Funny / Mall Fight

  • Tox tries to wake up Waffles with hypnotism.
    Tox: You will wake up. You WILL wake up. *Beat* WAKE UP YOU DALEK PIECE OF SHIT ON 2 LEGS!
    Waffles: You will suck my bawls. You WILL suck my bawls.
  • In Mall Fight 3, Martin and the gang taking turns to slap Demonjazz and force him to tell him where the cryogenic tanks containing Xot and Futox are, including Xot and Futox.
  • The Mall Fight Magazine.
  • In Mall Fight 4, when Tox, Xot, Futox, Diablo, Ninjamedic, Eric, Sakura and X were heading to Strobl after the Mall was destroyed, they came upon a small pedestal with a tablet covered in moss.
    Sakura: What is that?
    Xot: It's a small pedestal with a tablet covered in moss.
  • Tox paddling away from MFO on a raft, even though there is no water to be seen.
    • After Tox, Eric and Diablo arrived at the portal store, Tox kicks the raft slightly, causing it to drift away.
      • And not long afterwards, Tox paddles back to MFO. Even though he quickly remembers there is no water, he arrives inside the building and drops the anchor regardless.
  • Tom coming back to life just to piss on Demonjazzes ashes. After FPV points out that he should be dead, Tom explodes in a flood of green blood.
  • Any argument between Tox/Zaffran and Waffles/Justin.
  • Right after the climax of the battle against Anon and everyone got teleported into the Typheusstuck universe:
    Venbak: Reaction shot!
    Zaffran: Reaction shot!
    [INFORMATION WITHHELD]: Nice flooring.
  • Daeron's reaction to Eric and Trilby's prostitution on their voyage to ancient Rome.
  • Anytime Waffles drinks coffee, just to spit out and complain.
  • While discussing a Humvee sex dungeon
    Waffles: "Tox, that's just stupid. Where are you going to fuck them? Up the gas-hole?"
    • To which Justin cried in front of his Audrey Hepburn, begging for repentance for such a horrible joke.
  • In Mall Fight 8, Tommy is sent by the prophets of Typheus into an apartment room on the VIP floor. He goes from finding a cassette tape and a slice of pizza under his bed to flooding the entire floor.
    • Salt also joins in on the fun; highlights include her inability to go up the staircase in a very specific way.
  • Waffles and Tox "special move". One literally throwing the other at the enemy and running off.
  • To prove that Sister was just using Salt as a tool, Diamond to tell Salt to gently tap her while she's sleeping. Sister promptly backhands Salt so bad she's bleeding from the neck from whiplash. Salt tries to cover it up and Diamond states that she can hear the blood dripping.
  • Waffles and Tox share a room and Waffles asks "Do they think we're gay? Better question, are we gay?"
  • The Numbered Men try to decided whether they should send Number X or IX to stop the fighters and they are unable to flip a coin.
    VIII: OK, I'm flippin the coin.
    VI: Fuck, it's on the ground, now! Why the hell did we have to be in a building with no lights in it?!
    IV: Wait, I got it, let me try!
    VII: Come on, I have an opera to see.
    VIII: Wait, we didn't decide what was heads or tails.
    VI: ...
    • Naturally, Justin sends an army of mooks to mess with Numbered Men during the coin flip. VI summons a giant enemy crab to crush them, with the coin under the crab.
  • Salt has a moment of awkward denial in Time's End.
    Reporter: Your ordeals with that "Sigma" girl is stuff of legends!
    Salt: To quote a great American President on the matter: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
  • In Reboot, after the Fighters turn the generators back on in the Mall, they notice Xot is missing.
    Salt': "He must've gotten fucking eaten or something."
    Waffles: "Nope. Calling it. He's the Big Bad."
    Salt: "That nerd couldn't beat a wet paper bag in a knife fight if he brought a gun."