Awesome: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • The fact that they can make a Muppet version of 'The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' actually look spooky is no easy task, yet these guys make it look easy.
    • Also, the Ghost of Christmas Present, which was the most complex Muppet made up to that point.
  • Piggy, despite now being a content housewife, is just as badass as ever.
    Scrooge: I am about to raise your salary!
    Piggy/Emily: (puts up her fists to fight Scrooge) And I am about to raise you right off the paveme... Pardon?
  • Michael Caine himself, simply for being able to keep Kermit and Co from stealing the show.
  • The fact that they not only included large chunks of Dickensian prose and dialogue, but actually worked some of it into the songs.
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