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Awesome: Mall Fight
  • Tox in his early years in Mall Fight doing a Shoop-Da-Whoop so powerful that it destroyed a Zerg Rush, Saber's Landsub, went straight into space and blew up the planet Molxa.
  • Connor shooting Female Sam G's crotch, rocketing her miles away.
  • Tox and Waffles doing a bro-fist so epic that it blew up the planet Molxa again.
  • Waffles downing a Dalek Armada ship with one finger blast.
  • Waffles stealing a runaway train, pulling a massive U-turn, moving a ramp in front of the train with his Dalek Telekinesis, ramming into a Clock Tower, killing Tox, Connor, and Knife, while wearing MLP Plushie Armor.
  • Martin taking out DAAAAARRRRRRRRK ERIC via Chuck Norris. Invasion Canada, indeed.
  • Nega Knife's epic final battle with Sister in Knife's Mall Fight, as well as Tox's final battle with Nega Tox in Mall Fight 3.
  • Tox and Nega Tox fighting eachother in a vortex for 2 weeks.
    • However, the fight ended up in the stalest stalemate in history.
  • Futox making a herd of salamanders fly and even go into "Stealth" mode.
  • Xot shooting Toxter in the head, causing him to fall into a massive pit of fire.
  • Nega Knife blocking a Rocket Punch with his dick.
  • Nega Tox's insane planning that makes Light Yagami look like a rookie.
  • The fight between Nemesis and Mango Sentinel.
  • Diablo making good on his aspirations to be evil.
  • The credits to Mall Fight 7.
  • The really real Tox making an actual opening scene for Mall Fight 8.
  • Waffles and Tox fighting on steroids and hallucinogenics, respectively.
  • Daeron barely escaping the furniture store before it is blown up by Missingno.
  • The fight against the Hunter Killers, and Daeron's escape from the Purger.
  • Everyone vs. Tom. Hell yes.
  • Daeron and Waffles "accidentally" obliterating all of Eric's porn.
  • The battle at the Tower of Babel, which included: getting drunk, fighting for a lifetime supply of porn, and countless explosions.
  • Justin staring directly at a explosion causing it to retreat out of fear. He then lights a cigarette with it and calls it a pussy.
  • Waffles/Justin verbal beatdown of Eric and finally him banning once and for good.
    Waffles: I will not stand for the mockery of something I helped pioneer.
  • Salt and Waffles awakening there God powers at the same time and fighting each other to test it out. They leveled a wing of the Mall.
    • Most of this was the two of them just throwing tougher and tougher punches at one another.
  • The first thing Salt does when she enters the Mall is kills Tox with her sword, The American Way, wait till he respawn and then interrogates him to the whereabouts of her wife.
  • There's been at least two instances where Salt has landed a critical hit at the last moment and won for it in Earthventure. The first had a rival necromancer kill her horde and move onto to kill her. Salt tapped his forehead and ended up making him a frozen statue. Then again, when surrounded by Anubis-led skeletons, she ended up freezing the whole of them with a natural 20.
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