Trivia / The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Actor Allusion: Several, regarding the Muppet actors:
    • Sam the Eagle, as a gaffe, says his Catch-Phrase "It's the American Way" when telling Young Ebenezer he is to join a business upon graduation. Ebenezer gives him a confused look and Gonzo has to hushedly inform Sam that they're in England, whereupon Sam amends his catchphrase to "It's the British way."
    • Jacob and Robert Marley, during Fozziwig's Christmas party, has them sitting in a VIP balcony for some reason while heckling Fozziwig. Guess who the Marley brothers are portrayed by (and Fozziwig, for that matter)?
    • Gonzo retains his attraction to chickens, introducing one he and Rizzo somehow pickup while being dragged through the woods as Louise, and getting Distracted by the Sexy when Camilla walks by at Fozziwig's.
    • In the musical number after Scrooge's change of heart, the ensemble passes a shop called Micklewhite's. Scrooge is played by Michael Caine, whose real name is Maurice Micklewhite.
    • Another storefront bears the names "Statler and Waldorf," after the two old cranks who routinely heckle the Muppet performances (and who appear in the film as the Marley brothers).
    • Another one says "Duncan & Kenworthy, Booksellers", after Duncan Kenworthy, the film's producer.
  • Cut Song: "When Love Is Gone" is absent from the original theatrical release, some versions of the DVD, and the Blu-Ray, but appeared on the many TV airings (before later Christmas specials supplanted it) and the VHS and laserdisc copies. Especially egregious because it's reprised at the end with different lyrics...
    • There's another verse on "Marley and Marley," but only on the soundtrack:
      We're Marley and Marley,
      And now it's time to part (doot doot)
      To go back where they keep our kind,
      The wretched and the heartless

      The news we've shared has got you scared
      We're glad that we got through
      So make amends (and make some friends!)
      The future's up to you!
      • The way the track is set up on the OST makes it sound like the explanation of the spirits originally came after this part, but in practice it probably ran on a little too long and was cut from the final filmed version.
      • The soundtrack, as mentioned, has the expanded version of this along with wholly Cut Songs for Honeydew and Sam the Eagle (which are not present in any released film cut and were apparently not filmed at all).
  • Hilarious Outtakes: In them, it shows props not cooperating with the script. Meanwhile, the puppet handlers have the "actors" lounge around and grow increasingly annoyed at the scene not going as planned.
  • In Memoriam: The movie starts with white text on a black background: In loving memory of Jim Henson and Richard Hunt.
  • The Other Darrin: This was the first appearance of Steve Whitmire as Kermitnote  and Beaker, Jerry Nelson as Statlernote , and Dave Goelz as Waldorf.
  • Recycled Trailer Music: The Beetlejuice theme is briefly played during the original 1992 trailer.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: Ray Coulthard makes an incredibly convincing version of a younger Scrooge/Michael Caine.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Michael Caine took the role of Scrooge because his then seven-year-old daughter was too young to see any of his films. He wound up having a blast making the film and considers it one of his favorites.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the three ghosts that visit Scrooge were to have been played by Miss Piggy, Scooter, and Gonzo (the last of the three as "The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" - with only his nose sticking out of his dark hood). But the writers wanted to use those Muppets far more in the story than simply using them as the Ghosts would have allowed for.