Heartwarming / Rocko's Modern Life

  • In I Have No Son!, both Ed Bighead and his cartoonist son Ralph Bighead refuse to accept the other as family due to a difference in ideals. Ed wanted his son to work for Conglom-O, but pretty much disowned him when his speech turned out to be his announcement to move to Holl-O-wood and be a cartoonist. Despite all that, they each kept their halves of the split ceremonial donut, and when Ed finds this out during their intervention, his is touched by how Ralph does care about Conglom-O. Ralph corrects him that he didn't care about Conglom-O, but his father. Cue heartwarming hug and acceptance, as well as Ed asking if he makes a lot of money, which Ralph shows off his checkbook. "Ha! That's my boy!". It's even more warming in that it's the first time Ed actually comes out a winner.
    • In a later episode, when Ralph approaches Rocko about working on a new cartoon for him (in an attempt to sabotage his contract to get the chance to build his dream masterpiece), his own dad, the same one who once disowned him for being a cartoonist, chastises him and says Rocko's idiocy will destroy his career. It shows that in the time since they patched up their relationship, Ed's actually grown to respect what his son does and doesn't want Rocko or his friends to taint it. (It turns into a Funny Moment moments later when Ralph explains that he KNOWS Rocko's idea will likely destroy his career, that he WANTS that to happen to try his hand as an actual artist and the look on Ed's face showing he's starting to get where his son is going with the plan.) When this backfires, he goes to his father for help in taking down Rocko. Nowhere in the series do we see Ed happier.
  • In "An Elk for Heffer," Heffer (having pretended to be an elk) brings his new girlfriend Elkie home for dinner. (Unbeknownst to Heffer, he was supposed to bring an elk home to be eaten by the rest of the family.) However, when Heffer reveals he's not really an elk, Elkie immediately wants to break up. Heffer's father George instantly switches gears from wanting dinner to defending his son.
    "What's the matter?! He's not good enough for you?! ...So what if he's not an elk? He's not a wolf, either, but we love him anyway."
    • On that note, the Wolf pack's response when they find out that Heffer's not a wolf but a cow (someone they would eat). Instead of getting angry or being shocked, they simply shrug it off and state that even if he's not a wolf, he still has to abide by the pack's traditions. Quite an accepting wolf pack.
  • The Christmas episode, where Mr. Bighead finally gets his party invite, and Rocko's parents phone him all the way from Australia.
  • The episode S.W.A.K. In the end, it looks like Rocko is going to lose yet again, but the mail carrier that he has a crush on turns out to return his affections. Aww.
  • Earl, the psychotic dog that tended to show up from time to time, finally met his match when he went up against Bev Bighead. Bev's pretty much the only person who wasn't afraid of Earl AND got him to stop messing up her garden. However, Bev actually feels bad about it when Earl looks as though he's about to cry, and when Bev realizes he was used as a lab animal she swears to take him in and make sure nothing like that ever happens again. As such, while Earl doesn't necessarily turn good, he becomes fiercely devoted to Bev and she treats him like a second child.
  • Rocko and Spunky's relationship is completely adorable. Despite all of Spunky's flaws and his tendency to get into trouble, Rocko is proud to have him. "Trash-O-Maddness" even ends with Rocko telling Spunky how much he loves him.
    "Since I'm on my own now, you're all I've got. I'd do anything for you, Spunky."
  • The episode "Who's For Dinner" has Heffer invite Rocko to his house for dinner, where Rocko finds out Heffer was adopted by a pack of wolves named Wolfes. Which Heffer didn't know. When Rocko unwittingly lets the cat out of the bag, a devastated Heffer asks if it's true, and his mother tells him they found him under a tree at a farm looking skinny. They were originally planning to fatten him up for dinner, but grew to love him and adopted him into the family. After going around and eating at multiple restaurants, he gets a vision of his real father, who is less than excited to see him. The farmer comes around to tell him his family and Rocko were looking for him, looking upset while doing so. He then runs home and tells them they're his real family. The episode ends with all of them sitting on the roof, howling at the moon.
    • SLIGHTLY subverted by the fact that only moments before, Heffer barfed all over them (from George squeezing him).
  • "Speaking Terms" has Rocko and Heffer in a day-time talk show over an argument (long story short, Heffer forgot Rocko's birthday and Rocko overreacted). They're not best friends anymore, refusing to talk to each other for three days, but after some intervention with Heffer's mom (an audience member in the show), they finally apologize and make up, admitting they want to stay best friends.