Trivia: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Actor Allusion: Several, regarding the Muppet actors:
    • Sam the Eagle, as a gaffe, says his Catch Phrase "It's the American Way" when telling Young Ebenezer he is to join a business upon graduation. Ebenezer gives him a confused look and Gonzo has to hushedly inform Sam that they're in England, whereupon Sam amends his catchphrase to "It's the British way."
    • Jacob and Robert Marley, during Fozziwig's christmas party, has them sitting in a VIP balcony for some reason while heckling Fozziwig. Guess who the Marley brothers are portrayed by (and Fozziwig, for that matter)?
    • Gonzo retains his attraction to chickens, introducing one he and Rizzo somehow pickup while being dragged through the woods as Louise, and getting Distracted by the Sexy when Camilla walks by at Fozziwig's.
  • In Memoriam: The movie starts with white text on a black background: In loving memory of Jim Henson and Richard Hunt.
  • The Other Darrin: This was the first appearance of Steve Whitmire as Kermitnote  and Beaker, Jerry Nelson as Statler, and Dave Goelz as Waldorf.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the three ghosts that visit Scrooge were to have been played by Miss Piggy, Scooter, and Gonzo (the last of the three as "The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" - with only his nose sticking out of his dark hood).