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Shout Out / Mall Fight

Whatever the Mall Fighters are fans of will get this, if not a full crossover.
  • A large part of Mall Fight 2 was a reference to the Ultima series, notably Martin's soul being put into the Black Sword from the Forge of Virtue, the add-on of Ultima VII: The Black Gate.
  • The entire first round of the Mall Fight 2 finale was a massive Madness Combat reference.
  • The Hypercube System is a shout out from Tox to Cube 2: Hypercube.
  • The first part of the second round of the Mall Fight 2 finale involved extremely familiar ships.
  • Waffles has a cat named Felix.
  • The fake cast roll of Mall Fight 2 ended with Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane.
    • The same thing occurs in most cast rolls that happen in the threads.
  • The Transit Orb is a reference to The Transit Kings, a music group containing Alex Paterson, co-founder of the music group The Orb.
  • Arnold Layne is a reference to Pink Floyd's song of the same name, Arnold Layne. He even collects clothes.
  • Venbak was originally a fantroll the real Tox made.
  • In Mall Fight 4, the Fighters were looking for 4 artifacts with different shapes each to resurrect Tox. Later on, those 4 artifacts changed forms and turned into gems from a certain game.
  • When Waffles grinds down the chains of Yggdrasil, he yells "Stars don't twinkle, moon doesn't shine!"
  • Hell is a large mix of multiple Hells in fiction, notably Hell from the Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost and the Nether.
  • Diablo got Megas XLR to perform a Final Atomic Buster like Zangief from Street Fighter during the Giant Robot Fight in Mall Fight 4.
  • The Mall Fighters once compared themselves to the X-Men with Diablo as Deadpool.
  • The Respawn Matrix is composed of multiple computers, including ENIAC and WOPR.
  • There are two Daleks named Edward and Alphonse.
  • Ancient Rome in the Mall Fight universe is based straight off Monty Python's Life of Brian and Camelot is often compared with the one in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • FPV's main weapon, WEAPON ICE FUCK, gets it's name from a failed doomsday device from a Dwarf Fortress let's play.
  • While fighting a giant Minotaur, Waffles stops and says, "Praise Him"
  • Mall Fight 8's opening scene is a direct reference to Blade Runner.
  • Mall Fight: Earthventure has the Fighters and the villains use Stands.
  • The reboot of Mall Fight was called the House of (M)all
  • Knife's monologues in Mall Fight:Generations are based off Max Payne's in particular.