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Heartwarming: Mall Fight
  • Tox/Zaffran and Waffles/Justin examples:
    • Within five minutes of meeting each other, Tox and Waffles became immediate friends.
    • Zaffran telling Justin to trust him -even though, he's lied to him several times before- and Justin doing so because they were friends.
    • After a large fight between two, Justin and Zaffran reunite after three months, agreeing that they were bothing acting childish and made up.
  • Any time Daeron is alone with another character, expect the case of the warm-fuzzy.
  • After a quick battle, Diamond consoles Salt about giving up Sister.
    Salt: I get you're trying to make me feel better, but you have to understand. Getting her the football nad the biscuit is my only chance.
    Diamond: For what? Her magically loving you? Because that's not how love works. You have to appeal to the human nature instead of the materialistic nature. You can't buy love.
    Salt: It's not 'buying' her love. She agreed if I got it for her...we would go on a date.
    Diamond: That's buying, Salt.
    Salt: Then what the hell else do you expect me to do?
    Diamond: Move on. Its hard, I know, but you have to do it.
  • A Meta example, Salt coming out as transgender and everyone accepting her with open arms, along with using the appropriate gender pronouns.
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