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  • MAD's parody of The Morton Downey Jr Show (Issue #286, April 1989), called "The Moron Downer Jr. Show" deserves a mention. In the end of the parody, the Pope himself visits the show to deliver a message. The comic ended with a full page splash of the Pope punching Morton in the teeth. Damn!
  • Issue #533, edited by "Weird Al" Yankovic, with several articles written by him. Two of the biggest names in satire, together at last.
  • On a meta level, issue #539 has something that many fans have been wanting for a long time: a front cover illustrated by Tom Richmond!
  • Also on a meta level... in March 2016, Al Jaffee was honored by Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest continuously working cartoonist, having not stopped since 1942!
  • Another meta-level awesome. Since they were classic EqualOpportunityOffenders, they incurred reams of lawsuits...and won most of them. The rulings in their favor could fill a small library when it comes to First Amendment protection of satire and parody.

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