Heartwarming: Rocko's Modern Life

  • In I Have No Son!, both Ed Bighead and his cartoonist son Ralph Bighead refuse to accept the other as family due to a difference in ideals. Ed wanted his son to work for Conglom-O, but pretty much disowned him when his speech turned out to be his announcement to move to Holl-O-wood and be a cartoonist. Despite all that, they each kept their halves of the split ceremonial donut, and when Ed finds this out during their intervention, his is touched by how Ralph does care about Conglom-O. Ralph corrects him that he didn't care about Conglom-O, but his father. Cue heartwarming hug and acceptance, as well as Ed asking if he makes a lot of money, which Ralph shows off his checkbook. "Ha! That's my boy!". It's even more warming in that it's the first time Ed actually comes out a winner.
  • In "An Elk for Heffer," Heffer (having pretended to be an elk) brings his new girlfriend Elkie home for dinner. (Unbeknownst to Heffer, he was supposed to bring an elk home to be eaten by the rest of the family.) However, when Heffer reveals he's not really an elk, Elkie immediately wants to break up. Heffer's father George instantly switches gears from wanting dinner to defending his son.
    "What's the matter?! He's not good enough for you?! ... So what if he's not an elk? He's not a wolf, either, but we love him anyway."
  • The Christmas episode, where Mr. Bighead finally gets his party invite, and Rocko's parents phone him all the way from Australia.
  • The episode S.W.A.K. In the end, It looks like Rocko is going to lose yet again, but the mail carrier that he has a crush on turns out to return his affections. Aww.