Awesome: Mall Fight

  • Tox in his early years in Mall Fight doing a Shoop-Da-Whoop so powerful that it destroyed a Zerg Rush, Saber's Landsub, went straight into space and blew up the planet Molxa.
  • Connor shooting Female Sam G's crotch, rocketing her miles away.
  • Tox and Waffles doing a bro-fist so epic that it blew up the planet Molxa again.
  • Waffles downing a Dalek Armada ship with one finger blast.
  • Waffles stealing a runaway train, pulling a massive U-turn, moving a ramp in front of the train with his Dalek Telekinesis, ramming into a Clock Tower, killing Tox, Connor, and Knife, while wearing MLP Plushie Armor.
  • Nega Knife's epic final battle with Sister in Knife's Mall Fight, as well as Tox's final battle with Nega Tox in Mall Fight 3.
  • Nega Knife blocking a Rocket Punch with his dick.
  • The fight between Nemesis and Mango Sentinel.
  • Diablo making good on his aspirations to be evil.
  • The credits to Mall Fight 7.
  • The really real Tox making an actual opening scene for Mall Fight 8.
    • And Earthventure.
      • And Mall Fight 9.
  • Waffles and Tox fighting on steroids and hallucinogenics, respectively.
  • Daeron barely escaping the furniture store before it is blown up by Missingno.
  • The fight against the Hunter Killers, and Daeron's escape from the Purger.
  • Everyone vs. Tom. Hell yes.
  • Daeron and Waffles "accidentally" obliterating all of Eric's porn.
  • The battle at the Tower of Babel, which included: getting drunk, fighting for a lifetime supply of porn, and countless explosions.
  • Justin staring directly at a explosion causing it to retreat out of fear. He then lights a cigarette with it and calls it a pussy.
  • Waffles/Justin' verbal beatdown of Eric and finally him banning once and for good.
    Waffles: I will not stand for the mockery of something I helped pioneer.
  • Salt and Waffles awakening there God powers at the same time and fighting each other to test it out. They leveled a wing of the Mall.
    • Most of this was the two of them just throwing tougher and tougher punches at one another.
  • There's been at least two instances where Salt has landed a critical hit at the last moment and won for it in Earthventure. The first had a rival necromancer kill her horde and move onto to kill her. Salt tapped his forehead and ended up making him a frozen statue. Then again, when surrounded by Anubis-led skeletons, she ended up freezing the whole of them with a natural 20.
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