Awesome / Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

  • You've been on the run from the Nemesis since the first ten minutes of gameplay, and even after blasting him twice with a gigantic rail gun, he's still alive. That in itself counts as a Moment of Awesome for the BOW, but if you choose to finish him, Jill gets to pump six magnum rounds into his skull, as she delivers a mocking one-liner that pokes fun at Nemesis' Catch-Phrase:
    Jill: You want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S!
    • The first fight against Nemesis in the Dead Factory's disposal room is also immensely cathartic; you can blast off his arm and head using the room's acid dispensers, leaving Nemesis a flailing wreck.
  • Jill finds Mikhail Victor, Umbrella's mercenary captain, mortally wounded in the cable car. If for some reason she decides to return before fixing the car she finds Mikhail, his guts spilling out of him, firing on a wave of zombies with his M4, to truly badass music. He then kicks an explosive canister towards them and shoots it (if Jill hadn't before) or throws a grenade. And Jill still bitches him out for having some type of death wish.
  • When you get to the factory, you find the remains of a U.S Military Special Forces team. Whoever these guys were, they were badass. They managed to kill three mutated Mr. X tyrants—including blasting one into a wall with a rail gun—before dying, presumably fighting them all at once.
  • In a cutscene Mikhail bravely takes on Nemesis even when he's wounded.
    Mikhail Just a little closer... You lose. *pulls the safety pin out of a grenade and blows Nemesis out of a window with it while killing himself*
  • Barry Burton shows up to rescue Jill in the alternate ending, providing her and Carlos with a lift out of Raccoon City before the entire city is nuked. Not bad for his final canon appearance until Revelations 2 years later.