intro. Just...the intro. Enough said.