Awesome / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

  • The end of the Dark Star Core/Dark Bowser battle. After Mario and Luigi destroy the Dark Star Core, Bowser finishes off Dark Bowser with five punches, the last one being the sliding punch that you cannot usually use in battle. After Dark Bowser explodes, he does the same victory pose and roar he does whenever he levels up.
  • Bowser's moment of Heroic Willpower, with help from Starlow.
    Dark Bowser: Soon, this kingdom will vanish along with all who dwell within. And you too will sleep eternally in the dark powers' embrace!
  • It's a tie between the first time in Bowser's Inside Story that The Mario Bros. have to revive Bowser and he turns giant as a result - and then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of his own castle and in the beginning of the game when Peach smacks Bowser halfway across the Mushroom Kingdom, quite literally.
    • Even better - in tune with some Continuity Porn, she uses her Wish power (see SMRPG and Paper Mario) and, together with Starlow, not only casts an Epic Level Drain, she also levitates him up, and with the tiniest hand movement, sends him flying. Clearly, one does not bother the Princess when her Kingdom needs help.
    • How about when Giant Bowser has to fight Fawfulized Peach Castle, which has a freaking black hole gun that fires at the start of the battle, and again halfway through, and both black holes can suck in either Bowser or Fawful Castle, causing damage. The punch maneuver is your friend in the second half of this battle, as a force field prevents fire damage to Fawful Castle after it takes about 50% damage. Hope you burninated the castle to get Refreshrooms beforehand.
      • The actual cutscene for this was also pretty awesome. Bowser growing about ten times larger, right outside of Toad Town, with all the Toads running around screaming "It's Bowser!" "Flee!"
  • As Fawful absorbs the power of the Dark Star, he taunts Bowser about how powerful he is becoming, as he turns to a dark silhouette with red eyes. Then, Bowser steps forward and smashes him in the face, sending him flying.
  • Fawful as a villain is this, as Fawful's Minion would tell you (21:43 in). He started out in Superstar Saga as The Dragon to Cackletta, and also the one who did most of the work, from his destruction of the Koopa Cruiser, to his constantly getting in the Bros. way, to even giving his his master the means to possess Bowser. After his defeat, he retreats into the sewers for the entirety of Partners in Time, awaiting the day he can rise up and strike again. Then, come this game, he finally does. He successfully takes over both Bowser's Castle and Peach's Castle, turning the latter into his final base of operations, and eventually fuses with an ancient evil, which threatens to consume the entire Mushroom Kingdom. He went from a lowly, but tenacious minion, to one of the biggest threats the kingdom had ever known, and even though he had his minions (which, by the way, most of them were built by him, or bent to his will), all of his major accomplishments were entirely his own.
  • If you manage to defeat Bowser X, it becomes an awesome moment for you as the Emoglobin host will proclaim "You two, best globins ever!"
  • It's relatively small, but hearing Bowser say Mario's name. It's not said through a chat bubble or a subtitle, but through his own deep, intimidating voice.