Headscratchers / Rocko's Modern Life

  • Is it just me, or does it seem like after Filburt and Dr. Hutchinson got married, there seemed to be little subtle hints that she was cheating on him? Perhaps one of their kids looking exactly like Heffer isn't quite so subtle (though they never explicitily suggested that she and Heffer had any kind of encounters), but there did seem to be other hints, such as this:
    Hutchinson: I keep a baboon's heart under my pillow.
    Filburt: What's that?
    Hutchinson: Uh, nothing dear. *Chuckle*
    • Heffer egg-sat for them before they were hatched. Clearly it was genetic osmosis.
  • Why exactly is Dr. Hutchison's mother named "Widow Hutchison" when her husband is alive the whole time? And he's a turtle!
    • It's likely he left her ("Frank! You've come back! Wait, I still love you!") Hutch also mentions an falling out as well, I think, and it turned her in the usual bitter, spinster type since she thinks of him as "dead", almost like Mr. Bighead's I Have No Son thing with Ralph. The turtle thing could be Irony considering Hutch's mom seems an little more than eager for her and Filbert to split up along the lines of "don't follow in my footsteps because I fell in love with an turtle and look what happened to me." Hutch's dad even lampshades the mourning thing.
    Frank: Still in mourning, I see?
    Widow Hutchison: Shut Up.
  • Rocko seems like a guy with good hygiene and is often neat and self-conscious. Why does he often keep his house such an awful mess?
    • Even neat people have times when they just forget to do stuff.
  • Why does Ed Bighead's position in Conglom-O change in different episodes, one episode had him as a CEO but then it got changed to Mr. Dupete as the CEO despite being a boss at a comic store, how does that work?
    • Maybe Conglom-O owns the comic store and he works there some days to make sure things are going smoothly. He could be an Undercover Boss.
    • Considering the episode where Ed was the CEO, while Mr. Dupette ran a comic book store was one of the first, it's possible that it was all a Retcon since earlier episodes of almost every show tend to have different continuity than the rest of the series.
      • I don't think Mr. Bighead was CEO in "Canned" (the episode in question). His office with the big screen was only on the first floor just off the product testing area. It seemed he was just in charge of that department.
    • Early Installment Weirdness?
  • Seriously, BESIDES the gist of the plot in the episode "Spitballs", what was the point of Rocko going to a baseball game just to get a foul ball when he could just simply buy another one at the store?
    • It wouldn't be the same. He loved the foul ball because he caught it. It was his. So when he lost it, in order to find a suitable replacement, it'd need to be another actual foul ball he himself was there to retrieve. Getting one from some collectible store just wouldn't be the same. My problem with "Spitballs" is more that if he valued the thing so much, why play with it, risking losing it, which is exactly what happened?
  • No matter how many times I watch "Future Schlock", I can't wrap my head around the whole monkey as a banana agent thing. I get he's a space monkey. I get that the apparent president of space bananas was in a black briefcase. I can even suspend my disbelief that Mr. Bighead somehow got hold of both of them. What I DON'T get is how a regular EARTH banana (with a sticker) made the monkey go ballistic, hitch a ride on the Conglom-O rocket, and one of the bananas saying that Bighead might have gotten away with traffiking if he had peeled off the sticker. THE BANANA HEFFER GAVE THE MONKEY WAS NOT THE SAME AS THE ONE MR. BIGHEAD WAS KEEPING HOSTAGE, AS WE JUST SAW THE OLD WRINKLED BANANA PRESIDENT CARRIED OFF IN A STRETCHER! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?
  • At the end of "Rinse and Spit", why is Filbert denied his dentist license? Hutchinson's clip board showed that one of the requirements was stop the giant tooth (which indicates the academy knew would happen), and Filbert did just that, so why didn't he pass at the end?
    • He probably didn't score high enough all throughout. Just because he did all the requirements, he probably failed to get an adequate score in some of the tests, including the giant tooth monster (after all, he only got lucky throwing Hutchinson's hook into the cavity and initially thought dressing up as a tooth fairy would work).