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Awesome: Muppet Treasure Island
  • At the climax, Long John is holding Bejamina at gunpoint, and Kermit dramatically comes to her rescue.
  • Blind Pew, when he first appears, makes one Blind Mistake (I mean, visually-challenged mistake) after another. When Billy Bones cocks his pistol, Pew does an amazing flip and pins Billy to the wall, pointing the gun to the floor.
  • Mrs. Bluberidge holding off the pirates so Jim and the others can escape.
  • The Villain Song "Shiver My Timbers". Also the other Villain Song, "Professional Pirate."
  • The Squire (Fozzie) being saved by... the little man who lives in his finger.
  • After Kermit's sword goes flying, and Jim and the whole gang come to his rescue, including Rizzo! And they all look rather dashing to boot!
    • ...... Kermit can FRIGGIN' FIGHT WITH A SWORD! When did he practice that?!
    Kermit: Not bad for an amphibian!
  • Long John Silver taking about half a minute to intimidate his mutinous crew into letting him be their leader again, while tied to a tree.
    • Tim Curry's entire performance is just wonderful to watch. When a single human actor can manage to upstage the entire Muppet cast, Miss Piggy included...
  • Sam the Eagle dual wielding cutlasses in the fight scene.
    • The fact that Sam the Eagle's version of Mr. Arrow was, and still is the only version to live all the way to the end of the story.
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